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Do we all want Barack Obama to win the US Presidential election?

Indulge us folks. Ok, this isn't much to do with Manchester except in a big picture sense, but the decisions made in Washington will affect us all. Look at the decision to go to war in Iraq.

Published on November 3rd 2008.

Do we all want Barack Obama to win the US Presidential election?

The Results..

Yes: - 74%
No: - 26%

So who do want?

Obama has been painted as the Democratic saviour of the World, the new John F Kennedy (conveniently forgetting the latter's flaws). He's the fresh blood, the new broom, the way forward who's going to govern with a conscience. Alternatively he's an inexperienced politician with the gift of the gab. Nutters think he's an alien with Al-Qaeda links. Others seem to think that his skin tone is a problem – largely IQ challenged people in all those States we can't remember the names of.

McCain has been described as the safe pair of Republican hands, the comfort zone, the Vet with the go-get. This is a man who we can trust because he's seen it all before. He claims he will show a softer, less hawkish, Republican side than GW Bush, but with plenty of nous on the economy. Then again he's been described as a senile old gimmer who thinks he can rule the most influential world nation...a liability with a loon in Sarah Palin as a sidekick and a whole series of oven ready chips named after him. Maybe not the latter.

So vote away on the Homepage of Manchester Confidential.

John the Plumber (or even Joe the Electrician or Dave the Pizzaman - thanks Thoroughbred Manc for the comment below) is not an issue so please don't vote for him

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11 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

bobNovember 3rd 2008.

If McCain can't find his way off stage, lord help us if he confuses the nuke button with his nurse call button

Mr TNovember 3rd 2008.

It's a shame, but I think the main obstacle Obama has is that a lot of American's just will not vote for a black man. As the last election showed however, they'll happily vote for a complete moron in droves.

John the PlumberNovember 3rd 2008.

Why does everybody ignore me? That Joe's crap.

OlNovember 3rd 2008.

A worrying edge for the Republicans so far... are ManCon readers either all McCain's fellow geriatrics or fans of seal clubbing? Or is there a more sinister reason?

AvoNovember 3rd 2008.

Sarah Palin may be a loon but I think there is something rather attractive about her what with those smart little skirt suits and spiky heels...

DigNovember 3rd 2008.

Frankie Boyle on Sarah Palin; 'She says she is pro life AND pro hunting. Isn't that a bit like being a butcher AND a vet?' Genius.

A RealistNovember 3rd 2008.

John McCain is a 72 year old cancer survivor, if he kicks the bucket in ofice it leaves Sarah Palin in charge, god help us all! She things she has foreign policy experiance becuase Alaska is near Russia!!!

Mancunian Exile living in SalfordNovember 3rd 2008.

John McCain is the same age as my dad. And my dad is as mad as a box of frogs.The thought of Sarah Palin in such a position of power really worries me.Seriously, I hope that Obama wins. His winning can only be a good thing, no matter how many Yanks thing they've got a Muslim socialist in charge.

BillyNovember 3rd 2008.

McCain is the same age as my dad too....we won't even give him the remote control for the TV....McCain would have the buttons to destroy the world!!!

Priest Warns of Obama Assassination AttemptNovember 3rd 2008.

ooooh the nastiness!!!Joseph Johnes, the pastor of his own World Gospel Church the Ministry of Lord Jesus, has written to George Bush in an effort to warn authorities of an assassination attempt on Obama involving a gun in a box.He claims to have been visited by Jesus himself and warned of the danger and told to protect the presidential nominee because he is doing "the Lords work"."In August, I saw clearly a picture of Obama and then a man carrying a gun in a box who was getting into a car. I went to the American Embassy and wrote to George Bush, but I did not receive a reply." said self-proclaimed prophet Joseph Johnes.

mohammed khanNovember 3rd 2008.

Mr obama deserves to win but unfortunatley the world is still uncomprimising and dis-coloured.Martin luthor king,Malcom x,and now Burak obama are true revolutionaries and historians.

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