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<b>Tuesday 13 January:</b> Council leader attacked, McDonald's lines our streets and police man the peace

Published on January 13th 2009.

SIR RICHARD LEESE, leader of Manchester City Council, has been the victim of a car jacking. He was attacked after he pulled over his car on Milwain Road in Burnage on Friday 2 January. His car, a light blue Mini Cooper with a white roof, was recovered by officers on Sunday 11 January in Moston. Police believe the carjackers had followed Mr Leese for some time in a black vehicle before attacking him.

LITTER takes up 25% of our streets, according to a survey by Keep Britain Tidy. Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds are three of 10 areas surveyed in the UK. Anti-litter campaigners say the problem is down to the fast food industry. McDonald's accounted for most of the litter, making up 29% of all litter spotted in the survey. Wrappings from local fish and chip or kebab shops in second place.

A PROTEST IS TAKING PLACE at Manchester Airport this morning, against expansion plans. Protesters from Northern Climate Rush said the number of police manning the situation at Terminal 3 was 'outrageous' for what they described as a peaceful protest. The group say flying is destroying the environment and causing climate change and that flights between Manchester and London are unnecessary.

CRISTIANO RONALDO is the Fifa World Player of the Year for 2008. The 23-year-old Manchester United winger becomes the first Premier League player to win the award after beating AC Milan's Kaka, Liverpool's Fernando Torres and Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Xavi. Upon receiving his award, he said: “It's an overwhelming moment in my career and I'd like to dedicate this award to my family, friends and colleagues.”

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

Hong KongJanuary 13th 2009.

Oh my gosh-what are you prattling on about? have been down to the lower ends of market street? In the summer it stinks with all the milkshakes and beer and dirt ground in to the pavement... I refer to the cig butts as an example. I am merely suggesting that we control the litter louts through obvious means although I fail to see how that prevent us living in a free world? perhaps we should ask the traffic wardens wandering around aimlessly in groups of three to enforce it? or is that an infringement on the free world?

bugJanuary 13th 2009.

Imagine if the anti-litter campaigners had taken a concentrated area of Manchester, let’s say Piccadilly Gardens perhaps- throw in 100,000 people on one day, then ask the study to rifle through the hoards of litter, we could have better demonstrated the actuality of those food retailers responsible for street litter and saved the study a fortune! A certain football event in Manchester last summer springs to mind...

what is avo short for?January 13th 2009.

what is avo short for?

BugJanuary 13th 2009.

I hear they are issuing fines for both bad taste and spelling Avo...Avo says..“ Soooo, if I go out in town dressed up as Santa I will be virtually guaranteeed a 20%; success rate if I was, in theory, on the pull??”

ScoteeeJanuary 13th 2009.

Who cares about christiano ronaldo,If Kakka comes to town for the 175million city are said to be pledging last night, he wont have the limelight so much

Hong KongJanuary 13th 2009.

yeah well I have "wings of steel" so your comments dont wind me up !;@/

Hong KongJanuary 13th 2009.

Its true i went to Hong Kong last year and you are find the equivalent of £500 for dropping a cig butt.it's an on the spot fien and if you dont have it they cart you off to the nick... i wonder how many would litter if that was the case here.

Artie FufkinJanuary 13th 2009.

I'd have thought Richard leese would be on public transport intead of getting car-jacked. Serves the Hypocritical so & so.

bugJanuary 13th 2009.

I disagree Esquilo,Its evident that a change in behaviour is not going to alter on behalf of the general public because they are "scrotes" its a given that until the council do what they do in other countries and actively man the streets and prosecute,I use Hong Kong as an example, then the food retailers are solely responsible through absconding from a clear responsibility with the knowledge that people do litter

AvoJanuary 13th 2009.

You need an on the spot fine for that spelling.

Public Service AnnouncementJanuary 13th 2009.

"Slumdog Millionaire" is the film of the year. Go and see it.

oh my goshJanuary 13th 2009.

an on the spot fien huh? sheesh, that IS harsh. And to think in some countries yuo only get fined. Thank goodness we live in the free world.

EsquiloJanuary 13th 2009.

I'm no fan of MacDonalds. not by a long chalk, but the food retailers aren't wandering around town dropping litter everywhere. It is the thoughtless scrotes who should be ashamed of the mess they make of our city. Taking responsibility for our own actions is sadly unfashionable though.

AvoJanuary 13th 2009.

Nowt wrong with that spelling there Bug! Unfortunately I'm guilty as charged in respect of the bad taste offence.

oh MY goshJanuary 13th 2009.

Oh Hong Kong, if you look to your original message, you will realise i am pulling your plonker. So to speak. I am teasing you. And it's worked! Hurrah for free speech and the free world! By the way, I do like the look of the Hong Kong restaurant in Chinatown. And not a piece of rubbish in sight outside. Must be the litter gestapo sorry police.Have A Nice Day!

AvoJanuary 13th 2009.

Has the power gone down at the St Annes Square / Triangle area of town?

Hong KongJanuary 13th 2009.

oh my gosh- I dont see anything wrong with it there are bins and places to put your cig butts in Hong Kong.I would rather have the option of being caught behaving like a scruffy t*at that walk down market street taking in the smells of your free world!

oh my goshJanuary 13th 2009.

should that not be salt & pepper chicken wings? (Not forgetting to NOT drop them on the pavement outside)

EditorialJanuary 13th 2009.

The power has gone down. We're changing a big plug right now - maybe it's the fuse.

SteJanuary 13th 2009.

When MacDonalds first opened in St Annes Sq, they were held to promises to be on top of any litter created there as a trade off for being granted a license there - they seem to forgotten this long ago. However, it is largely the fault of the 'scrotes' - and if they aren't to be held to account, it falls on the Council to remedy this problem. Manchester Council is THE worst street maintainer in Western Europe. No other comparable city is as inept at keeping its streets clean. We simply need to spend more on not only clearing litter, but also washing and maintining the bins and other street furniture. Visitor after visitor is beginning to see Manchester revert to its old dirty town tag it was(quite successfully) trying to rid its self of just a few years ago.

oh my goshJanuary 13th 2009.

Ah, Hong Kong, in the free world, you CAN behave like a scruffy t*at and not even get caught for it! And err...what do cig butts on the ground smell like? I assume you are not a ground sniffer, or a wo/man of extremely short stature? Is your nose hyper-sensitive, or is it so long it trails on the floor, hoovering up the odours of the rubbish and fag ends? Hmm...one to ponder I think. Or should that be pong ?

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