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<b>Tuesday 7 April:</b> Gooch gang crackdown, bitter butcher and Manchester's got talent

Published on April 7th 2009.

MANCHESTER'S GOOCH GANG leader Colin Joyce faces years behind bars for murdering rival Ucal Chin from the Longsight Crew, and then killing Tyrone Gilbert at a drive-by shooting at Chin's funeral. Ten other members were found guilty of attempted murder, guns and drugs offences. Prosecutors built their case from evidence provided by former insiders, ending one of the most prolific gang crimes that have terrorised Manchester for decades.

A BUTCHER has spoken out about money owed by the liquidated Juniper Restaurant. Jack Horsley Frost of WH Frost in Chorlton said he is owed £7,000 for meat he supplied to the restaurant. He said: “We have supplied Juniper for years but then I stopped as we had not been paid.” The Michelin-starred restaurant owned by chef Michael Riemenschneider closed at the end of last year.

MANCHESTER MUST INVEST in the city's young talent if it is to realise its 'massive' long-term potential, in a report published yesterday by the Manchester Independent Economic Review (MIER). It says the city is best placed to 'complement' London and the South East. Leader of the council, Sir Richard Leese, said: “This report reaffirms that Manchester is the UK city outside London with the greatest economic potential.”

CITY STRIKER ROBINHO will not face charges following sexual assault allegations at a nightclub in Leeds in January. West Yorkshire Police said no further action will be taken on the £32.5m striker, who will now focus on a successful end of season for Manchester City.

This 'n' that wisdom*: Freedom is nothing else but the chance to do better

*Taken from the free calendar available at This 'n' That, Soap Street, Northern Quarter. Those curry meisters are so very very sagacious. How does this wisdom rate? Confidential rating: 4/10

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15 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

GezzabelleApril 7th 2009.

I just wanted to say that I love This 'n' That wisdom.

AnonymousApril 7th 2009.

Jinkies, "illegals kicked out all the time" you say, what like the serial bag-snatcher, a Bulgarian I believe, who sauntered back in yet again after being expelled twice. How about that wonderful diverse person from Slovakia who raped and murdered that woman in Glasgow, bet she thought it a whizz being brutalised by a foreign monster.You and the Ape seem to love the cheaper Poles, bet neither of you have done a days hard work in your lives.

JinkiesApril 7th 2009.

What are you talking about Jaybee? Illegal immigrants are kicked out of the UK all the time. Legal immigrants on the otherhand.... They only replace English workers because they work harder, are more reliable, and are cheaper. This country owes you nothing mate, stop blaming people with accents and get off your arse.

jaybeeApril 7th 2009.

Sir Dick is talking through his hat! Instead of living in his dreamworld he should take a visit to the JokeCentres throughout Gtr Manchester. The MIER and Leese go cap in hand with each other. Who is going to invest in Manchester at this time? Council leaders are too puffed up with self-importance to see life as it really is for the growing list of people out of work, old and young alike.What kind of government imports three million foreigners to push down British wages on behalf of big business, and when our own people get laid off allow them to stay? Crazy.Kenya has the right idea. 2 million illegal immigrants from Somalia have been booted out of the country, yet the left wing press have kept stum over this sensible move. Why can an African country expell illegals without so much as a murmer from the likes of Sir Dick, yet if it was mooted for a solution to our own growing problems he and his ilk would be screaming 'racist'. Better to keep our downtrodden on the dole, eh Sir Dick?

outragedofm1April 7th 2009.

That's a very on-sided take on Junipers if I may say which casts the butchers as vilains of the piece. Frosts are a decent outfit and 7K is an awful big hit for a small business to take. As with many high end restaurants, the aspirations are rarely matched by the financial acumen and discipline required to run a cash business (Tom Aitken has just managed a similar feat in London...). It's similar to when the Bridge (whose patron seems so beloved in these parts) closed, leaving staff out of pocket and took a few of the smaller suppliers to the wall to boot.

ADApril 7th 2009.

One of the things Illegal imigrants show is that you have a great country worth comming to at all cost. we havent quite gone to the dogs yet, and if we do I think its more likely to be caused by the brits who are already here but choose to bring their children up ferral. If we hadn't had so many legal imigrants over the last few years then wage inflation would have been worse and this recession worse (and its allready looking like it could be pretty grim). I'd rather live next door to a n ice well mannered hard working imigrant family (be it from the eu or outside) than and ignorant bad mannered brit family. Its not about country of origin its about personality and attitude. As for the EU I dont mind who makes the law as long as its reasonable and proportionate. The criminal fishermen spoken of above were breaking the law fishing illegaly, that law may protect spanish fishermen, but more than that it protects a much greater number of British fishermen who fish legaly, who should have their legaly practice occupation potected from illegal poacher fishermen who have rightly ended up in jail.

AnonymousApril 7th 2009.

Anon, "exciting and diverse cultural mix, makes this country great"!Another one-world Communist who lives in a dreamworld. Take a look as Jaybee says, the country is dying on its feet. Our grandchildren will be paying for todays debt till they themselves are 70!

AnonymousApril 7th 2009.

@Jaybee - it is that kind of unsubstantiated, arrogant, xenophobic nonsense which hurts our country more than anything. Whether you like it or not, we live in a global-society with flow of immigration between all countries, not just to England.No country has a 'perfect' immigration policy, and all have to abide to the legislative instruments governing immigration and asylum.Britain has an exciting and diverse cultural mix, it is what makes this country great, and which has contributed to London becoming such a fantastic city in particular. Britain was the world's trading partner for many years, and had a great deal of emigration (hence the spread of English diaspora abroad).

east lancsApril 7th 2009.

I blame anything with a scouse accent

foolish apeApril 7th 2009.

Jaybee you forgot the obligatory "I'm not racist, but..."Employ a hard-working Pole for less than a local lagard? I know what I'd do...

GordoApril 7th 2009.

I think Jack should make it clear that the previous management probably left with no money owing?

jaybeeApril 7th 2009.

Foolish Ape..... says it all really! Jinkies.... another dunderhead who knows nothing about everything.Answer my question if you dare,......How can the government of Kenya repatriate over two million illegals back to their own country without facing the slightest criticism from the usual left-wing New World Order fanatics? You two are fans of the Global market, the same Global market that has given our jobs to outsiders. The fascist EU Superstate has just forced the imprisonment for three years on a father and son for....wait for it.....fishing illegally in British waters. Good ol' Edward Heath I hear you say. When he sold us out in 1975 he was bought and sold, the rest simply rubberstamped the creeping handover of our sovereignity to Brussels where 80% of 'our' laws are now made, like the one that jails our fishermen for fishing in our waters. The wonderful diversity you waffle about allows Spanish, and others, to scoop all the fish they want putting our 'lazy ba****d fishermen' ( as I am sure you pair of pratts would like to describe them )out of work. As another rant says, I too bet the pair of you just love to exploit the cheap labour Blair and Brown have foisted on the country. Poor old Jinkies, if he believes we throw out illegals all the time he deludes no-one but his own sad self. Even this govt; of traitors admits it has no idea how many illegals are here, but hazard a guess at one million....which means you double it and add another few hundred thousand as you go along. No wonder we are facing rack and ruin with clowns like you pair supporting your friend Sir Dick.

foolish apeApril 7th 2009.

What Jinkies said!! If you don't like something, do something about it, stop blaming everybody but yourself.

emma graceApril 7th 2009.

"that forced Altrincham's Juniper Restaurant into liquidation"?? Maybe it's just how I've read it, but that reads as though you're painting Jack Horsley Frost as the big bad wolf who's huffed and puffed and blown Juniper down! If I was owed 7k, I'd do exactly the same thing. Sorry but I don't think Riemenschneider is the victim here...

east lancsApril 7th 2009.

Jaybee, Kenya isn't a leading industrial and economic nation with a commitment to upholding justice (allegedly) and equality.My SIKH mate's dad came to the UK in the 50s with very little, worked hard, now runs a successful property firm.We got some work done on our house, got an amazing job done by a Czech crew, for cheap, on time.What've "they" done to you Jaybee? What job, exactly, have they taken from you? What crime haave "they" commited against you?Wind your neck in and move with the times.

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