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<b>Tuesday 7 October:</b> Obesity costs a fat wad, new paper for the city and anti-congestion advert by GMPTE

Published on October 7th 2008.

OBESITY in Greater Manchester cost the NHS over £800m last year, putting it in the top ten obesity spenders in the country. As well as dramatically increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, obesity has further health implications such as breathing problems and depression. The government has predicted the cost could rise to £870m by 2015 and is planning to educate parents about healthy lifestyles.

CITY AM, a free London-based business newspaper, is expanding to Manchester. The paper is aimed at young business professionals and covers finance news. It launched in London in 2005 and has since been handed out in tube stations and in distribution bins. They now plan to launch regional editions for Manchester and Edinburgh although it has not yet been announced if they will be employing staff outside of London.

ANTI-CONGESTION CHARGE adverts are to be screened in Manchester city centre. The screen in Piccadilly will be used to oppose congestion charging which they claim could cost motorists up to £1,200 a year. The advertising space is coincidentally very close to the Greater Manchester Passenger Transport Executive offices.

CARLOS TEVEZ is reportedly unsure of his future at Manchester United because he hasn't been offered a contract. However United have responded saying there is a hold-up in the process to sign the Argentinian striker. A club spokesman told ManUtd.com: "The clocks haven’t even gone back yet, so to talk of delays is nonsense. Both the club and Carlos are relaxed about the situation."

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28 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

fatb*stardOctober 7th 2008.

Its not exactly fair though is it? How much do sporting injuries cost the NHS? How much do old people cost the NHS? Fat people don't get old, they die earlier, leaving the "healthy" people to get old and drain our resources.

averagesizedOctober 7th 2008.

good reposte emma grace... maybe someone should clone 'dr' gillian mckeith and set her loose in manchester then... plenty of muffin tops on market street to keep her going for a good few years..

AnonymousOctober 7th 2008.

Listen fatty - £800m looking after people that just can't keep food out of their mouths, and think excercise is walking to the fridge to get another bowl of ice-cream is rediculous. Eat less, do more.

PaulOctober 7th 2008.

Ha ha or should that be big boned contention??

PaulOctober 7th 2008.

Don't quit the day job James!

emma graceOctober 7th 2008.

i'm not being sanctimonious, merely using my own experience to agree with Dr Slim's post.and may i take it, from your post, that you are of the opinion that everyone over a size 14 is a fat bast&rd?

AnonymousOctober 7th 2008.

Hahaha! You are making me laugh so much emma grace! Everytime I pop onto Man Con today you have ranted on another story. Are you really bored at work? You are right on this one though. I hate the Fatties costing me money. I also hate the Smokey Joes out there costing me money too!

averagesizedOctober 7th 2008.

emma grace and anonymous alarm me with their lack of tolerance and acceptance of people who are different to them in whatever capacity. will the next rant be about race or religion? when does such naked hate stop?

AnonymousOctober 7th 2008.

No. Just someone who knows what to eat, does corresponding excercise, and doesn't just blame everything and everyone else.

mark mOctober 7th 2008.

there is nothing more sanctimonious than a reformed fat bast8rd.

emma graceOctober 7th 2008.

i would have thought that was pretty obvious...seems quite self explanatory to me

AnonymousOctober 7th 2008.

Descartes - you are quite right. Fatties should just realise that by eating less and doing more they will be healthier and a far lesser drain on the country's resources.

mark mOctober 7th 2008.

How on earth can u deduce anything from a one liner ironic remark? Are you really Arnie in drag? You are just as easy to bait

Dr SlimOctober 7th 2008.

Not wishing to offend, but if my rapidly becoming distant medical training if correct, a woman with a waist measurement of over 32" is at serious risk of being obese, over 35" is medically worrying - and a Size 16 (accordingly to a quick google) is 33-34" (with 42" hips and 40" bust). Thus unless you are a behemoth-like 6'2-plus, I'm afraid from a medical persepctive, you are classed as obese. (as am I it has to be pointed out!!)

DescartesOctober 7th 2008.

If you're drunk in a bar then you'll be told sorry, you've had too much and not get served. The same policy should be adapted for McDonalds, cake shops, Greggs and the like. Anyone over a certain weight or body shape should be offered fruit as an alternative to the big mac meal, or told sorry, you've had enough. Like Ricky Gervais says; it's not a disease, you just like food too much. Cultural shame is pushing smokers outside and forcing them to give up, similar shame should be put on people that over eat so massively.

cpingOctober 7th 2008.

"If you're drunk in a bar then you'll be told sorry, you've had too much and not get served." When ever did it last happen in City Centre Manchester.

Not TellingOctober 7th 2008.

Just shows how much you know - I'm a size 16 and I'm not obese - having a perfectly healthy BMI - not that that means a thing!But perhaps you are also tallist as well.What a load of ignorant, self-satisfied morons!

AnonymousOctober 7th 2008.

The muffin tops aren't really the issue - its the walking blimps, the size 20+ that are the major health issue. This country seems proud and quick to point out that the average size of a woman in this country is a size 16!! Any size 16 woman will be medically classed as obese - and thats the average.

fatb*stardOctober 7th 2008.

I didn't say that. Your initial post stated it was the fat people who were draining resources. I was pointing out that it isn't as straightforward as you believe and that "healthy" people have a longer term impact than fat people. I bet you're a really pleasant person to be around.

emma graceOctober 7th 2008.

ha yes, very bored. but this "fat" thing has long been a big bone of contention to me...they should have their mouths sewn up and be fed through tubes. that'd save the NHS, oh, I don't know, £800MILLION...?

JamesOctober 7th 2008.

Dear averagesized, the naked hate stops when they put some clothes on.

emma graceOctober 7th 2008.

and i'd just like to ask this question. if you don't consider £800million as a drain on our resouces, then what would you?

fatb*stardOctober 7th 2008.

Nice attitude. Daily Mail reader?

emma graceOctober 7th 2008.

ho ho ho paul...jolly good!

AnonymousOctober 7th 2008.

Ditto what Emma says - likening obesity to race hatred is pathetic. People don't change race through laziness or the inability to match effort to food intake.

Roger ramjet!October 7th 2008.

What's considered fat for a male then ?

GordoOctober 7th 2008.

Fcuk off you fattist b*stards

Mr BlobbyOctober 7th 2008.

Leave me alone - it's glandular!

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