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<b>Thursday 30 July:</b> Cop shopped, Manchester 'worst for burglaries' and so long summer

Published on July 30th 2009.

A POLICEWOMAN has resigned from GMP after being caught shoplifting. PC Kate Ward, a probationary officer based in West Didsbury, was caught on CCTV removing security tags from clothing at Asda in Wythenshawe on 16 July. Security guards at the store found £70 worth of clothes hidden in the trolley beneath some other shopping she had already paid for. She was later arrested and bailed. A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police said: "The woman has since received a police caution and resigned from the force."

CENTRAL MANCHESTER has topped the league table of UK break-in “hotspots”, latest figures reveal. The Home Office data showed Manchester had 35 domestic burglaries per 1,000 households last year- a total of 7,167. The Conservative Party, which uncovered the figures, said the data demonstrates there is a break-in “on every street”. Greater Manchester Police have said domestic burglary is a “top priority” for the force.

THE HEAVY RAIN that has drenched the city this morning has dampened any hopes of a summer scorcher in Manchester. With lightning and thunder providing a soundtrack to the heavy showers, the Met Office has said Manchester will reach the dizzy heights of 18 °C.

THE LIGHTNING managed to strike a plane leaving Manchester Airport for Edinburgh this morning. The plane, which had 21 passengers on board, was forced to turn back to the airport. The airport was put on full emergency standby as the pilot turned back. Fortunately the plane landed safely and no-one was injured.

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LouJuly 30th 2009.

This may just be me being a bit mental but the police shouldn’t need to have “operation storm” or a big crackdown on burglaries, they should be tough on it at all times.

scoteeeJuly 30th 2009.

Anon- the burglaries were covered in the M.E.N (above link).this was not the same set of weeks discussed either.So the numbers were in fact worse

BenJuly 30th 2009.

It's mornings like this morning that make you realise just how many uneven pavements and roads their are in Manchester. I felt like I was literally wading through small rivers and by the time I got to work I felt as if I'd been deep sea diving

scoteeeJuly 30th 2009.

bbc report todays states:Last week Greater Manchester Police launched Operation Storm - a crackdown on burglary involving 600 officers. It resulted in 250 arrests, 150 warrants executed and half a million pounds worth of property recovered. What utter bollox.The apartment block I live in reported 15 burglaries in less than 2 weeks on Pollard Street,I havent seen a copper since.

Smyth, GMPJuly 30th 2009.

Scotee - if you have reported the burglary to police you should have contact details for the officer investigating and you should get in touch to tell them that. Or I would suggest you get in touch with your local policing team. If you visit http://gmp.police.uk/neighbourhoodpolicing and type in your postcode it will give you the contact details. If you either call and leave a message or email the team, they will get back to you within 24 hours. They're your local police officers and are there to listen to your concerns - and do something about them. And I know them and I can promise you that they are passionate about good policing in your area. Lou - our "crackdown" is actually about a genuinely radical new approach that we are taking to burglary investigation - and it is long-term, not quick fix. "Operation Storm" isn't a flash in the pan - it's here to stay. Rather than boring you all about it on this post, there's info about it on our website. And Anon, you're spot on - one in three burglaries happen because doors and windows have been left unlocked. If we all take simple steps to keep the house secure, even when we're in, we can substantially reduce the risk of falling victim to burglars. In saying that, as with all crime, burglary is always the burglar's fault, never the victim's. Smyth Harper, A/Deputy Director of Communications, Greater Manchester Police

secret squirrelJuly 30th 2009.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=HTCCkXtFS34...Lightning… hits Beetham Tower Manchester

LouJuly 30th 2009.

Smyth That is very reassuring, but I am afraid I shall withhold my judgement until I see a long term difference. Mainly because a quick google trows up plenty of operations from the past which seemingly were ‘flash in the pan’2005/6 – operation flood, Operation Cyclone 2007, Operation Storm in 2008….

janeypandaJuly 30th 2009.

The 'Lightening' !!?!?!It is lightning..... there is no E

DidsburyGirlJuly 30th 2009.

Hands up anybody else who felt like their trousers/skirts/socks had just come out of the washing machine by the time they got to work this morning? Horrible horrible horrible. Also, the stats about the burglarys in Manchester don't surprise me in the slightest, there seems to be a constant run at the moment

JaneypandaJuly 30th 2009.

i have to agree wiht Nancy.. Ive noticed just how many people are opting for wellies while walking around town..they are getting v trendy

scoteeeJuly 30th 2009.

Totally aware of that cas.Too little too late with this company.Im out of there by the end of the year anyhow after trying with the police and Artisan.Smyth with respect what's a bloody police pod going to achieve in the middle of the day ?patrolling is whats needed why that doesnt happen i have no idea really i dont.I just hope when smyth leaves the police force to take up his new role in the council he is more effective there

CasJuly 30th 2009.

Artisan are a bunch of tax avoiding crooks Scoteee. They also routinely rip people off on service charge and refuse to supply service charge accounts. When you do get the accounts, you'll see that Artisan Management company pays Artisan 'Maintenance' (or whatever it is this week) for all 'works' carried out - at ridiculous prices! I own and rent out a property in one of their developments, that's how I know this. Crooks, perhaps an article in the waiting for ManCon.

AnonymousJuly 30th 2009.

As much as the Police have responsibility for controlling the crime rate then homeowners have the same to limit the opportunities burglars have to break in. Why does it take a burglary to happen for people to make their homes secure?Someone near to us was broken into. A horrendous experience and counts towards the none too impressive stats but when you find out they'd left a downstairs window open...

AnonymousJuly 30th 2009.

I am fascinated by Scoteee's problem. When did these 15 incidents take place The average reported burglaries in Ancoats Clayton and Newton Heath are running at 31 per month with the number for June being 32. The Pollard Street problem must have made a spike on the monthly figure when it happened. Has it continued? Incidentally were is "Central Manchester." It certainly is not the 'City Centre' Is it the City of Manchester?

BenJuly 30th 2009.

Oh and for all you grammar nazi's out there, I'm fully aware that I used the incorrect spelling of "there." SUE ME

Welly loverJuly 30th 2009.

I'm a football mum. Wellies are my life! Black and white polka dot ones currently. In midst of heated welly debate with southern posh types on Facebook at the moment - seems some of them are just discovering they come in all sorts of funky designs these days. They might even buy some! Time for Lynda to write a welly fashion feature methinks. Rubber rocks!

scoteeeJuly 30th 2009.

Thanks for this Smyth. I can categorically assure you that various attempts have been made on numerous occasions to get an acceptable prevention measure from the police. I also used the post code service on bill boards and bus stops offering these details some months ago. Keeping up-to date with an officer is not my concern; half hearted action is my concern. Most apartment buildings are run by management companies, some poorer than others. Residents are under the general protection (doors, gates and overall security) of their management company. If they choose bad undermanned security then we all suffer. I fully blame the management company but the facts are these. Of the many previous and current burglaries, fifteen in two weeks on one set of apartments is not acceptable. The complete lack of police presence until your statistics come out where you waive your “look at us, aren’t we great” flags in the air holds no water with me. Please don’t try humouring those that are fed up with Manchester policing and the fumbling council that supposedly supports them. Get your men on the streets, demonstrate a stronger more visible presence with your “passionate men and women”, learn who the residents are and what communities are about and the frustrations we have and then people might consider supporting the GMP service believing our Bobbies passionate hearts are really in it and that a call to the local policeman will be well worth it. Make your men and our communities proud of our policing system and drive the low lifes out. There are more traffic wardens and ticket officers on the streets that Bobbies in my area and I know all there bloody names,in all honesty, we are pig sick of it!!! (no pun intended)! L.scott/ Acting like a resident in Greater Manchester until I get fed up with it and move on

Smyth, GMPJuly 30th 2009.

Scotee - thanks for that. I didn't realise the spate was last December. From the article link, it appears that we did make efforts to do something. For example, we offered to put a mobile station in the area as a deterrant, but that was rejected by your management company. I'd be interested to know what happened when you contacted the police? If the service wasn't acceptable then please drop me an email on smyth.harper@gmp.police.uk with a bit more detail and I'll make sure it gets to the right people who will be in touch. We're not in the business of humouring people - we are public servants, we are paid by and work for you and it's right and proper we're held to account. Lou, I take your point about reserving judgement until our actions prove our words - and quite right too. But we run both short term and long term operations. Storm is a completely new approach to tackling burglary, where we are basically applying the principles and techniques used in the investigation of "serious" crime (hate using that word as burglary is a pretty serious crime, but what I mean is murder, rape etc) to burglary. It's here to stay, until the problem is solved.

NancyJuly 30th 2009.

Wellies are the way forward - I may have got a few strange looks at the train station this morning but I believe such looks came from jealous commuters with wet feet.Now it's gone sunny so I will look a bit stoopid walking through town in wellies at home time...

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