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<b>Wednesday 6 May:</b> ID cards launch, train ticket ticking off and United delighted

Published on May 6th 2009.

VOLUNTARY ID CARDS costing £30 each will be available in Manchester this Autumn. Manchester will be the first city where residents can sign up for the scheme. Home secretary, Jacqui Smith is set to announce the Manchester trial, marking the beginning of the main phase which will see ID cards available nationwide by 2012.

TRAIN TICKET INSPECTORS sent out a court summons to a pregnant woman who boarded her train at the wrong station. The 20-year-old claims she had boarded the train at Humphrey Park; a stop earlier than her usual Trafford Park, but had offered to pay the 40p difference when questioned by inspectors. They refused to take it and instead, a court summons was sent out with a weeks notice. As she couldn't get the time off work, a £465 fine was then issued. A Northern Rail spokesman said: "Fare evasion costs the industry £400m a year."

MANCHESTER UNITED will be in Rome on 27 May to defend the Champions League trophy after obliterating Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium last night. Early goals from Park and Ronaldo killed off the game before the second half and now United will take on Chelsea or Barcelona in the final.

DON'T LEAVE VALUABLES IN CARS is the advice police are giving, following a spate of theft incidents in Chorlton. Vehicle crime has become a local priority with police revealing the average cost to every victim was £350 with mobile phones, cash and satellite navigation systems being the most commonly stolen items.

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18 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

JonathanMay 6th 2009.

Listen article going up on Friday to say maybe it's time for civil disobedience if after Manchester we are forced to have useless ID cards.

LouMay 6th 2009.

Benefits Emma? No. On all the pages on the Gov websites there was no list of benefits. The closest I could find is as follows-The ID card will:a secure way for people to prove identity when dealing with public and private sector services a replacement for multiple means of proving identity (that are frequently more vulnerable to identity theft and fraud) a secure method for employers and the providers of public services to be confident that the people they are dealing with are who they say they are a simple proof of age for accessing age-restricted goods and services a protection against the use of multiple identities by criminals and terrorists The National Identity Service brings identity assurance. By locking one individual to one identity using their biometrics, the National Identity Service will make it much harder to create false identities. This will reduce the gains to be had from stolen identities. Once a person has their biometrics stored on the NIR, they will be unable to claim an additional identity – and those that are there already cannot easily be impersonated. By keeping it this simple and providing stronger identity assurance, the National Identity Service helps ensure public services are used by those entitled to them and not by those set upon abusing the system.So nothing a passport can't do then?

CastlefieldMay 6th 2009.

Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be, we're going to Italy, que sera sera...

simonbMay 6th 2009.

Glad to hear ManCon will be taking up this issue.Remember...Proud to Manc. Proud to be free. www.ipetitions.com/petition/mcragainstidcards/…

simonbMay 6th 2009.

It's past lunchtime and I'm still livid..Manchester has a proud tradition of "Firsts"..Let's be the first to say no. This could be Labour's Poll tax..It is a terrible waste of public money and a direct attack on our liberties. I've set up an online petition..www.ipetitions.com/petition/mcragainstidcards/…

DescartesMay 6th 2009.

The main worry isn't what this government does with the ID Card database, it's what future governments do with them. Just because they seem safe now DOES NOT mean they'll be safe in future.

johnthebriefMay 6th 2009.

ID cards are unworkable, useless, unwanted, and ruinously expensive, but we're stuck with them because our pathetic excuse for a Prime Minister would rather blow billions more of our money than admit he was wrong. When will this dreadful man finally show the decency to just admit he is not up to the job and leave? Nobody ever voted for him, and he has been a catastrophic failure both as chancellor and PM. For God's sake, just go!

Flic EMay 6th 2009.

Anyone who agrees that ID cards are another sinister step towards the erosion of our civil liberties, please come and sign this petition.. if enough do, maybe they'll take notice. Or maybe, on current form, they won't give a monkey's and continue to ram unasked-for, nannying state control down our throats. But at leat we'll have objected...hurrah for a free country. But not for much longer, eh?www.ipetitions.com/petition/mcragainstidcards/…

LouMay 6th 2009.

Apparently it will stop terrorism? I fail to see how. And crime? Yes, because there will be men walking the street with id cards which say occupation: Burglar on them so the police know to stop them if they are acting suspiciously???The Billions of pounds being wasted on this could be used in much better ways to try to keep the ecconomy afloat. Unless they are hoping to make a profit on there production?

AvoMay 6th 2009.

£50 or £60?!?! I'd rather spend that on a meal and then live in anonymity for the rest of my life.

emma graceMay 6th 2009.

Is there anywhere you can view a list of benefits of ID cards?? If there are any of course...

emma graceMay 6th 2009.

They were debating the actual point of the scheme...saying why spend billions that the country can't afford on a scheme that isn't needed. Apparently the police are saying that they don't need it, so who exactly does? Something like 95% of people have either a driving licence or a passport, so there's no real need for yet ANOTHER database/form of identification.

Jay AMay 6th 2009.

"With an identity card, people will be able to prove their identity quickly and conveniently . . . " Well, that's good to hear because I normally find getting my driving licence out of my wallet a real difficult & time consuming task . . . . what a crock of s*@t!!

emma graceMay 6th 2009.

I was listening to a debate on the radio this morning about it, and they said it was more likely to be £50-£60. No thanks, I can think of other things I'd rather spend my money on!

AvoMay 6th 2009.

Will anyone be voluntarily be paying out £30 for the benefit of such a useless card?

emma graceMay 6th 2009.

To echo Lou, (and please correct me if I'm wrong), but there is literally nothing in that list that a passport can't do is there???

LouMay 6th 2009.

Apparently the card costs £30 plus approximately £30 for the collection of your data, so you will pay approximately £60 in total, it is a clever way to play down the true costs.I for one will not be wasting that much money on an ID card when I can put it towards covering my ever increasing food bills.

LouMay 6th 2009.

Ah but John, he has a lovely smile! Have you not seen his latest videos?Lets just hope he gets voted out before he makes them compulsory.Or, when it turns out only 3 people in manchester buy one, he reconsiders this terrible, terrible idea!

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