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<b>Wednesday 26 August:</b> Moss Side compared to The Wire, jump from burning building, and Pride parade preparations

Published on August 26th 2009.

PAVEMENT TRIP PAYOUTS have cost two Greater Manchester councils nearly £6m in the last five years. Stockport City Council paid over £3.9m and Oldham Metropolitan District Council paid just under £2.26m from 2004-2009. More than 90 authorities responded to a Freedom of Information request by the Liberal Democrats, with the average compensation payment being £833,269 over five years. The average payout per claim by the authorities over those 12 months was £11,426.

MOSS SIDE RESIDENTS vented their anger yesterday at remarks made by the Conservatives comparing the area to fictional US drama The Wire. Shadow home secretary Chris Grayling argued that the UK had the same culture of gangs and street violence highlighted in the programme, and remarked that Moss Side was experiencing “an urban war”. Community campaigner Erinma Bell said local people were "annoyed" by the comments. "Moss Side is a very nice place to live – people want to live here," she said.

A WOMAN JUMPED FROM A BUILDING to escape the fire that engulfed her home. Neighbours dragged a mattress to her front garden in Roebuck Lane, Sale, to cushion the fall after the fire started at 2:40am. Watch commander Nick Perkins said without the actions of local residents she could have been killed in the jump.

MOTORISTS HAVE BEEN WARNED to avoid many parts of Manchester city centre as preparation begins for the annual Pride parade this weekend. The Heroes-themed parade takes place from 1pm to 3pm on Saturday. For more festival information visit www.manchesterpride.com.

This ‘N’ That: Friends are like melons; to find a good one you must try a hundred.

Taken from the free calendar available at This 'n' That, Soap Street, Northern Quarter. Wisdom rating: 7/10

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21 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CasAugust 26th 2009.

Am on a booze ban, doing a long cycle next week but I'll give it a go soon! Castlefield isn't a shithole, when I moved here from Northern Quarter we were like 'so this is where the council spends the money!'. Hanging baskets!

moss side moss prideAugust 26th 2009.

I think you'll find places like Little Hulton have much more in common with The Wire than Moss Side once you take out the lazy racial comparison. Now, that's one shit hole.

JBAugust 26th 2009.

People people people a bit of perspective please. The Wire is set in Baltimore. Last year the city of Baltimore (pop 600k) and a murder rate in the 220s. Greater Manchester (pop 2.5m) had a murder rate in the 30s. The whole of the Uk (pop 61m) had a murder rate in the 700s. And I live in Old Trafford, next to Moss Side, my kids go to schools there and not every kid is in a gang and anybody who says so is utterly out of touch.

east lancsAugust 26th 2009.

I live in Rusholme, about a mile from Moss Side. It is indeed an absolute shit hole. But that said, I've never had any probs walking around of a night - and neighbours are far friendlier than those from my Didsbury and Castlefield days.

CasAugust 26th 2009.

You're right, Little Hulton is a shithole but I'm sure there are people there trying hard as well.So you can hardly call Little Hulton a shithole and then get all upset when people label Moss Side one.

JAugust 26th 2009.

Not quite Cas, but fast becoming one...have you been to the new Barca btw?What do you think?

CasAugust 26th 2009.

Your attitude seems to be that we can all slag off everywhere else but Moss Side is off limits. Castlefield a shithole? How long do you think those flower displays on Liverpool Road would last in Moss Side?

moss side moss prideAugust 26th 2009.

Hardly, I think it's a fair point.

ADAugust 26th 2009.

If its impossible for a child growing up in moss side not to join a gang then I think Its pretty fair to say the area's a shit hole.

CasAugust 26th 2009.

Inside a park! These are proper over the top things, you should see them. To be honest I'm shocked they've lasted so long here.

moss side moss prideAugust 26th 2009.

where do you live scoteeeeeeee?

CasAugust 26th 2009.

Moss Side is a shithole, not the only one but a shithole none the less. I cannot see why anyone would want to live there by choice. Where Scoteee lives doesn't really have any impact. I live in the Castlefield which I'm sure you'll now inform me is a shithole.

moss side moss prideAugust 26th 2009.

At what point have I got upset Cas? I do think Moss Side has come a very, very long way since the riots in the 80's and as a result, it is a much better place to live than a lot of other surrounding areas - which you have pointed out earlier. But because of it's reputation, Chris Gayling made the comparison.

moss side moss prideAugust 26th 2009.

Castlefield isn't a shit hole, but I just didn't want to disappoint you in not saying it. Why do you think Flower displays won't last a long in Moss Side? Alexandra Park has lots of lovely flower displays this time of year.

scoteeeAugust 26th 2009.

Yes Moss side is a nice place to live,this is reflected in the house pricing and the hoards of people wishing to flock there for an evenings entertainment.

CasAugust 26th 2009.

Of course it is. And all those kids in the gangs, they're not bad lads are they?

CasAugust 26th 2009.

I'm sorry if it offends you, but it is a shithole. I do not doubt there are many great people trying to do great great things, and I don't doubt it has improved. However you yourself say 'It's virtually impossible for children growing up there in 2009 not to join a 'gang'' and 'plagued with gang culture' which kind of sounds like a shithole to me. Graylings point is these areas have been failed and need more help, is that so bad? I have seen the wire twice and it's ok, not as good as all the hype though.

AnonymousAugust 26th 2009.

There goes the race card.

JAugust 26th 2009.

Most of it is lovely but I can't help feeling some of it has gone down slightly. What is going on with Jacksons' Wharf for instance? My boyfriend rented a flat there once so I do know it is better than most areas so close to town.

OAugust 26th 2009.

Cas You do make some regular shit comments on here but this one is up there with your best. it's unfair to call Moss Side a shit hole. You're condeming a proud area with a sense of community unrivalled in Manchester, which unfortunately, is plagued with gang culture. It's virtually impossible for children growing up there in 2009 not to join a 'gang' and no they are not all 'bad lads'. Any proud Mancunian should be able to see the damage done by referring to the area as like The Wire and see Grayling as a muppet. Either the guy hasn't been to Moss Side or hasn't watched the Wire closely. By the way Cas, are you a fan of the Wire? Where are you up to in the story?

moss side moss prideAugust 26th 2009.

Castlefield's a shit hole.

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