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<b>Friday 19 June:</b> Blears survives, Britney is confused, and man gets pally with squirrel

Published on June 19th 2009.

HAZEL BLEARS IS facing a campaign by a trade union to have her ousted as an MP. The Salford MP has been targeted by Unison for expenses claims and avoidance of capital gains tax which they label as 'morally and ethically disgusting'. Last night, Blears survived a vote of no confidence with her constituency Labour Party voting 33 to 12 to keep her.

BRITNEY SPEARS WELCOMED her £50-a-ticket fans at the MEN Arena by shouting, “What’s up London?” to the audience. The not-sold-out Circus show played host to Britney’s lip-syncing and half-hearted dancing, much to the delight of the 16,000 crowd. The gaffe is the latest embarrassment in the singer’s comeback tour, including unsold £100 VIP tickets being sold for just £2.

A FIRE CAUSED by lightning led 30 people to evacuate their homes in Altrincham. One of the evacuees heard a loud crack and gushing water, then saw all her neighbours were on the street. Although no one was injured, the fire, which was caused by lightning, was “substantial” and “extremely unusual”. Some residents are yet to return home.

NUTTY THE SQUIRREL has gone, um, nutty, over his builder owner, Tony Hattersley from Bramhalll. Nutty’s fate took a turn for the better when Mr Hattersley found him on a building site and took him home with him. The grey squirrel now showers with his owner, travels to work with him, and after a long day slogging it, goes down to the pub for a post-work pint.

This n that wisdom: Man can succeed at almost anything for which he has unlimited enthusiasm.

Taken from the free calendar available at This 'n' That, Soap Street, Northern Quarter. Those curry masters are so very, very sagacious. How does this wisdom rate? 5/10

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JoJune 19th 2009.

If the dancing was poor then she might as well stand still and SING!

LouJune 19th 2009.

Substance isn't always required. Some fabulous acrabatics, great set design and catchy pop tunes are all I need to have a great time.She may mine, but Blackout was a brilliant album, and to see the songs performed to in such a spectacular fashion was well worth it. I would go again tomorrow!

M30June 19th 2009.

Britney Spears? Washed up. I'm no musical snob, but miming "live in concert" is totally unacceptable. I have no idea why anyone in their right mind would pay good money to go and see her. Her attitude when she was on X Factor was a complete disgrace. She's a bit like Kerry Katona, but without the talent and charisma.

ktfairyJune 19th 2009.

I went and think it was a bit rubbish. The stage in the middle just didn't work. I knew she woud be miming but had read reviews that said the dancing and show made up for it. The dancing was worse than I can do myself and the 'special effects' were limited. It didn't join up or have any kind of narrative. Everytime, Toxic and the slow one where she was on the sofa with the blokes swinging her in the air were the good bits, the rest was mediocre. I am a Britney fan - but was dissappointed. I'll still to Kylie concerts in future - she is much more fun to watch and knows how to put on a show.

M30June 19th 2009.

I'm not sure I'd have even went if I could get tickets for £2. You can tell when someone like Britney is on at the MEN as the deely-bopper brigade are out in force at Victoria. She's all style and no substance. You can have all the special effects you want, but she's just a bad dancer who mimes to songs she didn't write herself. I'd prefer to see Emma Chawner at the Tameside Hippodrome.

DidsburyGirlJune 19th 2009.

I was at the Britney concert, and I don't understand how she did it, she had already asked Manchester how we were, then a couple of songs later made the London gaff, and then at the end managed to get Manchester right again! I don't think she was all there to be honest. Apart from that it was a great entertaining show, I was under no illusions that she would be singing live and anyone who went there thinking she would be obviously hadn't read the papers or seen any of her previous shows.

LouJune 19th 2009.

I LOVED Britney’s show. The whole production and stage setting was amazing. Yes she mimed, she always has done. Her dancing wasn’t up to its previous standard, but it was still fabulous. She probably shouldn’t have worn such high heels – previously she always wore flats to dance in, and she looked like she was struggling with her balance. But overall it was a great show.The London gaff was an easy mistake – I have known it happy plenty of times at other gigs. She has just finished a residency there and was probably just used to saying it.I wish I had known about the £2 tickets though . I would have snapped those up and got rid of my lower tier tickets.

DidsburyGirlJune 19th 2009.

How anyone can compare Britney to that Katona bird is beyond me! On another note, some of us in the "deely-bopper" brigade have been to see live bands aswell, and I wouldnt accept bands like Goldfrapp or Green Day miming (Both were pretty amazing by the way) as they make most of their money from touring and live performances, but from the beginning of her career Britney has mimed, and people who were happy to part with their £50 to see a show, be entertained and have a dance - like myself and lou - did so, and had a bloody good time. ps It was never advertised as "live in concert"

LouJune 19th 2009.

She sang everytime live. I am sure she did. I know its only one song, but thats all she has ever done. And yes, if I went to see a band and they mimed I would be seriously annoyed, as singing and playing is all they do, but Britney is a performer. Singing was only a small part of what was going on and I loved it!

CasJune 19th 2009.

Kerry Katona? Talent? Charisma?

M30June 19th 2009.

She's no SuBo in the singing stakes. That's what Kerry Katona told me over lunch anyway.

emma graceJune 19th 2009.

If the Kings of Leon had mimed when I went to see them, I'd feel totally and utterly ripped off. Different sort of music and show I know but still, by all accounts her dancing was shoddy and she didn't sing a note. Talk about taking the p1ss out of your fans or what!

M30June 19th 2009.

I'm glad you enjoyed it Lou. It's just not my cup of tea, that's all. I have to go now, I'm heading off to Wilmslow to have lunch with Kerry Katona and discuss her forthcoming album "Kerry Katona: The Greatest Hits"

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