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Google Latitude: Big Geek is watching you

Should we tell Google to get lost or let it put us in our place?

Published on February 5th 2009.

Google Latitude: Big Geek is watching you
Yes: - 54%
No: - 46%

What was life like before Google? Well, there were those old fashioned things called books, remember them. Despite only existing for 13 years, Google, the most powerful brand in the world, is keen to up its influence with its new tracking system.

Google Latitude allows you to know where your friends and family are and their movements simply by looking at a map on your mobile phone.

Now it's not to say we don't like Google.

You hear the phrase 'google it' at least once a week and Google Earth is an impressive tool. The problem with Google Latitude, it seems, is that maybe some of us don't want to be tracked and monitored.

Jeremy Kyle certainly won't be out of a job when jealous spouses start hiding mobiles in their partners’ rucksacks to find out where they're off too. It's mass surveillance gone mad. Didn't George Orwell give us a heads up on the ramifications of this type of privacy invasion? Google is useful but it needn't be omnipresent.

Or on the other hand, are we just being paranoid? After all, it's your choice to download Latitude and your choice to make yourself 'seen' on the map, so it's not a total free-for-all. And surely one of the huge benefits with technology of this kind is finding, for example, missing children.

It will also be beneficial for sales companies to monitor their staff. It will aid road trips, when you need to keep track of your convoy. What about meeting up with friends? One of the biggest niggles about Facebook is that we're getting too used to 'meeting up' with friends in the virtual sense. Latitude would let you know if any of your Facebook friends are actually in your area so you can meet up in person. It could save your dinner from going to the dog if your partner knows you’re stuck on the motorway.

It's got plenty of positive purposes, hasn’t it?

Should we tell Google to get lost or let it put us in our place? Vote on the homepage.

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9 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

shiveringgoatFebruary 5th 2009.

You can turn it on or off what's the problem? !!

emma graceFebruary 5th 2009.

Seems pointless to me, I mean if you want to know where someone is, surely you can just call them? If you're stuck on the motorway and you're afraid your tea is going to go to the dog, wouldn't you just phone home? Am I missing something here? And how are they proposing to track us anyway? Are we all going to be implanted with chips in the backs of our necks like those animal microchips?! I don't want to be chipped!!!!

scoteeeFebruary 5th 2009.

I thought you had to accept the application anyway?I.E if my friend accepted it and he happens to live in Derby I can just see if he is around this weekend.Seems alright to me but like the old adage when mobile phones bagan to take over our contacability if I didnt want to be contacted on the move I would'nt have a mobile phone i'd just ask you to ring my home number or write me a letter/e-mail....what is you number Ms G ?!

E Rex HardFebruary 5th 2009.

Yea but if you turn it off then the missus will say, why did you turn it off, what were you up to, who were you with? Awkward. And after all you were merely innocently tupping a young lady from sales in a Travelodge of the East Lancs. I'd say forget it Mr Google.

emma graceFebruary 5th 2009.

Just had my chip fitted...the thing keeps bl**dy beeping! That you Scoteee?

EugeneFebruary 5th 2009.

Stick it Google!This is the the thin end of the wedge. Whilst the public may have a choice to use it, you can be sure that employees won't. You can also be sure that the Government will be using it to track and control and spy on people.I am boycotting google anyway due to their omnipotent data collection techniques and prevalance in web search engine circles. It is the Tesco effect. They seem like they are doing you a favour at first but before you know it, they are taking over. Literally. Destroying others in the path and creating dominance and stifling competition.I suspect few of you will be aware that the government is currently tabling a clause in the Coroners and Justice Bill that effectively destroys the Data Protection Act and will mean the govt can transfer data to the private sector at will.Imagine when they create a contract with google to track people's locations via the use of this application on their mobiles that people have downloaded by choice ..bingo. Privacy is dead.More can be read here:www.no2id.netYou can also object to the government - while we still can!Good luck, Citizens!

jonahFebruary 5th 2009.

Stop it with the technology...it's out of control

cigpapersFebruary 5th 2009.

This is the sort of control freakery only usually seen in zanulabour!

CastlefieldFebruary 5th 2009.

Should we word the question so everyone agrees with us or word it fairly?!

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