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John Sergeant on Strictly Come Dancing?

Should he stay or go? Do we give a toss?

Published on November 17th 2008.

John Sergeant on Strictly Come Dancing?

The Results..

Yes: - 57%
No: - 43%

John Sergeant was once again saved by the public vote on Saturday night’s Strictly Come Dancing. The political broadcaster has managed to win a place in next week’s final despite being one of the worst dancers to perform on the show. Should he stay or should he go?

The programmes’ judges and John's fellow contestants are said to be furious that Cherie Lunghi was booted off the show despite putting in a great performance and being a firm favourite to win. The judges clearly think he’s fat old Jo Brand look-a-like making a mockery of the show and ballroom dancing.

They seem incredulous that the public don’t know better and agree with them. Yet the public probably do know better, and probably do agree with them, but just adore putting one over on the experts.

After all this is a dance show, it’s not about the intractable issue of poverty in Africa, or why there are so many teenage pregnancies in East Manchester. It’s not important - if the word important is actually to mean anything. The viewers for Strictly Come Dancing are simply pricking the bubble of pomposity which surrounds the ludicrous take-yourself-too-seriously judges. Very British, very laudable.

How the Strictly Come Dancing judges view John Sergeant

On the other hand maybe this does throw up a serious issue about the nation’s lack of professionalness – if that’s a word. Maybe if we appreciated the finer things in all walks of life, such as the aesthetics of dancing, then we’d be even more successful a country.

So vote on the Homepage for yes, John Sergeant should stay, or no, get him off.

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AnonymousNovember 17th 2008.

We British love the underdog, we take heart in cheering for the losing side, and even greater heart when our support rallies the chosen one to victory. City supporters know this well but it's not just sports - look at comedy, politics, arts, pretty much every genre you can think of wallows in glorying pity for the one who should have no chance of success. When they do win we are ecstatic, when they lose, well, they were expected to.

whogivesatossNovember 17th 2008.

what a load of crap strictly,the x factor and now lost in the mock jungle or something . this is not entertainment this is pap.

AnonymousNovember 17th 2008.

Spot on anon. The second the judges bad mouth someone it's like hitting the switch goes on public opinion. No matter what they were like we phone up in droves to prove the nasty judges wrong, silly because that's exactly what producers like Simon Cowell want because it makes them fortunes on the phone lines, which they own.

satanNovember 17th 2008.

I want to see Robert Kilroy-Silk eat a meal worm the size of Jabba the Hut!!! That would be entertaining!

PedroNovember 17th 2008.

I and many others I guess,will now vote for John as a protest against these mind numbing, dumbing down shows! I am pretty sure that is what is happening as I think this is not the first time the public have voted against the judges opinions to "have a go" at a particular show!

AnonymousNovember 17th 2008.

I cant believe he has quit, i loved him!!!

AnonymousNovember 17th 2008.

Disaster! I record Strictly so that I can fast-forward everyone else and just watch John Sargeant. To paraphrase an atricle about it in the Sunday Times: it is not a real dancing competition, any more than the X factor is a talent show, the Queen Vic is a real pub and Basil Brush is real fox. It's jut entertainment.

becksNovember 17th 2008.

if simon cowell isn't involved i'm not interseted.

ruthtowinxfNovember 17th 2008.

I imagine that the same people who like this nonsense buy OK and Closer magazine and think that because Jordan whores every rancid detail of her dreary life and her poor kids across the pages every week, shes a "role model" Please. Its celebrity obsession gone mad when z-listers and serious journalists who should know better (Sargent) humiliate themselves for the leering moronic masses garner this sort of press attention. Enough already! At least with X Factor its desperate unknown wannabes who show themselves up every week. But then they become the zlist fodder for the other shows-anyone from a smackhead excon to a yodelling idiot can soon be seen in heat magazine stumbling out of a nightclub drapped around another zlister. It proves that anything without talent (Girls Aloud, Leon Jackson, Steve er...thingy from the first X factor to name but a few) can leech a living out of their five minutes-and its all our fault for indulging it.

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