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Laura White: Did she deserve to be booted off X-Factor?

Mariah Carey couldn't fault her singing yet Louis Walsh could. Has the X-Factor judge lost his marbles or is that just show business?

Published on November 11th 2008.

Laura White: Did she deserve to be booted off X-Factor?

The Results..

Yes: - 38%
No: - 62%

Just as we all thought voting couldn't get more gripping after the Presidential election, ITV1 viewers had to endure a cruel clash between Laura White and Ruth Lorenzo on Saturday night's X-Factor. They're even talking about the biggest TV outrage of the year in the House of Commons. Here at Confidential we felt we had no choice but to get involved in the sing-off scandal, after all the lass in question is from the Greater Manchester town of Bolton.

Ruth unleashed her inner rock chick, singing ‘Knocking On Heavens Door’ for survival whilst Laura got all cutesy with a rendition of ‘Somewhere over the Rainbow’. When it came to the deciding vote, Louis chose to keep Ruth “because she’s a fighter.” But what Louis forgets is that Cheryl is also well-known for her fighting spirit. The Girls Aloud singer was incandescent with rage at what she felt was tactical voting by Louis.

But just like McCain, White conceded defeat graciously saying: “I think it's God's will. I think I should have gone because I went and that's the way it works.” But Cheryl and many others would argue that it was more Louis' will.

Who do you think should have left X Factor on Saturday (besides Eoghan's hair)? Vote now...

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29 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

scoteeeNovember 11th 2008.

Errr... she can sing and "dead wife" cant !some weird stuff going on there

IDOLSNovember 11th 2008.

I really don’t know what the fuss is about. The X Factor has never just been a singing competition, the editing and sob stories of the contestants is testament to that. Anyone who has caught snippets of this years’ Strictly Come Dancing will tell you that people are kept in because they’re likeable, entertaining or an underdog. You can tell by her reaction that Laura White thought she had it in the bag, perhaps her canoodling with the back stage boys did her no favours, but at the end of the day what is there about her people want to identify themselves with…other than her mediocre voice? Don’t believe me? Then why is Iceland still paying the coffers of a drug taking, alcoholic chav?

emma graceNovember 11th 2008.

Never mind that, how come not one of them has picked up on the fact that Rachel cannot sing to save her life! The woman is tone deaf! But, aww, let's keep her on because she's a reformed character and she's got 18 kids, all of whom "deserve a better life". Do me a favour...what a load of crap

AnonymousNovember 11th 2008.

Because she identifies with their target market.... 12-18 year old chav mums

AnonymousNovember 11th 2008.

Good shout Emma. I was appalled that they didnt even comment on Rachels terrible singing. She was totally out of tune.

AnonymousNovember 11th 2008.

that was to IDOLS by the way

scoteeeNovember 11th 2008.

unlike a leona lewis smashing the money notes in to oblivion,Racael kind of work her way out of breath and then hit it with a splintered bat!!!,She was terribly out of tune,but the man with the dead wife? well he has a dead wife and thats why he is still in ...Likeability factor!

IDOLSNovember 11th 2008.

Seriously, I think people need to have a Reality Check (Pun intended). They lap up the tosh served up in the audition stages and get annoyed when people get thrown out. There’s only gonna be one winner and my money is on JLS or Ruth. Simon Cowell doesn’t need another Leona Lewis, he can make far more money in the UK / South America through Ruth Lorenzo.Get with the script, Syco is taking over entertainment.

Mark WorthNovember 11th 2008.

Laura White is from my home town of Bolton and I went to school with her. She can sing but only well enough for the school play In which I beat her to the lead role! People need to face facts and she is not good enough. In fact the only good thing to come out of these talent shows is Will Young and they should have stopped whilst they were ahead with that one!

Danny MinogueNovember 11th 2008.

Who gives a crap? They either disappear into oblivion or pollute the airwaves with MOR rubbish. As for Laura, she's going to get lots of publicity about the 'travesty' of her leaving, get a recording contract and do well from it, then, probably disappear. I wouldn't be surprised if Lauras 1st single release went head to head with the eventual winners as a premeditated ploy to generate a sales war for Christmas. X Factor, I'm onto you!!!

AnonymousNovember 11th 2008.

mark worth - yes you were in the school play! were you one of the three little pigs

Louis WalshNovember 11th 2008.

JLS rile. Who cares about anyone else. My boys are going to win.Cheryl is rubbish as are geordies. We're trying to get rid of her. If it was upto me shed be sacjked tomorrow! Its me and Simon all the way. Ohhhhhh Simon. Laura was crap. Period.

gorNovember 11th 2008.

it is the publics fault that she was in the bottom 2 so I wish people would stop whinging.

mark worths bitter mindNovember 11th 2008.

Dam, I knew I should have poked the cow behind the bike sheds at lunchtime,why couldnt it be me????? boo hoo!!!!

AnonymousNovember 11th 2008.

She was talented, and could sing. But just not as well as most of the others. She sang through her nose and couldn't annunciate her words. I hated listening to her sing....

emma graceNovember 11th 2008.

I'd rather listen to her than Rachel the tone deaf chav any day

alNovember 11th 2008.

eeerm, Mark Worth beat Laura to the lead role in the school play? I'm sure he made a lovely Dorothy...

Louis WalshNovember 11th 2008.

Lets forget Laura now and just talk about Simon Cowell....mmmmmm Simon Cowell....covered in milk chocolate....mmmm simon.........

Cheryl ColeNovember 11th 2008.

You ba****d Louis.

Northern MonkeyNovember 11th 2008.

The only reason Ruth was in the bottom two was because she doesn't have a region supporting her. I love Ruth, shes a real woman and you can totally feel her emotion when she sings. Laura is very talented although at times her diction is terrible and you can't understand what shes saying. Cheryl needed otgive her a proper image......they dressed her far to old for her age and she didnt really seem to have much of an identity as a performer. The sob stories always get the votes and thats just life.....Dabneil has had has time and now its tome for him to leave. The thing thats annoying me though is Rachel.............she may be a raw talent but the majority of the time shes pants. She clearly needs a lot of lessons and is not ready for this competition yet.....she should be the next off, she doens't deserve to be there.As for Laura going back on the show.....I don't think so. These things happen and its the luck of the draw, sorry Laura!!!Rant over!!!!!!!!!!!

DOLISNovember 11th 2008.

NORTHERN MONKEY- Know what you mean about dictation, your spelling/dictation is terrible.

Louisa WalshNovember 11th 2008.

Look, at the end of the day it was more than just me that binned her off - what about Simon? He kept Ruth cause he loves her heaving bosom. Anyway, Laura sometimes had a bloke's jaw and it was freaking me out. Singing had nowt to with it. Alexandra to win.

Louisa WalshNovember 11th 2008.

Look, at the end of the day it was more than just me that binned her off - what about Simon? He kept Ruth cause he loves her heaving bosom. Anyway, Laura sometimes had a bloke's jaw and it was freaking me out. Singing had nowt to with it. Alexandra to win.

Simon CowellNovember 11th 2008.

Look, blatantly none of you have a clue with whats going on. Laura lost because she wasn't that good. Easy as that. It is not rigged, i can guarantee that. And as for Ruth Lorenzo, did you see her chest on Sat night? Who in their right minds WOULDN'T vote for her? C'mon people get a grip and get back to reality. As for Louis Walsh's comments, never going to happen sweetheart.

IheartMUFCNovember 11th 2008.

It's an outrage!!!! Louis nicknamed Laura 'The Voice' only last week. He's told Ruth every week she's nothing special and she reminds him of a Benidorm Bar Singer' so why would he do that?!!!!!

Vote RuthNovember 11th 2008.

Ruth was FANTATIC in the sing off, and Laura was okay ... it is a shame Laura went, but the public put her in the bottom two and one of them had to go ... and in the sing off, it HAD to be her. The way Ruth belted out Knocking On Heavens Door was sheer class and Laura could only wish for a voice like that!!

GezzabelleNovember 11th 2008.

Vote Ruth, I love the fact you've spelt fantastic wrong.

Diana to winNovember 11th 2008.

If Laura is supposedly "the voice" then surely Ruth is "the breasts". Did you check those bad boys out on Saturday? It was like watching Grant and Phil Mitchell fighting under a blanket. Get that girl a minimiser bra quicksticks!

ZabzyNovember 11th 2008.

I really liked Laura but at the end of the day she was in the bottom 2 due to public votes so we only have the public to blame.I think laura is really fit and I would love to take her and Diana Vickers to the subway on Deansgate for a sub of the day then sneak down the back alley to circle club to party with manchesters successfull credit card owners!!!

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