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Is Ryanair the worst budget airline?

We’ve had it again, more complaints about the haphazard, cheap mess that Ryanair delivers as a flying experience. We think bmibaby, easyJet and others do it much much better.

Published on October 21st 2008.

Is Ryanair the worst budget airline?

The Results..

Yes: - 46%
No: - 54%

On a recent flight we got reports complaining about the poor service, the couldn’t care less attitude of flight attendants (they were even moaning about the piloting skills of the captain in earshot of passengers), the horrible planes and the disorganised departure and arrival arrangements.

We love budget travel at Manchester Confidential, it’s a freedom thing, and gives access to overseas destinations for large numbers of Brits – not that the green folk at Unicorn grocery will thank us for saying that.

But we think Ryanair really takes the piss sometimes. What do you think? Are we wrong?

Vote on the homepage for, yes, they couldn’t give a damn about the passenger, or no, they deliver a no-frills service, which is what they’re about.

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61 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

GaryOctober 21st 2008.

Ryanair is dreadful - and usually not that cheap. They try every underhand trick in the book to fleece more revenue out of you, whilst cutting costs putting customers at the very bottom of the pile! I've sat on planes for an hour after touchdown so they donw need to connect to the ground services until the last minute to reduce costs, been stung with extra charges a plenty for no reason, had flights moved to make them hugely inconvenient after booking convenient more expensive flights times etc etc. The staff are rude and largely non-English speaking, the planes are largely filthy..... Alas with BA pulling out of Manchester, the options are limited....and Ryanair knows it! Captive market.

PaulOctober 21st 2008.

I generally avoid Ryanair at all costs mainly because I can't stand the man at the top and his blatant disregard for their customers. Whilst we're having a rant about the budget airlines, when is Jet2 going to start quoting tax inclusive like most others? I recently thought I'd bagged a bargain until I got to the end and, having added on all the fuel surcharges and supplements and what not, the final amount was about 2 and a half times what I initially thought I was paying! If you're going to fly budget, it's Easyjet all the way for me!

JimOctober 21st 2008.

I've flown with Ryanair 4 times this year, three times from Manchester and once from Liverpool and to be honest apart from a 1 hour delay in Dublin i have been very impressed with the service. As long as you check in online and only travel with hand luggage then i think they are the best budget airline by a mile. They are certainly the cheapest. I will be using them again next year when i go away

SmithOctober 21st 2008.

I flew with them earlier this year on a buy one get one free offer and couldn't fault it considering I only pais £80 for two people when other airlines wanted £300-£400 Unfortunately you get what you pay for like most things in life. I was more than happy to put up with the foreign staff and lack of inflight entertainment purely because they were so cheap. If your looking for top class service then its probably best to fly with other operators. Ryanair are cheap no frills airline and I would use them again becuase of this.

xtofOctober 21st 2008.

Last time I booked, I was under the impression that I was getting a flight for 1p and a return for £6. I understand that they add charges and supplements, but they actually changed the fare on my booking after I'd paid for it - a little bit naughty. Trying to contact them is an absolute nightmare. The phone operator hung up on me, and I then had to contact them by fax - making it as difficult to complain or make your point as possible. Fax?! Unfortunately if you're flying to a smaller airport, then they've got you over a barrel.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

I find Ryanair's pricing policy sneaky to say the least. Yes, the flight if "free" and if you manage to avoid all the extras such as luggage, insurance, priority boarding (a joke when everyone gets on the same bus to the aircraft), it will still cost you £4 per person each way to pay for it! That means a return flight for 2 people will cost £16 minimum - albeit this involves only a single bank/debit card transaction. OK, to be fair, £16 is cheap for 2 return flights but I'd prefer them to just admit it costs £50/£75/£150 (whatever the economic cost is) all-in to fly a passenger from A to B rather than try to trick the cash out of you. I have felt so sorry for those less-than-frequent flyers (usually families) who get stung at the airport for all the extra charges. Whilst I like a bargain, I don't want it at the expense of those less quick on the mark with the cons Ryanair use.

anonOctober 21st 2008.

I wonder how long it will be before they start "renting" the food and drinks menu to passengers on the plane whilst they choose their food .tmps.- o'leary i want a cut as it was my idea !

markOctober 21st 2008.

I like ryanair. You pay for what u get.

KateOctober 21st 2008.

I have had no problems with Ryanair (other than one time they made me enter Ireland illegally) as they are cheap, the seats are not too uncomfortable and for a 20 minute flight to Dublin that costs only £17 quid return, I won't get too upset. When you consider that it costs over £100 on a train just to go to London (at non-peak times), I won't get too upset.

ChristineOctober 21st 2008.

I flew from Stansted to Zadar in Croatia with Ryanair as they are the only airline on a direct route, we paid just short of £300 EACH for the privilege and we still had to pay all the extras on top. they have the monopoly which equates to "over the barrel" The aircrafts are dirty and scruffy and I wouldn't use them ever again unless there was absolutely no other choice.

ilove1984October 21st 2008.

I work in business travel, and most travel agents now hate Ryanair. Earlier in the year they cancelled hundred's of flights we booked without telling the traveller. They refuse to talk to anyone in the travel industry, and simply put the phone down on you if they see a booking made with a travel agent's email address. Also, the booking fees are ridiculous...the fact you now have to pay even if you wish to check in at the airport instead of online!

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Like what was said before you get what your pay for. It's the same price as all the others. The staff are like all the others. They look at you as if you've grabbed their bum and winked at them (apart from the men they quite like it...apparently). Priority boarding is a joke. And some of the landings i've been on have been like the pilot was trying to bury the plane into the tarmac. Ryanair landings are guaranteed to get claps because people can't actually believe they've made it. The tax and baggage price i find they make up, it changes so much, its like they pluck a number out of the air. The best one is my mum, who went to fly from London back to Ireland. There was bad traffic and she turned up at the desk as she approached the girl behind the desk smiled at her then turned and looked at the clock she waited a good 30 seconds. Then turned to my mum and said Sorry you've just missed it. We thought she was being funny because of the way she was looking at the clock waiting for the second hand to go round to the top. She wasn't....its all part of the fun booking with budget airlines. apparently the masks that drop down when cabin failure happens are full of helium..... not true but imagine...

PMJOctober 21st 2008.

They are dreadful. Having to pay to use an airport check in desk is ridiculous.....it won't be too long before we hear on our beloved Ryanair flight: 'should the cabin pressure fail an oxygen mask will drop from the panel above you. Please insert a one Euro piece to start the flow of oxygen.....'

Mascara AddictOctober 21st 2008.

I recently flew to Barcelona with my friends with Ryanair. The hostess was incredibly rude, even saying herself 'it's not BA!'. I was pretty much the last person off the plane and found I was without my purse, however, when I went back it was gone- seemed to me that one of the employees must have stolen it, as it must have been on the floor when I left (as the last passenger). The ryanair desk were no help (stranded at the airport with no money) and they told me, looking at their watch, after a few minutes, that they had to get on with some work now. When I returned home, I tried to complain, however the number is an Irish one, and therefore would cost me probably more money (once I got through) than was in my purse!ARGH I hate them! They don't give a hoot about their customers. Despite the flights being cheap, I was still a paying customer and expect the miniumum level of customer service!!!!!!

mark mOctober 21st 2008.

One of the employees MUST have stolen it??Since you don't know where it was, how on earth can you say that? And what do you expect an airline to do if you lose your purse? Cough up some money i presume?

Mascara AddictOctober 21st 2008.

I was the last off that plane. Ryanair planes do not have pockets in the seat in front for your belongings. Therefore I had to put my bag in the floor in front of me. I had the purse on the plane, as I bought some stupidly expensive water (£2.50). It must have been on the floor. My friends were sat on the row in front of me! I doubt they had pinched it! I expect them to assist me and be willing to spend more than a few minutes when a paying customer has a problem. And I wanted to call customer services about the rude air hostess!!

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Michael O'Leary is a chancer, a bit brighter than Charlie Haughy though. You have to learn how to use Ryanair, beat them or at least play them at their game. They will fleece you so you have to learn how not to let them do that.Hand luggage the way forward. Online checkin, dont bother with priority boarding. Dont stress, dont queue at gat, be last person on the plane, theres sure to be a seat up front somewere. dont buy anything on plane. I fly alot with them, they at least have a reasonable record at punctuality. Aerlingus have many times left me waiting hours. Pre ryanair ie in the 80s fares London to Dublin were extortionate, equivalent to Dublin New york today! Ryanair serve a purpose, they have a function. DOnt go there looking for good customer service and you wont be disappointed. They are a marketing phenomenon, their customer service is so bad. I do feel slightly masochistic flying with them like I deserve to to punished..........

CraigOctober 21st 2008.

I flew with them to Sardinia last month. When I got to the airport, they fleeced me for £96 for being over weight on luggage. The queue had another 8 people in it also waiting to pay for extra luggage cost. Sadly, we didnt have big hand luggage bags. The way forward was buying two cheap bags in Sardinia and filling them up to take the heavy stuff. Cash back, up your's Ryan air. Also, the constant vitamin drinks and lottery message that comes over the speakers when your trying to get some sleep is really irritating

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Every time I've been on the aircrew have always been more interested in gossiping to eachother about the previous night's 'events', they seem more like very cheap bar staff than air crew. The pilots can't be top notch either can they? If you're Mr tip top pilot you aint going to dream of working from Ryanair are you? They must scrape the pilot bowl. An accident waiting to happen. I don't care if it costs more or even if I have to change planes on the way (avoiding Heathrow obviously), I will never fly with these clowns again.

Bingo BagginsOctober 21st 2008.

Lots of Ryan Air staff voting I see. I've never flown with them myself, but that's because people I know that have recommended very heavily against it.

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

Can't believe so many people complain after having chosen to fly with Ryanair. Everyone knows what the service is. If you are not happy then go elsewhere. Fact is they are the most profitable and used low fares airline in Europe. Obviously if their model was so bad nobody would fly with them but they do and keep doing. As someone said below, know how to get the best from Ryanair. Pay nothing more than you have to. If your bags are too heavy - your fault. If you are late for the desk - your fault. Lose your purse - your fault. Want a quiet flight on Ryanair that you will not get - your fault. Ryanair set rules, follow them and they are the cheapest. You want luxury, pay more and go elsewhere. For everyone that has complained, you fill fly Ryanair again if money is your priority. This time, expect poor service and enjoy the money saved. I use Ryanair always and will continue to do so, but only if they are the cheapest. Money is my priority not service. Know the rules and play by the thrm and you win.

PaulOctober 21st 2008.

Mark F - that's all very well and good if you get one of their cheap deals, but in fact more than most budget airlines, Ryanair really hike their prices as availability diminishes. In some instances their flights are more expensive than BA, even moreso when you factor in the excess luggage charge you'll be landed with at the airport. Agreed, for 99p + tax you can't complain much but how they can charge €250+ for a

PaulOctober 21st 2008.

***oops*** two hour flight is beyond belief!

GaryOctober 21st 2008.

The fact of low cost = no frills is fine. The issue comes from a £25 flight actually costing more like £100 through constant incremental increases and hidden conditions.

AstonishedOctober 21st 2008.

I've never heard of anyone that liked Ryanair. They must all read this site, or the employers must. I want cheap no frills flights, which means no frills, it doesn't mean bad service, delayed flights, rude staff. I flew with ryanair 5 years ago and decided never to fly with them again, but time healed and they were the only cheap airline that flew from Milan to Liverpool, so i thought i'd try them again. My mistake. Never again. Easyjet have it right in my opinion, a really good balance, polite staff, effecient, usually on time (i fly 4 times a year with them and only had the odd delayed flight) and cheap!

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

If the charges add up to £X value and you can get cheaper elsewhere then go elsewhere. Normally there is not a cheaper option So therefore all these hidden charges or inflated price closer to flight date issue are smoke screens as complaints. Real question - Are the the cheapest option you have, or not - simple. if the overall price is the cheapest, buy it, if not, don't. If Ryanair were not the cheapest, then they would not be the biggest, because as everyone has clearly identified, it is not a superior service stratey that has them as big as they are. It is a buyer's market - let you wallet do the walking. More often than not when it does, it walks to Ryanair. That's the reality of it.

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

A point on the late flights issue raised. I have found Ryanair to be practically always on time. Being late is normally an airport issue. Ryanairs strategy is in and out as quick as possible, they hardly want to be delayed. I think Ryanair are wonderful and without them servicing the Dublin-Prestwick route I probably never would have married my wife who is Glaswegian! That said, I have spent occasions screamimg at their unhelpful staff, when I forgot my passport, or bags were overweight or was 1 minute late for checkin. I have more reasons than most to hate them, but everytime on reflection my observation was that my complaint was my fault - period. We take it out on the unhelpful airline. I knew the rules, I broke them - I paid. Ryanair have revolutionised the airline sector in Europe and without them we would not have the alternative low cost choices everyone seems to prefer. They have created low fares value options across Europe, even if you would never fly Ryanair. Easyjet are there through the market Ryanair recognised and exploited. The rest followed and many have failed doing so. Ryanair are the reason for all low fares.

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

A point on the late flights issue raised. I have found Ryanair to be practically always on time. Being late is normally an airport issue. Ryanairs strategy is in and out as quick as possible, they hardly want to be delayed. I think Ryanair are wonderful and without them servicing the Dublin-Prestwick route I probably never would have married my wife who is Glaswegian! That said, I have spent occasions screamimg at their unhelpful staff, when I forgot my passport, or bags were overweight or was 1 minute late for checkin. I have more reasons than most to hate them, but everytime on reflection my observation was that my complaint was my fault - period. We take it out on the unhelpful airline. I knew the rules, I broke them - I paid. Ryanair have revolutionised the airline sector in Europe and without them we would not have the alternative low cost choices everyone seems to prefer. They have created low fares value options across Europe, even if you would never fly Ryanair. Easyjet are there through the market Ryanair recognised and exploited. The rest followed and many have failed doing so. Ryanair are the reason for all low fares.

GaryOctober 21st 2008.

Mark – the issue is that you choose your £25 flight in preference to the £45 one offered by a competitor….but by the time you get on the plane, it has cost you £85 through ridiculous surcharges and hidden conditions that are all purely designed to lighten your wallet. As for the on-time mantle – they are only ‘on time’ as they factor in twice the flight time, and categorise ‘on-time’ as touch down – not when you get to the gate (hence the little fan-fare as the wheels touch the tarmac), the journey to the gate can often take as long as the flight, as they won’t connect (and thus start paying) until the departing flight is totally ready to board. The fact customers have to sit on a plane in sight of the gate it irrespective. Every Ryanair flight I have been on has been 20-30 mins late setting off, but arrives ‘on-time’!! EasyJet are far far better, more honest in everyway, and don’t rip their customers off.

scoteeeOctober 21st 2008.

yeah so there Mark!!!!!I am thinking of training as a Triathlete and would rather complete the journey overland....

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

Gary, Landing on time, means that landing on time, and not putting you in your car in the car park or giving you a lift to the arrivals door. To land on time you have to have left on time. And Despite the initial £25 offer, if they are not the cheapest at the end of the quote don't pay. If being deceived is your gripe then don't even look at their site in future - but you will :-)So lads, Thems are the choices that we all make. Can't fully understand how animated people get in their dislike, just don't fly with them. 'Ryanair - To fly or not to fly'. We all know what is on offer, and hold our credit card. Make your choice. Just don't hate them - they do what they say on the tin, just don't give money to them. But the majority of people do, because for my needs they are the cheapest. I couldn't care less about service. BTW, the reason I am in this forum is through a google search because I am looking for a visa electron card to avoid the CC charge with Ryanair. Just want to beat Ryanair through their own rules. Will be applying to Lloyds TSB Spain to get it.

GaryOctober 21st 2008.

I'll make it easier for you to understand (and point out that arriving on time is not the same as landing). Landing on time matters not one jot if it then take you 2 hours to get off the plane....! THAT is the problem with Ryanair. And again for the hard of thinking, if your quote says £25, but then by the time you depart it ends up costing you £85, you have been f*cked. You can't then unbook and go with someone else. Ryanair are the masters at adding charges AFTER you have paid! Is it sinking in yet?? Are you really O'Leary himself??

ZoonOctober 21st 2008.

Apologies if this has all been said before but as expected I thought there would be quite a few posts on this and I can't read them all. Budget is what it is. You trade the comfort and little touchs that makes travelling a bit easier for a cheaper flight. I can live with that... the problem I have with Ryanair is all the stealth costs they bang on top. I recently planned a holiday based around some reasonably cheap flights they were offering. By the time we have paid £30 for checking bags in and £16 card handling fee (even on a debit card - what the f**k is all that about) the flights were a fair bit more. To be honest the final price wasn't that bad but the fact they weren't upfront sticks in your throat. The only thing more laughable was the preferrential boarding that some people paid for... people pay for it, only to find they stand on a coach longer than everyone else and board with the great unwashed at the same time after they have been transferred to the plane. Its hard to give up using companies like this as they offer options you can't get from other airlines.... I just wish they would be more transparent around the cost.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Its always a horrible flight with Ryanair but what do you expect for £50?

PaulOctober 21st 2008.

What do you expect for £50? I flew to France recently with Easyjet for £40 and I had a clean plane that departed on time with friendly staff. Ryanair may be cheap but it's no excuse for crap service when others do it so much better for similar prices. And as I've said already, while half the plane pays next to nothing, the other half are paying flag-carrier prices - what should they expect?

ExactlyOctober 21st 2008.

Paul - i completely agree with you. People are missing the point. You can get cheap no frills, but still have friendly staff, with planes on time.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Being 0.3 kgs overweight, being fined and then finding the plane only one third full typifies Ryanair for me. I just feel they are out to get every cent extra they can out of every passenger. I find easyJet as cheap and far better in all departments. Some famtastically smooth landings too so I think they attract good pilots! I always try and fly with other budget airlines and will pay more rather than fly with Ryanair.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Those spirits in a polythene sachet too!!! Do they still have those? "I could not believe it" Meldrew style when I first saw them!!!

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Awful! Awful! Awful company, headed by a belligerent, money grabbing chief exec who wants you to pay up and shut up. Flew home for my father's funeral; queued up within boarding time allowance and was told the flight closed 10 minutes ago. When I told the representative (once only AND politely; I don't believe in rudeness or raising my voice) that there was at least 5 minutes till advertised boarding shut-off, she snapped at me that "I'd better move away from her desk or she'd call Airport Security". Was forced to shell out an extra £70 to catch the next flight as had no option. Haven't flown with them since (7 years) and never will. I urge people NOT to use this airline. They are the worst kind of exploiters of free-market principles and people's often-times need for cheap travel. Fly with BMI between Dublin and London - not much of a price difference (often the same) and courteous, cleaner and polite. Anywhere else, anyone else!!

ancoatsboyaloudOctober 21st 2008.

I have had 3 day trips to Dublin with Ryanair, from Manchester this year. Purely for pleasure, 2 of which cost £2.42 all in return (there was no tax, it was 1p each way , and £2.40 in card fees). A few weeks ago went from Liverpool to Stockholm for £10 return all in. Always had good service apart from a 1 hour delay on return from Stockholm. Love them!

MarkOctober 21st 2008.

Ever flown to dublin for 1p all inclusive? Ever flown to Stockholm for 2p RETURN taxes/ charges included? I have, and its all thanks to Ryanair. I can travel anywhere in Europe for a week with 10KG in a bag 55cmx20x20cm so never need to check a bag in, I remove their travel insurance, I have a visa electron card solely for using on Ryanair (see Abbey, Co-Op or Halifax, they all have them, no need to go to Lloyds Spain!)and have no problem checking myself in online so therefore I never pay any of the well advertised charges. Those of you who can't, in effect, are the ones who pay for me to fly, so thanks! Stop moaning about hidden charges, nothings hidden. Yes it adds different things so the price you get at the start, is not the price at the end, but if you don't like the final price, press cancel, and don't pay. Play the game, follow these four simple tips, and hey presto, the FIRST price you see, is the price you'll pay!

ivorOctober 21st 2008.

As has been said, treat it like a bus, read the rules, travel light (hand luggage only), don't be late/over weight limits, book early, ignore staff/onboard sales, check-in online, and travel for buttons. It's fair.I have a (completely different) business which follows a similar strategy, and it's annoying when people expect the world after you've saved them a small fortune. The looming recesion will teach people the real value of a lean structure and they will stop being prissy about fawning staff and champagne lifestyles on lemonade money.I have used Ryanair many times and been quietly impressed, and I like the fanfare on touchdown, that's how many people feel when their bargain buy does the trick just as well as the (pricier) competition that some people seem happy to pay for. I've just been to Barcelona and back for £28 all in for a weekend; nothing went at all wrong for the reasons stated above. (Unlike the last BA flight I was on (at £440) which had all of the supposed problems of Ryanair (surly staff, delays, surcharges, the joy of Heathrow T5,) and none of the secret pleasure of a bargain to enjoy. Keep it up, Ryanair.

CraigOctober 21st 2008.

I will never fly Ryanair again...just as I'd probably not go on a three hour Magic Bus ride. Last time it was delays, a broken hold door that they wouldn't pay the local guy to fix so we had to wait 24hours for one of their own to arrive and rude staff. With Ryanair something always goes wrong.

RachelOctober 21st 2008.

they are the worst certainly, I try to avoid them at all costs, the only reason I have flown with them occasionally is no other choice onthe route. Its like taking a bus, only worse as you're stuck on it for hours. The seats are plastic-y and uncomfortable the planes are a disgrace. Its all very well that you can avoid many of the added charges, other low cost 'no-frills' airlines do teh same so you only pay for the services you do need (hold luggage check in etc) but the others are so much more pleasant to fly with. Every bit of a Ryan Air flight makes you feel like a 2nd class citizen who should expect no better, truly the cattle-class airline! Easyjet, BMIbaby and even Jet 2 are much better.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Ivor - when you've done all you've stated, and the staff are still rude and the plane is delayed, that still shouts to me **** airline. News today states, Ryanair are closing one of their main links to Spain and including redundancies. They can't being doing that well. Hopefully they'll start realising, that just because you pay a reduced rate because you want cheap and no frills travel, doesn't allow the airline to offer a bad service.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

I've also never heard the fan fair at the end of the flight because my flights have never been on time. I will never fly ryanair ever again. It's easyjet all the way.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

Mark - you are very very wrong. Last time I flew, flight was c£20, total I paid online was c£75. That’s fine. But the total I actually ended up paying was over £130. This was because their online check-in was defective, so I had to check-in in person (£4), which meant I had to do the same on the return flight. My return luggage weight had somehow increased by over 2 kg despite being exactly the same as when it went out (£45), they then charged me for 2 clear plastic bags to put toiletries in (£2), and then because of all the delays told me that without priority boarding (£5) and ‘fast-track through to departures’ (£2). £58 in hidden charges that was charged AFTER the final quote.

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

There business model is to get as much money out of you as possible. Make it your business to ensure they don't get it, but don't hammer them because you were silly enough to give them the opportunity to take it from you. They run a slick model that uses every opp to get your money. I operate the reverse model towards them. Ryanair are always on time when I regularly fly. They are great. Anon - 1) So it was Ryanairs scales that were wrong, not your bag being overweight that you knew shouldn't be or they would charge you. Eh - hello. Unbeleivable. I'm sorry to point out the obvious, it was your bag, it was overweight and they charge for this. You knew this so don't complain afterwards. The airport provide the clear bags not Ryanair. If the escalater in the airport was broke it would probably be Ryanairs fault. I am not defending their service, I know it is ****, but I don't care. Why not weigh your luggage before you leave for the airport and put any excess in hand luggage. £45 for 2Kg! I would have left the check in, got a plastic bag and transferred 2 kgs and brought it as hand luggage. Play by the rules and there are no hidden charges.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

The bag wasn't overweight (on the outbound, at the hotel or when I got home), Ryanair's scales were wrong. But they only go on their scales and gave no room for discussion/negotiation - and the 2-and-a-bit kilos couldn't be transfered as I already had one piece of handluggage - and they don't let you take 2!! They allow a pitiful hold allowance (15kg), and keep that fact in the small print all with the intention of screwing more money out of you - and clearly using defective means to do so. Liverpool Airport didn't provide clear bags - Ryanair infomed us of this at check in and 'let' me buy 2 for £1 each. So "Eh - Hello" - Rules were played by....and hidden charges are there by the plenty.

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

Also anon, looking again at your £58 extras that were Ryaniars fault. So correct me if I am wrong......if you were checking in luggage, which you were, as you did, due to the fee paid then you cannot do this online so that £4 paid was unavoidable, it is a check in fee that you signed for - not a valid complaint. The £45 overweight fee - your bag, your issue and not a valid complaint. And priority boarding and fast track after booking..???. Why would ever HAVE to pay for these. I never do and never will. and lastly Ryanair do not chanrge for clear bags, this is the airport. Every charge you mention was either avoidable or your own fault - sorry. To pay the bare minimum on Ryanair is not rocket science.

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

II will grant you, the £4 check-in is a visible rip off, not a hidden rip off - so the hidden extras were *only* £54.With regard to everything else, you are clearly too stupid to read a comment. Please feel free to re-read then comment - or just simply leap to your own conclusion irrespective of facts and defend the scourge of the sky ad infinitum

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

i know a ryan air pilot,he is a total c**t.

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

The scales was broke? They are hardly your average lidl scales. Why didn't you check the next scales down and the next one after if you were adamant it was broken. Come on mate - Admit it, Your bag was overweight and you know it. Maybe you like having a scales at home that that measures slightly underweight ;-)

Mark FOctober 21st 2008.

Ryanair do not need to ensure that you have a clear customs bag in order to pass security. It's is nothing to do with their flight or what you paid. This is your problem. Take it up with the airport that they don't have bags. They didn't need to sell it to you, but they did and saved your ass because otherwise you could not have passed security. They are to be commended. Your bag was overweight, so the fact that you did not get billed on the outbound flight is again Ryanair generosity and to be commended. and you never explained why exactly you HAD to pay priority boarding and fast track whatever that is. Maybe I am stupid so can you please enlighten me ;-)

PaulOctober 21st 2008.

Your comments are ridiculous Mark. As in "Take it up with the airport that they don't have bags. They didn't need to sell it to you, but they did and saved your ass because otherwise you could not have passed security." If you think they are to be commended for charging two whole pounds for a scrappy plastic bag worth less than a penny because the airport had run out - and hence capitalising on the situation - you must be off your rocker!

AnonymousOctober 21st 2008.

I'll make it simple. Bag wasn't over weight. Next scales showed it, but Ryanair whore would only look at scales on the Ryanair desk. Same desk whore informed that you had to buy clear bags if we wanted liquids in hand luggage. Same whore informed us that because of Ryanair delays (one desk, plane full of customers) without fast track and priority we would likely miss the plane. Even YOU must be able to get it now....? As for Ryanair being commended??? Best joke I've heard all week.

AlfieOctober 21st 2008.

Regarding the above survey I've just voted "yes" twice, that explains why the "no" is winning this survey, I bet Mark F has gone a bit mad with the mouse :)I just cannot understand how someone in their right mind can defend Ryanair unless is working for them unless he/she has some hidden interests. Ryanair is awful, awful and will never use it again, did it once ages ago and that was it. Paying for checking in at the airport? I don't think so.

rosieOctober 22nd 2008.

to anon-given the attitude you've displayed here,i'm not surprised you were treated like crap.you have made yourself sound like the sort of obnoxious and offensive idiot that makes work hellish for anyone in the service industry.do you think if you tried really,really hard that you could possibly be more vitriolic and bitter?or more of a t*at?

Mascara AddictOctober 22nd 2008.

I think Mark F, and his followers must work for Ryanair...

Bingo BagginsOctober 22nd 2008.

They've clearly had the Ryan Air training on how to speak to people hasn't they Mascara Addict

Anthony OrApril 23rd 2010.

Yes, I had a really bad experience travelling with Ryanair myself back in April 2006, in relation to luggage allowances. They wouldn't let 2 passengers to combine the weight (e.g. I had 9kg and the other had 18kg, allowance: 20kg per person. Combined weight=27kg, well within the 40kg combined) They wrongly charged one of my trip-mates for excess baggage for a bag with 18kg when the limit was 20! This resulted in the 2 reps from our group of 21 sending a complaint to Ryanair regarding baggage allowances! The 2 reps in our group of 21 from Acorn Educational Exchanges (Halsbury Travel) for the week were brilliant throughout. Had it been Cathay Pacific or Singapore Airlines, we could have checked in with a maximum limit of 315kg (15kg allowance) or 420kg (20kg allowance) combined, allowing people to check-in as a group, just like travelling as a family of 4 when I last went LHR-HKG with CX in August 2005 and with VS in October 2003!

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