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Cook for us: we're hungry

Manchester Confidential and the most unusual food competition in the city this year

Published on August 13th 2008.

Cook for us: we're hungry

Our ranter Goldilocks has had a little idea and we agree with her. Whilst stealing porridge from houses of bears she thought: 'Why don't Confidential's food writers get readers to cook for them?'

Now this isn't anything to do with the credit crunch and us being skinflints but we have the notion that some of our readers might be dab hands at cooking. We feel there may be an unheralded culinary genius out there waiting for an audience.

So this is what we plan. Readers enter their fave dinner party menu, starter, main and pudding, on the rant/comment board below. The one we think is best gets to cook the meal for Gordo and Jonathan Schofield in their home.

After the meal, Gordo and Jonathan will take the winner and four friends to a swanky establishment for a nightcap or two.

Confidential will supply the food and the drink and the winning reader will have a review posted on the site, fully rated and so forth. But perhaps without the address and contact details.

Just a couple of rules: entrants must be clean and sane.

Any relation this idea bears to Come Dine With Me is entirely coincidental.

Closing date: 1 September 2008

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46 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

SupermiatakaowAugust 13th 2008.

Starter: Carpaccio de Comté et thon rouge - served with a cool Chardonnay or Jura.Main: Steak au poivre et echalottes confites with Gratin dauphinois - Served with a red Coteaux du Languedoc Dessert: Crepes flambees et sorbet de fruits - Served with a sweet Muscat

JoAugust 13th 2008.

The only offer at mine at the moment is tea, bread’n’butter; you pick up the fish’n’chips from the Fish Hut on Liverpool Road. It’s proved very popular, but I do need advance notice to stock up on white bread. You can dine al fresco with a view of the town hall clock, a distant hill, and a dollop of ketchup. It’s what Manchester was made for.

RaceAugust 13th 2008.

A simple: Prawn Cocktail to start, slow roasted Steak and Ale stew with warm bread to mop up and fresh Rasberry Eaton Mess to follow.

Feeling abandonedAugust 13th 2008.

My guess is that Gordo and Jonathan have been gobbled up by the three bears.... or they have died of starvation.

lauraAugust 13th 2008.

Starter: Spinach and feta baked pancake with bechamel and tomato Main: Roast chicken with lots of herbs and lemon served with roast potatoes, braised lettuce, peas, leeks, pancetta with chicken stock, white wine and finished with fresh mint. Pud: homemade tiramisu!

WinoAugust 13th 2008.

Hey GordoMagnum Mumm de Cremant to start'96 Penfolds grange to followand '86 Taylors vintage port to finish. Oh and maybe a salt beef sandwich on rye in between.

ChrisAugust 13th 2008.

Starter: Thai Chicken satayMain: Indonesian Chili Prawns - King prawns cooked with chili and ginger with a coconut and coriander sauce, served on coconut rice.Dessert: Ginger & white chocolate cheesecake

MmmhhhAugust 13th 2008.

Right after reading all those my mouth is watering but im gonna go with my favourites... and its an indian theme.. To start King Prawn Puree, main a Lamb Jalfrazi with peppers, fresh toms & onions served aromatice boiled rice accompanied by peshwari nann (no raisons!) and for dessert homemade coconut & banana frozen yoghurt.. Mmmhhhhhh

Yes ChefAugust 13th 2008.

Ohhh, goldilocks would be converted with this menu!! plus, i want a real good knees up!, you up for it? woop woop!You are in for a sure treat Gordo and Jonathon, believe you me!! ;0) Starters = Warm goats cheese and (walnut - optional) salad with a chuck of crusty baguette Main = One lush huge steak cooked just the way you like with homemade seasoned potato wedges and peas, cant go wrong - if you're lucky i may throw in some peppercorn sauce for creamyness!!Pudding = chocolate pudding suprise Mmmm, sounds good doesnt it?! Go on, you know you want to! x

ilove1984August 13th 2008.

Starter: Chilli Beef strips or lime and chilli prawns, Main: Thai red curry with sweet potato and mango, Desert: Chocolate sponge pudding with mint custard (technically doesn't fit in with the rest but it's oh so good)

HG part IIAugust 13th 2008.

Or... Dark chocolate & champagne cocktail, Summer salad with a chocolate balsamic dressing, venison stew with added chocolate for richness, three layer chocolate terrine with home made vanilla ice cream, oozy chocolate cheese with home made oatcakes, brownie cognac. All tried and tested and mmmmmmm

GoldilocksAugust 13th 2008.

I'm hungry

michelle sigleyAugust 13th 2008.

starter: king prawns pan fried in chilli butter. main: butterfly chicken breast topped with parma ham and mozzeralla with chunky chip tower. dessert: homemade chocolate brownie topped with home made local vanilla ice cream.

candlestickchimneyAugust 13th 2008.

In a tapas-style, fromages et oignons piques, les friands, porc saucisson en croute, œufs dur enrobés de chair à saucisse, des chips, and for dessert gelee aux fraises avec la glace vanille.

ampattendenAugust 13th 2008.

PS CC also suggested scotch eggs.

IcarusOliAugust 13th 2008.

Lets not mess around with too fancy a menu. I'd rather chat with my guests than labour too much around the stove. We'd start with delicious sliced vine tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella marinated in oil, balsamic and basil and served on warm ciabatta. Then we'd follow that up with a nice rare, peppered steak (butcher's choice of cut) served with a choice of field mushroom, cream and brandy sauce or a knob of home-made tomato butter. Sides would be boiled baby new potatoes, green beans and oven roasted corn on the cob, buttered of course. I'd eschew the dessert in favour of a decent cheese board with four or five top notch varieties of domestic and international cheeses, both hard and softish. Biscuits to serve of course but with home made tea-soaked fruitcake, chutney and summer berries for those of a sweeter tooth. Drinks would be a Tom Collins or Old Fashioned to start the evening, a citrusy, light Italian white for the starter, a rambunctiously earthy rijoca for main and a sticky, plummy port with the cheese. It'd be a belter.

HGAugust 13th 2008.

Would Gordo bring the wine? He always makes my really jealous with his lavish descriptions of what he drinks!! Anyway, potato and mango soup with soft dipping bread and hand-shaped butter, very slow roasted lamb shank with truffle mash and glazed carrots, individual sticky toffee pudding with home made praline ice cream and coffee with hand-made mini choc ices.

MarinaAugust 13th 2008.

I prefer traditional like my mum taught me so my party menu would be:starter: Home-made vegetable soup with sippetsMain: Spicy Cottage pie with runner beans Pud: Chocolate sponge and chocolate sauceNot cordon bleu but damn tasty!

I Give UP!!!August 13th 2008.

Can Jonathan Schofiled please let the readers know that the results from the "Cook for us competition" is still to be decided before he reaches his 98th birthday ??? Ha Ha

AnonymousAugust 13th 2008.

Doh... i just read the Any relation this idea bears to Come Dine With Me is entirely coincidental.

shearer9ukAugust 13th 2008.

Starter: Onion & Celery houmous with freshly baked soda bread.Mains: Thai green curry, with pan fried rib eye strips, coconut sticky rice.Dessert: Cherry cococonut cake (nans recipe) vanilla ice cream.To be washed down with lots of Ice Cold Zubr...the finest beer.

NO MSG!!!August 13th 2008.


gorAugust 13th 2008.

pot noodles on chips and a mars ice cream bar

meAugust 13th 2008.

is this the longest ever wait for a result or what ??? this comp closed over 6 weeks ago now ?!?!

BowksAugust 13th 2008.

Would not only expect a few drinks following a meal but for Gordo to stick his marigolds on and do some washing of pots after dining on monkfish with braised ox-tail and wild mushrooms, pan fried loin and confit shoulder of lamb with seasonal vegetables and english apple tarte tartin with clotted cream. All this would be washed bown with copious amounts of vin rouge from The Vineyard in Ramsbottom!!

did anyone win yet?August 13th 2008.

what happened to the cook for us competition

AnonymousAugust 13th 2008.

Kinda like a Manchester Confidential Come Dine with Me???

emma graceAugust 13th 2008.

chris chris chris...if you don't win you can cook me dinner! Those prawns sound to die for...

NO MSG!!!August 13th 2008.

To start Vietnamese PhoBursting with South East Asian flavours such as Ginger, chillies, pak choi spring onions,and garlic, this common street side broth made with beef chicken or prawns famous in Saigon and the vietnamese capital of Hanoi is a light starter or can be served as a Main Course.Wagyu beef fillet,Originally from Kobe Japan three times a day this drunken cow is massaged to provide the best marbeling and melt in the mouth experience anywhere in the world.Served on its own,or with a side of crispy noodles and three Asian fusion sauces...Desert.....Shaoxing jelly with the spices of the orient.This original and full of flavour desert will refresh after your tastebud rollercoaster but leave you something to remember it by ...Or I can do Marmite on toast and Mcains oven chips???

TomAugust 13th 2008.

Appetiser: Poached Turbot sausage with water cress sauce Starter: Small serving of Slow cooked Pork Belly served on a braised cabbage, potato and black pudding cake Main: Roasted Saddle of Veal with Rocket, Herb and Pine Nut stuffing Accompanied by Roast Garlic Mash and Fresh Garden Peas with Bacon and Spelt Dessert Glazed Apple Tart served with Vanilla Egg Custard

GoldilocksAugust 13th 2008.

Hmmmm… the thought of Gordo in my lil bears lair is exciting me. My proposal is a simple one, now lets look at the evidence. To start …. A hard, undercooked terrine of porridge oats served on a blue plate. Swiftly followed by a filling main course of overcooked, but luke warm, sweet and squidgy mix of porridge, milk and plenty of sugar, dished up a lovely pink bowl. Finishing with the most tastiest of porridge oats known to man (or bears for that matter)… a dish of perfectly cooked Quaker porridge oats with a special and magical sprinkle of cinnamon and spices. Depending on how successful this is, the next stage of the competition should be a blind folded meal, followed by a series of ‘Who lives in a house like this?’.

SarahAugust 13th 2008.

Nibbles - harrisa jam tarts, Starter -Parma ham, chicken and spring onion terrine , Main Course - Duck breast with a morello cherry sauce on a bed of dauphinoise potatos and blanched asparagus, Desert - Double bourbon ice terrine with a pecan and raspberry sauce.

ClareAugust 13th 2008.

Posh prawn cocktail for starters, Fillet steak (rare of course)with dauphinois mmmmmmm and veg, and chocolate torte with raspberries and clotted cream. I can try to make some fancy cocktails too. This may not be as fancy as everyone elses, but its still very yummy!

mark mAugust 13th 2008.

I would start with a cold almond and garlic soup. follow that with a hot smoked salmon on a micro leaf salad. main would be roast suckling lamb with dauphinois and minted cabbage. finish off with hot strawberries with black pepper, corriander white wine.

Caroline, Whalley RangeAugust 13th 2008.

Starter: Scallops with chorizo. Main: Duck breast with chilli and lime. Dessert: Strawberry Granita. Done.

Yes ChefAugust 13th 2008.

And plenty of vino and champers on tap of course!! Are you paying? ;0)

RuthAugust 13th 2008.

To start crab cakes with a clarified butter tomato and tarragon dressing. For main course - lasagna as I always get requests for it when friends come for dinner so I must be doing something right (I think it is nutmeg in the béchamel sauce and my blend of fresh herbs) served with homemade focaccia bread with garlic and rosemary. Desert would have to be gooey chocolate and raspberry brownies with raspberry mascarpone. Or I could make haggis hash served with a poach egg and hollandaise sauce for starters. Homemade chicken kiev’s served on a bed of butter bean, leek and chilli mash and lemon torte with white chocolate sauce if Gordo prefers.

Jonathan SchofieldAugust 13th 2008.

Please don't do anything rash. We've just got to assemble the judges, convene the tribunal, scrutinise the entries, go to the food panel and then notify the 'winner'. And I'll expand on when all this might happen on the Food and Drink Round-up tomorrow.

ampattendenAugust 13th 2008.

"candlestickchimney says..“ In a tapas-style, fromages et oignons piques, les friands, porc saucisson en croute, œufs dur enrobés de chair à saucisse, des chips, and for dessert gelee aux fraises avec la glace vanille.”"Hahahaha I can't believe nobody noticed that! Translation: cheese and onion cocktail sticks, sausage rolls, crisps, and strawberry jelly with icecream. Bravo CC. I'd like to serve pain grillé aux haricots en sauce tomate, with a lovely cool glass of Chateau Chirac. Delicieux.

WinoAugust 13th 2008.

Oops forgot, I still have 3 bottles of Louis xiii and 2 Hennessy Richard that may need attending to

LouAugust 13th 2008.

To Start: chicken skewers on a bed of rocketMain: Pork in an orange sauce with roast potatoes, potato dauphinois and vegetablesFor dessert: A fruit Bellini sorbetI serve family style, so should have a good chance of filling Gordo.

leighAugust 13th 2008.

who won? im starving

AmandaAugust 13th 2008.

wild mushroom bruchetta followed by garlic and rosemary leg of lamb, buttery mash and green beans followed by organic vanilla ice cream mixed with a smashed up flake topped with strawberry sauce...yum yum. I feel hungry now...

Lover of FoodAugust 13th 2008.

Could I come along and sample the winners food and give my honest opinion?

AnonymousAugust 13th 2008.

"The thought of Gordo in my lil bears lair is exciting me"best comment ever

keren curranAugust 13th 2008.

Gordo would love me(Darkilocks)to come and cook for the other bears

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Thank you for your interest, but this competition closed to further entries on November 11th 2009.

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