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<b>Thursday 1 May:</b> Election day, laser quest and GPs close patient lists

Published on May 1st 2008.

LOCAL ELECTION votes are underway today in Greater Manchester. The polls are open from 7am-10pm today and votes will be counted overnight. A third of the seats on all 10 local authorities in the region are being contested. Click here to listen to interviews via podcast of the candidates from the three main political parties for the city centre ward.

A LASER which dazzled the pilot of a police helicopter above the streets of Stockport has been traced to a 20-year-old who shone the beam from his bedroom window. Dean Bottomley will now face prosectution for endangering an aircraft with the £45 laser pen he bought of eBay.

PATIENTS in Greater Manchester are struggling to sign up to a new doctor according to recent reports. More than a quarter of GP's are now refusing to take on more patients because they cannot safely care for any more people. Thirteen surgeries in Trafford have closed their lists due to over-subscription. A further 7 surgeries have closed lists in Salford, and five in Manchester.

PAUL SCHOLES is reportedly being given a new deal with Manchester United. The Sun newspaer has reported that Scholes is to be rewarded for his Champions League heroics with a fresh two-year deal which will keep him with the club until he is 35. Speaking about Scholes and Giggs, Sir Alex Feguson said: “I can no longer see an end to their careers. They must be the best two players I’ve ever had.”

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Kev PMay 1st 2008.

GET OUT AND VOTE PEOPLE!! Every vote counts! And if you live in the city centre, vote Anthony McCaul!

JoanMay 1st 2008.

Shaun. Sounds like you've studied a little Economics with your references to 'opportunity cost'. If you live in the city centre you may find that the op cost of voting has been considerably reduced by the provision of a closer polling station. Mine is now just next door. Whatever the distance, however, I still thinks it's worth voting.

johnMay 1st 2008.

Sorry for my ignorance, I'm not that up with politics!So, what does all this mean for the C Charge? Labour want it, and they've got most of the 10 GM boroughs.

Kev PMay 1st 2008.

PS Bigfish - That was a tongue-in-cheek remark, don't actually vote tory! I don't mean to 'hard sell', I just haven't really engaged in local politics before so I'm so excited about it this time around because it really means something! And knowing Anthony as I do, I know he'd make a great Councillor. So forgive me if I seem a bit eager!

johnthebriefMay 1st 2008.

So Marc Ramsbottom held onto his seat, and less than 1,200 people voted in the City Centre ward. Does anyone know what the total electorate is? That seems a shockingly low turnout to me.Sadly our labour cabal retains power in Manchester so the chances of any positive change are effectively zero.I should add I am delighted at the kicking that's been handed out to our vile, mendacious, arrogant government. Roll on the general election!

Kev PMay 1st 2008.

Shaun, that's just not true at all! EVERY vote counts! Especially in the city centre where the turnout is so low and the election will be so close this time around - This election will literally be decided by a handful of people such as you so it is so important for you to go and vote!

Kev PMay 1st 2008.

I know him personally as a very good friend and I know how hard he has been working for residents. As the Labour Candidate for a Labour Council, he'd be a new, strong and effective voice who will be listened to! He'll work hard for all residents and deliver results on key issues such as making the city centre sustainable so that residents such as yourself will be able to access key services that are currently lacking in our city centre - Health centres for example, looking at innovative ways to green the city centre to make it a better place for residents to live, improving recycling facilities such as campaigning for cardboard and plastic recycling and generally listening to residents and standing up to make our views heard on the Council in a way that they aren't right now. He lives here, he understands city life and the problems that people in the city centre face and he has grand ideas on how we can solve them - He just needs to be given the chance! Did that convince you to vote for him? :o)

johnthebriefMay 1st 2008.

I went to vote this morning on my way to work, and was a bit surprised to be honest. I've previously always voted at the town hall, but this time my polling station was atthe Lesbian & Gay Foundation on Princess Street, an establishment of whose existence I was previously unaware. I'm not sure that having the polling station on the third floor of an anonymous building past several locked doors and a death trap lift is really a good call. And sorry Kev, I didn't vote for your mate McCaul - I'm afraid as long as Brown, Brown, Browne, Balls, Darling, Milliband(s) and co remain unashamedly in office, lying and stealing, I will exercise every chance I have to fight back against them.

AnonymousMay 1st 2008.

I live in the City Centre, what's in it for me if I vote for this McCaul bloke?

shaunMay 1st 2008.

I hate to say it, but in actual fact only one vote really counts, and thats the deciding one. Seeing as the odds of casting that deciding vote are so small (given the total number of votes cast) , the opportunity costs associated with casting a vote are enough to keep me away from the polling stations. It's the logical decision, even if it's not the morally correct one. But if everyone followed this philosophy, i'd happily cast the only (and therefore deciding vote) next time around.

BigfishMay 1st 2008.

Kev mate, lay off with the hard sell - otherwise I'll vote Tory

Kev PMay 1st 2008.

Sorry you voted for the wrong guy John! Hope we get in without your help anyway! Anonymous - Just get out and vote!!!

Kev PMay 1st 2008.

You're perfectly free to waste your vote if you wish!

shaunMay 1st 2008.

The chances of my vote being THE deciding vote are small enough to convince me that my time is better spent elswhere, the time could be better spent encouraging everyone else to vote (but that may lead to accusations of hipocrasy on my part) - so everyone, please go out and vote, preferably at exactly the same time - just as i'm trying to get home from work.

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