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<b>Thursday 10 September:</b> The Lowry and the Palace to share the Opera House, Rio Ferdinand on a Haven Holiday and bullfighter banned from book signing

Published on September 10th 2009.

A FORMER NURSERY NURSE has been sentenced to three months detention for killing her neighbour’s cat with a crossbow. Chloe O'Connor, 19, of Hyde, had been drinking with her boyfriend when she spotted the cat on the garden fence. She shot it from the bedroom of her house on Grange Road South. Tameside Magistrates’ Court heard how the bolt pierced the animal's stomach and came out the other side. O’Connor was also banned from owning pets for 10 years.

RIO FERDINAND SURPRISED HOLIDAYMAKERS by staying in the same north Wales caravan park. The £100,000-a-week Manchester United player joined his fiancée and two sons on the £400 'staycation' at Presthaven Sands in Prestatyn, staying in a top-of-the-range prestige caravan. A Haven Holidays’ spokesperson said, “He really seemed to enjoy himself".

THE LOWRY AND THE PALACE THEATRE are both set to share the Opera House. Hailed by culture bosses as the most significant development in arts for a generation, the “dual house strategy” will see the Opera House being used by both the Lowry in Salford and the Palace Theatre in Manchester. The move comes after Salford bosses were angered by proposals to make the Oxford Road theatre a venue for world-class opera and ballet, fearing it would put the Lowry out of business.

SALFORD BULLFIGHTER FRANK EVANS had his autobiography signing-session cancelled by Waterstones following threats by animal rights’ protesters. The bookshop cancelled the sessions in Liverpool and Manchester following letters accusing it as glamourising the “cruel, violent spectacle" of bullfighting.

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Jonathan Schofield - editorSeptember 10th 2009.

Re Waterstones and the Frank Evans signing session. This is a worrying precedent with regard to publishing. I've requested an interview with the organisation which frightened Waterstones: the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). If that takes place we'll put a story up about the outcome.

General franco+hitler+satanSeptember 10th 2009.

Cas I think you would like to see your self in some despot like role or maybe just be considered as the overall, unquestioned voice of manchester via the internet, either way as always you're going to be right..... Please can you find a way to start soving all the worlds problems asap?

scoteeeSeptember 10th 2009.

Beef jerky anyone?

CoopsSeptember 10th 2009.

AD says..“ Can I petition Mancon to do away with this coops person? I think the world might be a better place without his/her rants...” Cas says..“ I made the Dutch point as we have a history of valuing freedom of speech in Manchester..."

CasSeptember 10th 2009.

Pointing out that freedom of thought of literature are important is not condoning bullfighting. The way peta go about their business effectively bullying and certainly threatening those who they wish to fall into their line is something Franco would be proud of. Certainly he would have just killed those who didn't fall into line, so call this Franco Lite.

CoopsSeptember 10th 2009.

That this city also has a history of ignoring the point of view of those disagree with the consensus. It has also valued freedom of speech and paid for it, as you say. Both statements are true - just coming from Manchester does not mean that your opinion is both correct and broadminded.

wayneSeptember 10th 2009.

They'll be burning books next. This is such a bad thing precedent for Waterstones to set.

Ray LangtonSeptember 10th 2009.

Whats up at the Angel ? Anyone know as I am supposted to be going this Saturday night .

Cheetham HillSeptember 10th 2009.

Pointing out that Frank(+sons) are brutish and his bullfighting is very unpleasant is hardly bullying or intimidatory. PETA are certainly media fiends,is that not contemporary behavior?What makes them less typical is behavior fueled by moral purpose.......In Spain bulls are still heavily symbolic of Castilian, and to some extent Francoist, supremacy.Try explaining your new found enthusiasm for the Taurian ring to Catalunyan,Basque or progressive Spaniards when on your next weekend eco-break.

CasSeptember 10th 2009.

I made the Dutch point as we have a history of valuing freedom of speech in Manchester and paying for it, unfortunately, sometimes! So I'm a bit annoyed that some Dutch organisation, CAS, and the nutters at PETA feel they have the right to influence who we can and cannot listen to.

CasSeptember 10th 2009.

I hope the same animal rights protesters are up in arms the next time Waterstones launches a fly-fishing book.

CasSeptember 10th 2009.

And your point is?

CoopsSeptember 10th 2009.

I found it funny that the guy complained that they were trying to suppress literature. He has a high opinion of himself, considering he makes his money and reputation killing animals that are led to the slaughter for him. Sporting memoirs are 99% boring and flat moneymaking ventures, and I'm pleased that anyone interested enough to spend money on that rubbish are disappointed. It's not bookburning or censorship, is it? You can still buy the book, and there's no information denied the public. He just can't preen himself in front of a crowd and be slapped on the back. Good. Let's start worrying about serious issues, like the censorship Murdock's trying to push onto us, funded by all the sports-idiots who've funded his efforts to drag everything down to their level. E.g bye bye Urbis.

Ray LangtonSeptember 10th 2009.

Whats up at the Angel ? Anyone know as I am supposted to be going this Saturday night .

ADSeptember 10th 2009.

Can I petition Mancon to do away with this coops person? I think the world might be a better place without his/her rants...

CoopsSeptember 10th 2009.

To clarify - the editor said that it's a worrying precedent in publishing. Is it not a worrying precedent in publicity - as the book is published?

Dave BishopSeptember 10th 2009.

PETA at it again - hilarious. For god's sake these people are so hypocritical - how many pets has PETA killed? Since 1998, PETA has opted to “put down” 21,339 adoptable dogs, cats, puppies, and kittens instead of finding homes for them. A fair few more than old Frank I'd wager. Not a supporter of bullfighting, but much less a fan of bullshit.

casSeptember 10th 2009.

Last post is spot on. Obviously could have put it better myself though ;)

johnthebriefSeptember 10th 2009.

I'm not so much interested in hearing what PETA have to say, they are well-known as extremist nutters. I'm more concerned about why a reputable organisation like Waterstones caved into their bullying and gave them a victory

ADSeptember 10th 2009.

JS would it be more worthwhile interviewing the waterstones managers who made the decision to cancel? and finding out what the nature of the threats were, and what else they have done about it, ie. did they contact the police or just meakly cave in?

AnonymousSeptember 10th 2009.

In answer to Ray Langton's question. I believe that the Angel is no more. However, 'maverik' chef ROB will do his usual reappearing act in a couple of months I have been told - a stone's throw away from his old gaff, The Bridge. Groundhog day anyone?

CoopsSeptember 10th 2009.

That they are Dutch is surely irrelevant. What were their threats - I haven't read that. Perhaps they threatened to come along and ask questions that would upset the bonhomie of the event. Perhaps they threatened to bomb the place. Who knows from the news-report? That makes a difference to how I'd react to it.I don't see it as a freedom of speech issue, more a freedom of sales. If he wants to present his views, he can do so easily. Just not in a place that would give it a literary validation. That doesn't compare to book-burning or real censorship, and it cheapens those who really have to struggle against threats to their lives for writing important truths. In my opinion. I'll leave you all to agree among yourselves if you like, AD, and not present a different opinion.

CasSeptember 10th 2009.

Coops, we can't just rally against freedom of speech issues when it suits. A Dutch organisation alongside PETA intimidating a Manchester bookshop into pullling an event is wrong.

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