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Is it ok to have an affair on Second Life?

A Second Life affair has lead to a real life divorce. Are online game worlds becoming virtual insanity?

Published on November 14th 2008.

Is it ok to have an affair on Second Life?

The Results..

Yes: - 24%
No: - 76%

The front page of the Metro this week had a story about a woman who has divorced her cheating husband. An everyday story perhaps. But this isn't from everyday life, it's from Second Life: the 3D virtual world which users can ‘inhabit’.

But it’s becoming all too real. Thus Amy Taylor is divorcing her real life husband David Pollard because his virtual character, Dave Barmy, is cheating on her virtual character, Laura Skype in the virtual world. Get it?

Taylor said: “I looked at the screen and saw his character having sex. It's cheating as far as I'm concerned.” She filed for divorce the day after catching her virtual love-rat hubby at it with his online mistress, Modesty McDonnell.

This might seem ridiculous but what you have to take into account is that Taylor and Pollard originally met each other in the virtual world . A few months after meeting in the game, she moved in with him and they married, both on and offline. You could argue that Second Life has always been their first life.

And it gets crazier. Taylor has already moved on. She's met a new man in the online game, World of Warcraft. And so the cycle continues.

Vote on the Homepage for whether you think yes, it’s ok to have a virtual affair, or no, and you’re a sad sod for even being on Second Life.

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousNovember 14th 2008.

If anything online affairs are worse since it's all intellectually based (in so much as it's all conversation). But I don't think using second life is sad either. Ah how to vote how to vote

scoteeeNovember 14th 2008.

Anonymous,online affairs are worse???I think I would rather have a conversation with my Mrs about catching her online with a guy she had never met before,than having that conversation while she is jumping his bones in my bed? maybe its just me?? The world's gone mad!

emma graceNovember 14th 2008.

sounds like something off jerry springer...is this for real?!?!

mark mNovember 14th 2008.

The real question is about fantasy, and how fantasy is brought to reality by these sort of websites. It is a lot more real than a fantasy kept in your head.

scoteeeNovember 14th 2008.

funny to think that if the animations were of the picture on the left the online relationship may have never taken off?? or am i just being cruel??

emma graceNovember 14th 2008.

These people are dilluded and need mental health examinations...how can you truly believe that you are living a second life through fictional 2D characters on a computer screen?!?!

scoteeeNovember 14th 2008.

I am now a hurt and broken man Ms G...:@(

emma graceNovember 14th 2008.

I'm sorry to have to be the one to break this to you treacle, but none of this is real!!!

scoteeeNovember 14th 2008.

you mean you dont have crazy hair,fingerless gloves and doc martins?...gutted

Rex CockpitNovember 14th 2008.

Scoteee, Emma Grace get a room would you? Don't you feel there's a smidgin of the irony here that you're flirting over the subject of having an affair on Second Life?

AlltheotherManConreadersNovember 14th 2008.

Emma G, Scoteee can we have a go on this site as well?

emma graceNovember 14th 2008.

Um, not really no. As I have no intention of marrying Scoteee and don't get insanely jealous when he talks to other people online. So no, I don't think there's any irony whatsoever!

Rex CockpitNovember 14th 2008.

Bet you'd get jealous if you caught him - as Achilles or some such - having sex with someone else on Second Life though wouldn't you? Go you would wouldn't you?

emma graceNovember 14th 2008.

Yes Rex...I'd virtually disown him

Rex CockpitNovember 14th 2008.

I think this conversation has reached its climax. Virtually.

scoteeeNovember 14th 2008.

Errm.. sorry people but you cant have Emma, she is virtually mine anyway.

heatseekerNovember 14th 2008.

Can anyone blame him for having a online girlfriend.His real missus is a right minger.Not like Emma Grace she is hot.YESSI

Diderot MNovember 14th 2008.

Aren't there pubs, clubs, bars and so on to shop in?

bobNovember 14th 2008.

yeah, i heard that someone is actually running a shop on there and people pay real money to buy their characters clothes etc???!! i'm moving to iceland (if it still exists)

ZabzyNovember 14th 2008.

What a complete joke. Its only cheating if (1)You nail them (2)if you get caught. I think the whole concept of 2nd like is pathetic and if you use it I think your pathetic too!!!

ZabzyNovember 14th 2008.

I just noticed that she's met a new guy on world of warcraft ha haaaa

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