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<b>Tuesday 13 October:</b> Protests cost £200k, big bakery planned for Newton Heath, and naked bodies at the airport

Published on October 12th 2009.

A TRIAL OF A NAKED BODY SCANNER has started at Manchester Airport. Bosses at the airport say the human X-ray machines will speed up security checks by quickly revealing any concealed weapons or explosives. However, breast implants, piercings and an outline of passengers’ genitals will also be revealed on the X-ray. Sarah Barrett, head of customer experience at the airport, said, “The images are not erotic or pornographic and they cannot be stored or captured in any way.”

A £20M BAKERY MAY BE COMING TO MANCHESTER if plans are accepted. Expected to create hundreds of jobs in east Manchester, Fine Lady Bakeries would be built on part of a 20-acre site at Central Park, Newton Heath. Jon Street of Fine Lady Bakeries said the Oxford-based bakery chose Manchester as its northern site because “it offers excellent transport links both north and south.”

RIVAL PROTESTS COST THE POLICE £200K Greater Manchester Police Authority has revealed. At least 500 police officers, including some in riot gear, acted as a barrier between the 2,000 rival protesters from the English Defence League and Unite Against Fascism in Piccadilly Gardens last Saturday. The cost, GMPA said, would be met by a contingency fund in its 2009/10 budget.

THE CO-OP HAVE SEEN A 17% RISE IN PROFITS boosted by their food business. The grocery store, Britain’s fifth largest, reported that sales in its shops rose 7.3% in the 28 weeks to 25 July, with the Manchester-based Co-operative Group making a pretax profit of £228.8m.

This ’N’ That wisdom: If you want a place in the sun, you've got to put up with a few blisters.

Taken from the free calendar available at This 'n' That, Soap Street, Northern Quarter. Wisdom rating: 6/10

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AnonymousOctober 12th 2009.

Great maths El ;) 200 000 / 500 = 400, not 200

AnonymousOctober 12th 2009.

What price liberty eh? Though I'm a little confused how 500 police officers could cost £2oo,ooo.

CasOctober 12th 2009.

Firstly anon, fair point but I make no apology for being hypocritical ;) What I actually said was it may be an idea to deprive those who cannot be arsed to work the right to vote which is a bit different from not letting people with opposing views speak. Simon, my grammar and spelling online are terrible, however I'm quite good with understanding words and that one has been used out of context. Yes I am seriously suggesting we should have let them appear unapposed. It would have gone off like a wet firework and certainly not led to the assumption that all Mancunians are closet racists, that's ridiculous. I also believe the people of Manchester are quite capable of hearing what the EDL have to say and making their own mind up. Does it not occur to you that if it had been the damp firework that we would not still be talking about it. Do you not think that when the EDL are trying to gain support they'll show pictures, edited to show mainly asians, stopping them having their say? The fascist UAF are mainly hobby protesters who are doing their cause more harm than good.

Simon TOctober 12th 2009.

Etymology Cas is the history and evolution of words, and it seems perfectly fair for me to have used the word in that context. The EDL has bigotry at its (not as you put it "it's") core; it seeks to divide people by racial difference. Are you seriously suggesting that it would have somewhow been better if they'd appeared in Manchester unapposed??? As I said, the impression would have been given that Manchester gives tacit support to their views.

Simon TOctober 12th 2009.

"How much would the EDL protest have cost if the fascist UAF hadn't decided they wanted the limelight?" You just don't get it do you? The UAF were there because to allow the EDL to demonstrate their bigotry and hate-filled attitudes in the city centre unopposed would have been tanatamount to giving tacit support to them. The only thing necessary for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing.... To describe the UAF as 'fascist' is evidence of lamentable etymology.

AnonymousOctober 12th 2009.

Cas, Last week you were keen on depriving others of the right to vote. This week you're an expert on freedom of speech and fascism. Wonder which way the wind'll blow next...

ELOctober 12th 2009.

Easily. £200 a head for a days policing? Sounds cheap to me.

OOctober 12th 2009.

don't forget that is just £200k wages on the day. Overall costs, planning, deployment of other resouces, etc, figures look higher, £800k reported in some quarters. So what did we gain from the visit of the EDL for our money, other than a load of morons chanting about how English they are?

CasOctober 12th 2009.

Do you actually know what etymology means because you've used it quite out of context there. A major facet of fascism is to suppress opposing views and any communication of these and as such I believe the UAF show fascist traits. I'm not quite sure how you could disagree with that. What I think you just don't get is that whether a group has hate-filled views or bigotry to it's core, you cannot take away freedom of speech. By all means arrest people for breaking the law but you simply cannot remove freedom of speech when it suits, that is unless you want a fascist state.

CasOctober 12th 2009.

How much would the EDL protest have cost if the fascist UAF hadn't decided they wanted the limelight? People are always going to protest in Manchester as Manchester matters, the 'this n that' quote today is apt on that score.

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