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Fireworks: should we ban the noisy buggers?

Fireworks. Bang. Bang. Whoosh.

Published on November 5th 2008.

Fireworks: should we ban the noisy buggers?

Lots of the rabid mass media want fireworks banned. Apparently they are a noisy nuisance which cause death, misery and injury. On the other hand they can be a glorious bit of fun. And haven’t we banned enough things? Are we to treat everybody as careless fools just because we know careless fools exist. What do you think?

Vote on the Homepage for Yes, ban them all, or No, fireworks are fun.

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mark mNovember 5th 2008.

i think they should do as they do in other countries, and ban them for private use. Organised/licenced events only. Save a lot of injuries. Hopefully

emma graceNovember 5th 2008.

I think the change needs to be in the people authorised to stock them. It's the little newsagents who sell them under the counter to people of any age that cause the problem. These kids have no idea how to use them and consequently end up in hospital. They should do a full sweep of the newsagents and stockists and educate them properly. A firework is as dangerous as a gun so surely the same rules should apply for selling them??

Chris BNovember 5th 2008.

Shall we ban cars because some people fall asleep at the wheel or go through red lights???

scoteeeNovember 5th 2008.

Trust Ms G to pour water on the idea!

GaryNovember 5th 2008.

The sole problem with fireworks (and most things) is human stupidity. The gradual dumbing down of our nation in the last 15 years or so has seen responsibility and common sense eradicated from British society. Perhaps its time for Darwin to re-enter the human evolution.

emma graceNovember 5th 2008.

ho ho ho scoteee

Chris BNovember 5th 2008.

How about we use every stupid person as a Guy and hoist them atop our weekend bonfires? Thus solving the very problem.. Not seen many tracksuits with a balloon for a head near any supermarket entrances this year.. This sadly seems to be another dying tradition..

fire fiendNovember 5th 2008.

we had an amazing firework/bonfire night on Weds with literally thousands ( est 16,000) people of all ages and backgrounds in Platt Fields. Fireworks werent as good as we would have liked but bonfire and funfair really good... and everyone really enjoyed being together at a large communal event in the winter - keep them going! However, we made a huge guy of an investment banker fat cat but werent allowed to use any of the slogans (£1,000,000 bonus 2008; Lehman Bros rip; our moneyback please; H-BOSS no longer and various others ....) because 'they are political' Censorship live and well in Manchester!

scally No 1November 5th 2008.

hurrah for Mr T... I must remember to drop a couple of bangers through his letter box next year,

Osama Bin LinerNovember 5th 2008.

Fire Fiend i am no stranger to censorship as you might know the enemies of fun are everywhere.What starts out as a bit of giggle ends up in all out war.I am going to have a small fireworks party tonight and pray to Allah the Americans dogs dont turn up to ruin things.

kirstyNovember 5th 2008.

There's so many killjoys voting yes! what is the world turning into?! There should be stricter laws on the purchase of fireworks but banning them would be absolutely ridiculous, it's one thing that all true British people can enjoy because it has a part in our history.

James KNovember 5th 2008.

Kirsty, you're right. Fireworks are great. Let's just stop banning everything could we?

Guido ForksNovember 5th 2008.

Ban selling fireworks to the mindless, soap opera brain addled masses who go out to buy them to stand in their garden laughing and saying oooh aaah over a fizz pop bang dangerous waste of money from Morrisons. If you must, I repeat, must go to see fireworks, go to take the kids and take them to an organised, safe display that will be free and possibly worth going to see for free.

Osama Bin LinerNovember 5th 2008.

Want to see some real fireworks?Just stand on top of one your infidel tall buildings soon.

You're a disgraceNovember 5th 2008.

Joking about that. Scum. Hang your head in shame. In fact just hang.

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