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<b>Monday 21 September:</b> Bellamy bashed, fat people thinned, students invade

Published on September 21st 2009.

MAN CITY’S BELLAMY IS BEING INVESTIGATED by police after reports he shoved a fan during yesterday’s derby match. The Wales striker appeared to push the United supporter, who appeared on the field as City restarted following Michael Owen's last minute goal. Police said inquiries were underway, despite a formal complaint not being made. City’s manager, Mark Hughes, said, “I'm sure people will make a nuisance about it, but the guy should not have been on the pitch."

THERE SHOULD BE TAX PENALTIES FOR THE OBESE, a leading doctor has demanded. Dr Kailash Chand, chairman of Tameside Primary Care Trust, said obesity is costing the north west region £680m a year. Those of a healthy weight should receive tax credits, whereas people too fat to walk should not be given motorised scooters. The former Ashton GP said, “How about a tax credit for those with a body-mass index of less than 26? Or a tax on fattening foods with little nutritional value?”

GREATER MANCHESTER WILL BE DELUGED WITH STUDENTS from today, as over 90,000 arrive to start the new academic year. Businesses have been anticipating the arrival of the “student pound” as official figures show that they spend on average £187 per-week on “living costs”.

A BOLTON MAN HAS BEEN JAILED IN JAPAN after he was found guilty of strangling his Japanese girlfriend. Paul Shimmin, 35, from Bolton, strangled Shoko Kawanobe at their apartment in Yokohama, Japan in September 2007. He was sentenced at Yokohama District Court to 13 years imprisonment.

This ’N’ That: If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere

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24 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

GrahamSeptember 21st 2009.

Dr Chand... Great idea. I'm sick of seeing fat people everywhere. If this idea doesn't work we should propose a law where everyone has 2 years to attain a healthy BMI otherwise they get thrown on a bonfire as part of the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

rosieSeptember 21st 2009.

but where do you draw the line, Emma Grace? No NHS for smokers or drinkers? Do you exclude those with STIs on the grounds that they should've worn a condom? What about work/sport related injuries? Also, BMI isn't the best indicator of health-there are marathon runners who are classed as underweight and bodybuilders who are obese according to BMI calculations.

Old TodgerSeptember 21st 2009.

Lucky-Chris I've called the police, at your age you should kow better.

lucky-chrisSeptember 21st 2009.

Aren't there enough excercise and well-being initiatives going around to trim some of that £680m? And are they doing any good? We've got Change For Life, Sky Ride, The Great North Run is becoming more popular (though you'll never get me doing THAT one), etc. Cholesterol-busting, wholegrain, pro-biotic, multi-vitamin mega-foods are being drilled us into every waking minute as our savior... Well it doesn't seem to be slashing the queue at KFC. Even that patronising b!tch on that You Are What You Eat show is well-intentioned. I'm not saying that a tax on obesity is a good idea, but sometimes you have to wonder where we go from here? Changing peoples' attitudes, however more difficult, is surely a better and more rewarding idea than just not helping the obese.... So anyone got any good ideas??? The only one I've got is that takeaways should display what the food REALLY looks like when you buy it, rather that displaying the best burger you've ever seen. This is all the work of that stupid clown Ronald McDonald - even as a kid I knew there was something not right about that big freak. I think I had a point when I started this rant. I'm off to eat my Special K...

AnonymousSeptember 21st 2009.

Basing everything on BMI is not particularly accurate. Muscle weighs twice as much as fat so people with a body fat percentage of less than 7% who work out can have a BMI that says they are overweight. Why should they be classed as unhealthy? Likewise a lot of people who are overweight can be quite fit at the same time, look at the people who do the 10k, 1/2 marathons, marathons. There are people of all shapes and sizes who complete them. It is better to be fit and fat than unfit and thin.

GrahamSeptember 21st 2009.

emma, if only 80% of obesity is self-inflicted what accounts for the other 20%? Are some fatties force-fed cakes against their will? Haha. Also, in the article above Dr Chand states that obesity costs £680m/yr in our region. not sure if that includes secondary injuries such as normal-sized people who've been accidently squashed by toppling fatties. Could we have some clarification?

ChickSeptember 21st 2009.

Cat = Chick BTW. Don't know what happened there........

rosieSeptember 21st 2009.

interesting comment from Chick. Too thin is unhealthy and any trash mag will tell you so, yet Beth Ditto and the like are celebrated for being "normal" and not giving a shit about being the size of a house.

tomegranateSeptember 21st 2009.

That's funny Gordo, for a moment there I'm sure you said 'Let's have free comment and debate until someone says something I don't like'. I should get my ears cleaned out.

emma graceSeptember 21st 2009.

I remember an old debate on here in which it said that obesity had cost the NHS in Manchester alone something like £600m last year. It's obscene...why should the NHS be forking out that amount of money?!?! When you think that, at a guess, 80% of obesity is self inflicted, I can think of much more deserving causes for that money...

TomegranateSeptember 21st 2009.

You've missed my point entirely Gordo, forget it. Peace.

GrahamSeptember 21st 2009.

Sorry Gordo... I've had a change of heart... You're right. I'm glad there are lots of overweight men about because it makes me, despite being nothing much to look at, comparatively more desirable to them ladies. Yeehaw! Some women even understand when I'm joking...

CatSeptember 21st 2009.

Interesting comment Gordo. So, who do you think is to blame for the increasing number of over-weight children? The children or the parents? We live in a world where we are constantly bombarded with information; a lot of which is about food, nutrition, diet etc. There are few parents who do not know the benefits of a good diet or the consequences of a bad one surely? The thing is, obesity is far more a problem in society than say, anorexia; but as it's London Fashion Week, we will no doubt have countless stories about the stick-thin models being such bad role models. An over-weight person sees another who is even more obese, so comfort themselves in the fact that there are fatter people than them out there. It's self-perpetuating; she's fatter than me, so I must be 'normal' weight. Sorry, the problem needs addressing, not covered up in sugar-coated political correctness. As for taxing the obese, I don't know. I am not over-weight but I am a drinker and a smoker; as a result I already pay tax on both vices.

a bit of compassionSeptember 21st 2009.

Thank you Gordo for a scent of sanity. Moving the theme on; I suggest a tax on stupidity. While we're at it why not a moratorium on air time to the judgemental

GordoSeptember 21st 2009.

Errr, sorry tomegranite, yes, this is a free debate. Why? Don't you think Gordo should be allowed to have an opinion as well? And have an equal chance to express it?

east lancsSeptember 21st 2009.

You're right Emma, but I think that provides another convenient excuses for a lot of folk who are, let's face it, chubbers.

GordoSeptember 21st 2009.

What a bunch of sanctimonious ****ers some of you are. Every now and again I feel ashamed that we started the rant system on here. Why don't you all go and laugh at the fat kids in the school playgrounds? You could all do a bus journey every now and again. That'll learn them fat little ba****ds who want to do nothing but eat, eat eat. My god, in fact, why don't you lassoo all the fat kids at age eight, as 90% of overweight kids turn into overwight adults. You could throw these drains on your thin society into gas chambers. Problem solved. Pillocks.

ELSeptember 21st 2009.

Cue the "I'm just big boned" or "it's not my fault" protests from the fatties.

lucky-chrisSeptember 21st 2009.

Well that's what my friend said this morning!! I didn't think 26 was that old, but I'm starting to get a complex...!

lucky-chrisSeptember 21st 2009.

...and on the other news... Did anyone go out into town last night? What's the calibre of this year's intake of female freshers?

Maker of StatsSeptember 21st 2009.

I'd wager a good 90% of BMI-defined fatties are "fat" and not "muscular" though.

emma graceSeptember 21st 2009.

rosie you're right, there are always exceptions and you can't pigeon-hole or judge every case in the same way. But I'm willing to bet that the majority of that £680m is spent on those who eat themselves to a state from which they can't return, and therefore have to turn to the NHS. I'm not saying there is an easy answer or solution (apart from literally removing all fatty and fast food and drinks from the market), but it doesn't make it any less frustrating!

tomegranateSeptember 21st 2009.

BMI can be inaccurate but for the majority of people it's still a useful indicator - so very many people are overweight (whether measured by BMI or not) that we have a distorted popular idea of what a healthy body shape looks like, especially when it comes to men.I say this as someone who charts as overweight/very overweight on a BMI chart.

emma graceSeptember 21st 2009.

They should leave BMI out of it...you can have a high BMI (which might make you technically obese), but never need to have weight loss surgery. BMI is too misleading in terms of definining a person's health. Like anon says, you can be fit, healthy and active and still have a high BMI.

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