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<b>Friday 26 June:</b> Michael Jackson dead, postman chucks letters in wheelie bin, and lap-dancing club for Wilmslow

Published on June 26th 2009.

MICHAEL JACKSON HAS died from a heart attack, aged 50. The King of Pop suffered a cardiac arrest at his home and was taken to UCLA hospital where he was pronounced dead at 22:26 last night.

A THIEVING POSTMAN has been ordered to carry out 150 hours of unpaid work after dumping mail he was supposed to deliver. Michael Dawson’s bosses became suspicious after residents on his round in Swinton reported mail was not being delivered to them. The 19-year-old admitted to managers he had not been delivering mail to Coniston Avenue. Investigators later found the undelivered letters and packages at his home in a wheelie bin. Dawson has been placed on 12-month supervision order.

A LAP-DANCING BAR has been accused of lowering the tone in well-to-do Wilmslow. ST Lounge will open its doors next month, armed with a late licence. The owner says that an “upmarket” clientèle will be attracted to the “high-class” Grove Street strip-bar. Opposition voices say they “hope it goes bust”, and add that a stripping joint for “dirty old men” is inappropriate in a family area.

a diamond ring reported as stolen in February. The expensive solitaire ring, which bears a unique inscription on the inside, was offered to a pawnbroker in Bradshawgate, Leigh. Police are keen to find the owner as it is worth quite a lot of money and “is probably highly sentimental”. A 43-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of handling stolen goods.

This n That wisdom: Money isn't everything, but it certainly keeps the children in touch.

Taken from the free calendar available at This 'n' That, Soap Street, Northern Quarter. Those curry masters are so very, very sagacious. How does this wisdom rate?5/10

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35 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

EtchasketchJune 26th 2009.

We would like to confirm that Jackson's ashes are to be used in a special edition of Etchasketch so that kids can still play with his Knob!

IT'S "HEAR, HEAR!" FFS!June 26th 2009.

Bubbles, Where? Where?

CasJune 26th 2009.

Hey Bordeo, anon now are you? Well ****stain, I'll leave you with this link of where I'm off on my hols, so you don't miss me too much over the next two weeks! www.exclusiveescapes.co.uk/…/…

DevastatedJune 26th 2009.

i wished i could have met you, i wish i could have touched you! but you did. You knew me and touched me with your art, with your music I am and will always be your unconditional Fan. You are the greatest the only one of your kind, there will never be another to replace you. You have created History, you have left us with a special gift, i am glad you existed. You'll be missed Michael

CasJune 26th 2009.

Terry has gone a bit too far but anon above is right. As far as I'm concerned the guy did great tunes and today they have been played everywhere! Do your jokes but make them funny, as the above is a bit poor to be honest.

C JonesJune 26th 2009.

Terry I think Mancon should bar you. What a pathetic rant. Britain is about satire. These in the end are jokes. They don't even imply a lack of respect, they're just silly about an unproved prediliction of Jackos. But bring them on. The post above yours is so clever. I've copied it despite the man's odd name. Well done fella. This is what he says. MotorSportsFan says..“ Hey Anon - I'm quite partial to a bit of cliched ****e. Anyway time for a reality check, it's sad that he died but he was a has been living on past glories with nothing new of significance for two decades. I'm also sick and tired of all the bleeding heart, cult of celebrity, saddo's.... GET A LIFE! He didn't know you, he didn't care about you. Anything he did was for himself and if you think otherwise you are simply deluding yourself.”

smooth criminalJune 26th 2009.

Police are treating Jacksons death as suspicious....they blame it on the boogie!

BenJune 26th 2009.

I wonder if LaToya will use this as an excuse for another tell all book?

Crazy DiamondJune 26th 2009.

It's gonna be one hell of a "come back tour". . . I reckon Thriller will be the first song!! Whhooaaaaaa

EmmamancJune 26th 2009.

Ben.....thats Bad. ;)

BubblesJune 26th 2009.

I heard they are going to re use all the plastic in him to make plastic bags....still dangerous for kids.

EditorialJune 26th 2009.

Could we please have break on this one-side feud Boredofitall? Please comment about the stories rather than other readers.

MotorSportsFanJune 26th 2009.

OK a comment on the news item... The really sad bit is here was guy with talent who had his life and his head screwed up by falling for his own hype. The guilty parties are not those who poke fun at what can only be considered to have been a bizzare life but those who poured adoration on the man and treated him like a demi-god and helped him to become so detached from reality. The people who I admire are motorcycle racers, guys who are equally talented in their chosen career but who are humble enough to prop up a bar and chat with their fans, not hide behind body guards, and affectations. Proper blokes like David Jefferies (if you don't know Google him) with whom I enjoyed a drink.

terry tibbsJune 26th 2009.

very poor from man con to be allowing sick posts about a dead man who did more for the world then any of the above untalented losers would do in 10 lifetimes. losing alot of respect for this website.

AnonymousJune 26th 2009.

The mighty cas has spoken....again

it's fine to touch kids if ur famousJune 26th 2009.

He hasn't been this stiff since Macaulay Culkin stayed over

Not either of the aboveJune 26th 2009.

EDITORIAL COMMENT: this omment has been removed for impersonating us. We'll have to remove your IP address if this happens again.

MotorSportsFanJune 26th 2009.

Hey Anon - I'm quite partial to a bit of cliched ****e.Anyway time for a reality check, it's sad that he died but he was a has been living on past glories with nothing new of significance for two decades.I'm also sick and tired of all the bleeding heart, cult of celebrity, saddo's.... GET A LIFE! He didn't know you, he didn't care about you. Anything he did was for himself and if you think otherwise you are simply deluding yourself.

HalJune 26th 2009.

The cult of celebrity has got out of hand. I frankly care that a man has died, I don't care that he's famous. And as for reverance, let's just feel it for mankind not for a man who tried to change himself.

scoteeeJune 26th 2009.

Reports are coming through that Wack Jacko died of food poisoning after eating some ten year old nuts!!!

emma graceJune 26th 2009.

I think I jinxed him...when he announced all those tour dates I said to someone "there's no way he's fit and well enough to do all those shows. He always looks so ill, it'll kill him"................sorry folks!

AnonymousJune 26th 2009.

If the amateur comedians amongst us must trot out some jokes regarding this event, can they not trot out the usual cliched ****e please.

AnonymousJune 26th 2009.

Bubbles I think you'll find on rereading the comments that people are poking fun at the pantomime that was MJ's life rather than the fact that he has died. I think most will agree that it is sad when anyone dies.

sickest yet so ill end it hereJune 26th 2009.

Due to the fact Jackson is 99.9% plastic,press have been made aware through his family that he will be recycled in to childrens party cups.The guy is truly invincible,he still manages to get a kids mouth around his rim!!!!

BubblesJune 26th 2009.

Here here! devastated is right, Michael was shining light in the dark hours of many peoples lives, he was a true genius and we should all say a prayer of thanks for what he has given us. Shamone!

EditorialJune 26th 2009.

Er....steady on folks

terry tibbsJune 26th 2009.

C Jones - I know what Britain is all about. Being British I should do. Calling my rant pathetic? What the **** are you on about??? You can't even use your own material. Go and **** yourself internet hard man. I don't give a **** who he didn't know and who he did. You're a ****ing loser.

BenJune 26th 2009.

A question...when he touched you....how old were you?

C JonesJune 26th 2009.

Dear Terry, I love a well-balanced repost.

MattJune 26th 2009.

The FB! have just serched neverland.... the found class a drugs in the bedroom, class b drugs in the kitchen and class 5c drugged in the bedroom.........BOOOM!

Mac DonaldsJune 26th 2009.

Mac Donals have just announced the "MJ Burger".50 year old meat between 12 year old buns!

BubblesJune 26th 2009.

I am deeply shocked at the death of Michael Jackson, let us all remember he was found not guilty of those allegations made against him. For those of you who find it amusing to poke fun at this great mans death: shame on you. Shamone!

johnthebriefJune 26th 2009.

No sick jokes yet? OK, I'll start ..... What's the difference between Jacko and Fergie? Answer - Fergie will still be playing Giggs in August .... I'm here all week...

mark mJune 26th 2009.

What's black and white and dead all over?

man in the mirrorJune 26th 2009.

What a coincidence! Farrah Fawcett and Jacko dying on the same day.One played with Majors the other played with Minors

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