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<b>Monday 8 June:</b> Evidence up in flames, bleach attack and Salford school turnaround

Published on June 8th 2009.

BNP have made gains at Labour's expense in the European elections. Sneaking through the back door of the Town Hall due to protests, BNP leader Nick Griffin remarked on the breakthrough the “most demonised and lied about party in British politics has made” - eight percent of the North West vote. The Conservatives won three seats, Labour have two, LibDems one, UKIP one and the BNP one, with the elections being described as “a comment on Westminster politics”.

A GARAGE used by Greater Manchester Police to store evidence has been set alight by arsonists. The fire at Vehicle Recovery Service garage in Walkden, Salford led to eleven nearby homes being evacuated, residents spending the night at a nearby pub. A joint investigation between the GMP and the fire service is now under way to “establish the cause of the blaze” at the garage used to store vehicles for forensic examination.

A MAN had bleach thrown in his face after walking along a road in Openshaw. The “random and vicious attack” happened on Friday night when the bleach was thrown out of a green car, burning the 50-year-old man's face “within seconds”.

A SCHOOL branded the worst in Salford is now a 'hotbed' of “raw talent”. The Arts Council has awarded Albion High School the Artsmark for its excellent quality of would-be fashion designers, artists and actors, with the “three-way partnership” between staff, pupils and their families being credited for the school's leading status.

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east lancsJune 8th 2009.

Spicy, you're bob on mate.

CastlefieldJune 8th 2009.

Claedus, I saw it on several channels and in the local media and the telly has that magic skill of letting you see the people there. Amazing really. It's not my job to find out more about what they're doing to campaign, I'm formulating a viewpoint based on what I saw and the interviews I read. From what I saw of that protest, it won't work for the reasons stated above. Any earlier campaigns didn't work very well though did they, judging by the election results. Spicy is correct it's just same old same old.

BoredofitallJune 8th 2009.

TomThe reason I believe this is because I did vote, not only that but I encouraged all my friends to and was bitterly disappointed to see that they frankly, couldn't be arsed and there was no-one they wanted to vote for anyway. In which I always answered, vote against those you don't want in power. Re: my opinion on this rally - I have had 3 email invites for this, all 3 from people who didn't vote because of some bull reason or another - which obviously gets right on my bajingos. Henceforth my valid opinion.

emma graceJune 8th 2009.

Tom, can that make any difference to the outcome?

spicyJune 8th 2009.

Tom, the BNP don't represent me. They disgust me. But the ballot box has spoken and the idea of "voicing opposition" to a democratic decision is something I find very disconcerting, and also counterproductive because all it does is give the BNP the excuse to say "we was right".

BoredofitallJune 8th 2009.

And can I just clarify, I didn't vote BNP

AnonymousJune 8th 2009.

There was no voter apathy. People simply don't value the European parliament because they know it is just a powerless front for the ditatorial Brussels bureaucrats and unelected commissioners.Whenver people vote No in an EU referendum it is eventually reheld so the voters can get the correct result or the policies dependent on a yes vote are implemented anyway. That's the contempt the EU has for the views of the people so it is no surprise that so few bother with EU elections.

Daily Mail readerJune 8th 2009.

I blame the daily mail.

BoredofitallJune 8th 2009.

I think all those 'protestors' should have protested when they had the bloody chance on the 4th June.....

BoredofitallJune 8th 2009.

What is shocking though is these people that worry about immigration enough to vote in the BNP generally have these very radical ideas about what immigration actually is.Immigrants have had a massively positive effect on the British Isles and we are now as diverse and multicultured as any other Metropolitan country all over the world. They have boosted the economy and take the jobs that we are basically either too lazy or too up our own backsides to do.The people the BNP peddle too seem to have in their mind that all immigrations stems from some kind of a magic track from Calais to Dover where people hitch a ride on an Eddie Stobart then come to the country and start claiming benefits as soon as their toes hit British soil. This is the kind of poop that Griffin and the rest spin out and they target the people who they think will react to it in the desired way. They overpromise on focusing on the elderly with magic funds even Alistair Darling couldn't print. They do this because they know that a lot of the elderly hold sheltered views to immigrants and generally have long standing ideas they wouldn't really want to give up. Also because most governments have failed the elderly and really we should concentrate on getting these people who have lived, worked and been taxed in this country but because nobody follows throuhg on promises, they'll vote for the first party that promises them a change.They also target the benefit scroungers - telling them that the immigrants are coming in, claiming benefits from the word go and living in fancy 6 bedroom Primrose Hill Mansions and designer labels, all this money that is supposedly go to Pramface or that guy down the road who brags on about how virile he is.The fact of the matter is, and I hate to say it because I'm labour all the way, this whole result has been the fault of Gordon and Labour. People lost faith. People didn't vote. Idiots voted.Fact.

ClaedusJune 8th 2009.

Saw it on telly! Well that's bound to be an accurate representation of the people there! Is it too much of a leap of logic to realise that the loudest voices are often the crudest and don't necessarily represent everyone there accurately? You're basing your opinions of these people on uninformed assumptions - have you bothered to try and find out more about what they're doing to campaign, or are you happy just to sit smugly with your caricatures that they're doing nothing but rant and shout? Very easy....

AdamJune 8th 2009.

They'll (BNP) put their foot in it big time sooner or later. But they've been elected democratically. The issue is the turnout. I calculated 32% for NW region. It's pitiful really. The people who do vote (older generation I'm sure) are deffo more likely to believe what they read in the BNP propaganda leaflets. I think online voting needs to be a priority. this will appeal to the younger generation and those people who simply can't be arsed to leave their armchairs.

TomJune 8th 2009.

For anyone interested, there will a protest to voice opposition to the BNP representing the North West TONIGHT at 5.30 in Piccadilly Gardens.

CastlefieldJune 8th 2009.

I think you hit a nerve there spicy!

CastlefieldJune 8th 2009.

Tom, what is it you're protesting against? The BNP? The idiots who voted for the BNP? Or democracy? This horrid party got in because enough people voted for them and I think we should stop kidding ourselves that these are protest votes from misguided folk, if you go into any local Labour/ Working Men's club you'll hear a lot of what the BNP push being talked about openly. The people that voted for the BNP agree with the policies they have, however shocking they may be. And that's what needs dealing with. They feel they have these views regarding immigration etc and no-one else wants to listen to them, everyone else avoids the topic. Until the big parties have an open debate on this then those who feel pushed to one side will vote this way. In the current economic climate it will only increase. UKIP did very well, immigration control is one of their key policies, so people are obviously concerned about this and in a democracy everyone's views count whether we agree or not. If it was up to me I'd work it like the USA and Australia.

ADJune 8th 2009.

Delighted to hear about the health of our democracy but I'm more interested in the police sponsered lock in! What would I have to set fire to in chorlton to get the same treatment?

CastlefieldJune 8th 2009.

We don't need to see into the minds of people, surely that is the point of a protest? Otherwise you could just all sit outside cafe bars and we'd pick up the protest telepathically. Now that would be clever. And I don't think you engage with people who voted for the BNP by calling them facists and nazis. Again the George Bush school of how to exert influence. I'm not really concerned if you agree with this or not but in my opinion the majority of protesters were students or 'eternal students' and as this is the same demographic as always it's not going to help as those that voted BNP feel no connection with you. They voted for the BNP because they wanted to, not a protest vote. A lot of BNP voters agree with their policies no matter how distasteful we find them. This is democracy. No amount of back turning for show, or lambasting by religious figures is going to help, the BNP are a political voice now democratically elected. Until the people who were tempted to vote for the BNP feel mainstream political parties are taking their views seriously then they will continue to vote this way. The mainstream will not talk about immigration for fear of racism allegations but they need to as obviously a lot of the population are concerned. Have you looked at UKIP's website recently? I just looked at the BNP's and they have warplanes, UKIP have Winston Bloody Churchill, they have many similar though better articulated ideas - and UKIP did well at the elections also. BNP and UKIP combined got 23%, Labour got 15% and Lib Dems 13%. There are issues here people are concerned about and until mainstream parties learn this and react, their support will increase.

lucky bleedersJune 8th 2009.

'residents spending the night at a nearby pub'...ooh, it's a hard life!

TomJune 8th 2009.

I didn't say 'about anything tangible', I said 'ACHIEVE anything tangible', there's a world of difference in that word, so please don't warp what I've said to endorse your own wild presumptions.Why do you care so much about why and how other people protest? Sounds pretty insecure to me. God forbid anyone but the most dedicated campaigners should ever voice their strong feelings in public!

ClaedusJune 8th 2009.

Right and so the TV lets you see into the minds of the people there? Again you're going on nothing more than assumptions based on appearance. Yes, as with anything like this there are noisy idiots who will jump on any bandwagon going and - surprise surprise - this is what the news picks up on, because, dur, it makes better video. Everyone that I know that was there are what you may call mainstream, intelligent adults, with decent jobs, who happen to be very concerned about something that is happening in our region. And my friends certainly weren't the only ones there that I think would fit this description. (and if you're asking what the point is, the people I spoke to all agreed that opposition to the BNP absolutely needs to be about engaging with the people that have been, or could be, persuaded to vote for them - these people have pledged to continue to be involved with the campaign and figure out what actually can be done, apart from just being vocal about the situation). It's not just mouth-foaming radicals with nothing better to do - but then I guess you'll see whatever you want to...Whether or not the campaign has had any effect, the election showed that support for the BNP has actually dropped, but they only gained a seat because overall turnout was lower this time.2009: 132,1942004: 134,959A slim difference, true, but the point is that they're less popular than they were five years ago - unfortunately as voter turnout was 9% lower than last time, falling for the most part from the main parties, this time around they had a slightly larger proportion of the vote.

TomJune 8th 2009.

Is playing on bigotry fair and square?! Just a thought.Protests don't have to achieve anything tangible to be worthwhile... just making your voice heard is often the point. Just ask 1 million people who went to London to protest against the Iraq War. Gezzabelle, you are quite right, and I've resolved to become more involved in positive politics as well, following this intolerable turn of events.

johnthebriefJune 8th 2009.

East lancs, was "bigotory" a deliberate pun? Mr Cameron would be deeply hurt, I'm sure

CastlefieldJune 8th 2009.

Yes Spicy is spot on, I saw the protest on telly and it was the usual suspects. Can you imagine the old war veteran in Burnley who voted for the BNP seeing those middle class kids call him a facist. Yeah he's really going to change his views now isn't he?! You all seemed to have distaste for George Bush, yet seem to be from the same school of how to influence people - Just tell them they're wrong and we're right! That'll work.

spicyJune 8th 2009.

And, sorry Tom I'm about to have another go at you - please don't take it personally, it is wholly wrong to say that protest shouldn't be about anything tangible. It absolutely SHOULD be about something tangible, it SHOULD be about effecting change. Protest without a purpose is worthless and it denigrates those who HAVE used it as a way to make a difference. I have a real problem with hobby protestors. So middle class, so "worthy", so damn easy...

TomJune 8th 2009.

Boredofitall - again, why are you assuming they didn't? Seems ridiculous that you would think that people who are prepared to stand out in the rain and cold for hours wouldn't bother to go to the ballot box as well. Did you do either?

TomJune 8th 2009.

Right, well fair enough then, my apologies. How depressing! Whip your friends into shape!

GezzabelleJune 8th 2009.

Not being funny Tom, and in no way to I agree with the BNP being elected, but wasn't the demonstration supposed to have been at the ballot boxes last week? The BNP haven't been elected because they are popular but because people didn't use their right to vote. I think I read somewhere that more people voted for their favourite act in Britain's Got Talent than voted in the European Elections last week. We need to educate people to use their vote, otherwise parties like the BNP will have their day in the sun, and that is a very scary prospect.

spicyJune 8th 2009.

I care Tom because it is counter productive. These kinds of protests are generally attended by students with nothing better to do and people with socialist workers placards who should have grown up years ago. They do not get people politically motivated - they put people off. And it achieves nothing. And, if I'm honest, a lot of what I've seen from these kind of protests look a lot like the mirror image of the BNP discourse. And just as unpleasant.Sorry if I'm a bit too simple to follow your argument. Just remind me, what was the point of tonight's protest? You did rather have a go at me for suggesting the purpose wasn't tangible. I'd rather win the hearts and minds of the people of Salford that I've just seen on the news. Voting BNP as a protest. Voting BNP because of immigration policies. You don't win those people over by shouting down a megaphone and somehow suggesting their vote is worth less than yours. I'm pretty ashamed that Griffin can stand up and say he represents me. He represents the city I love. The region I love. I'm ashamed of that and I want those decent people who voted BNP last week to realise how wrong they were. But I want to do that through persuasion, not cajoling. I cannot respect their decision to vote BNP, but I do respect the process and the outcome. Now if that's insecurity on my part, I doubt that going out tomorrow and buying a PLO scarf will cure me.

TomJune 8th 2009.

Um, I mean you're right about educating people. Not quite sure what your point is about at about protesting at the ballot box - surely can do both? I did. Most people I know did protest in the way you suggest...

burt CodeineJune 8th 2009.

There should be a protest as to why the turnout was so low then - the BNP received lower votes than the previous election - and perhaps why they've now ended up with a seat. It's no skin of the nose to pop into the local poll station and place a simple x on a piece of paper...35% (ish) turnout?!

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