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Barnsley Chop lovin’: win £60 tab

<b>COMPETITION NOW CLOSED</b> Gordo goes wild with lust at Abode and finds his muse. Yep, some meat

Written by . Published on December 15th 2008.

Barnsley Chop lovin’: win £60 tab

Gordo walked into Abode, looking to have a light lunch with no-one mithering him. Café on the ground floor is a little gem, which does the best chicken and bacon toasted sandwich in the city. With great chips as well.

However, the menu reminded Gordo that Michael Caines was up in Manchester recently helping to re-launch the ground floor. Gordo had a few cheeky glasses of red before he had to attend the Offal Night at the New Oxford (click here). He did get a picture of Michael with the butcher Neil Frost and some of his produce, which you should be able to see on this page.

Gordo had been eyeing a lush looking Barnsley Chop at Abode, with the kidneys still in place. So, he ordered one. (£15).

It arrived on a plank of wood. It had salad, a huge bowl of chips and skin. It was the right size and it was good and crispy.

Also there were three huge battered onion rings (which could have done with being slightly less greasy), five different mustards and sauces including a really, really fit béarnaise, humming with tarragon.

Then the chop. It was big, juicy, cooked pink and with crispy fat. The kidneys were knock out. It snogged Gordo, it did tongues. It wasn’t shy.

‘Yet each man kills the thing he loves, from all let this be heard/Some do it with a bitter look, some with a flattering word/ The coward does it with a kiss, the brave man with the sword.’

So Gordo ate the chop. (And the editor thought Gordo must be pissed to put that quote in).

Gordo recites the poem above with apologies to you know who. And, if you know who, email Gordo@manchesterconfidential.com with you know who’s name and he will give the first person out of the hat a £60 tab so he, or preferably she, can buy four lots of Barnsley’s best at the café.



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18 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

ADDecember 15th 2008.

I ate their on saturday night, the food is good and at a really reasonable price too but the service was awful, which at this time of year you can understand except they only had 4 tables in when we were there. There were plenty of staff as well its just that none of them was interested in their customers - a real shame it badly let down what should/could be a really great place to eat...

pewagDecember 15th 2008.

My daughter wants a squawking zazby troll doll for Christmas but I want to visit the not-so-humble Abode for my chance to act the karate expert and have a chop on a plank.

confuciusDecember 15th 2008.

Zabzy, if you don't mind me saying, you seem like a bit of a prick. And sorry to be a pedant, but if ManCon is 3rd rate, could you please tell me which websites in this region are 1st and 2nd rate? Just interested to hear the science behind your conclusion? Personally, I think it's a beltin site and judging by the amount of time you spend ranting on here, so do you. I wonder, is it like when you're 7 and you really fancy a girl at school, but you pull her pigtails anyway?

ian walmsleyDecember 15th 2008.

what the hell are you on about ?

JimmyDecember 15th 2008.

The art and architecture section and many of the comment articles are as good as it gets in Manchester. The food and drink writing is second to none.

Jimmy RDecember 15th 2008.

Er...third rate. And is there any need to swear? I was just asking. I enjoy the 'other' view of Manchester the site gives me which is different from the other media of Manchester.

zabzyDecember 15th 2008.

I am pretty sure that if tou met me in person you would be fully off me then. I look like a fat version of John Candy!!

zabzyDecember 15th 2008.

it is a 3rd rate site, one that i enjoy reading but its hardly high brow now is it. Fake articles about window charges are somewhat akin to the likes of the viz although the viz does it better!!

zabzyDecember 15th 2008.

at what point did i say i dont like mancon you fcuk up?

GazbyDecember 15th 2008.

That's not how you spell squawking. I'm going off you now, Zazzer.

zabzyDecember 15th 2008.

Zabzy thinks talking in the 3rd person is cool. Stop being so stuck up Laura, its christmas you should be spending your time getting drunk and having fun, not correcting the standard of journalism on a 3rd rate website.

Jimmy Riddle once moreDecember 15th 2008.

We must have been posting at the same time Zabzy. If you don't like ManCon why are you on it all the time?

SimonBDecember 15th 2008.

I can only re-iterate previous comments. Food is great service is appalling. Michelin star never in a million years with this level of service.

June FitzpatrickDecember 15th 2008.

hope i win this it's something different before the turkey

robertoDecember 15th 2008.

food ok service not very nice!!

zabzyDecember 15th 2008.

Squarking zabzy trolls are available now in Woolworths!

Jimmy RiddleDecember 15th 2008.

Oh dear Laura, you've not been reading much of Gordo have you? He's been doing this for ages in Manchester and has a big following including me because he knows his stuff. He'll grow on you I reckon.

LauraDecember 15th 2008.

People who speak about themselves in the third person are idiots, and make crap journalists/food critics. Sort it out Gordo.

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