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<b>Wednesday 3 June:</b> Blears resigns, Burnage melts and the council doesn't want your pennies

Published on June 3rd 2009.

HAZEL BLEARS HAS RESIGNED. The Communities Secretary, has stepped down from the Cabinet in the wake of the scandal over MPs' expenses and one day before the European elections. In a resignation statement, Ms Blears said: "In this next phase of my political life I am redoubling my efforts to speak up for the people of Salford as their Member of Parliament. I am glad to be going home to the people who matter the most to me: the people of Salford.”

A MAN WAS STUCK IN TAR after the hot weather caused part of Angleside Avenue in Burnage to melt. Firefighters rescued the man who was stuck up to his shins. He was in the tar bog for 40 minutes before being taken to hospital for precautionary checks.

TWO MORE MEN have been charged with the murder of nightclub doorman Mohammed Kaleem Rafeek. The 21-year-old was stabbed to death on Birchfields Road, Rusholme in March. Sultan Ali, 19, and Syconder Ali, 25, both from Longsight, are due before magistrates.

COUNCIL STAFF have refused to accept payment of a parking fine in small change. Motorist, Ken Bayne was refused payment of the £25 fine in coppers and five pence pieces. Bayne told the MEN newspaper: “Coins are legal tender and have the Queen's head on them. I just couldn't believe what happened.” John Lamb, from Trafford council, said “Staff advised Mr Bayne that local banks would be able to change his coins into acceptable tender, but he refused.”

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16 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

CastlefieldJune 3rd 2009.

M30 if you seriously believe that at a general election people go to the polls and vote on local issues and what their local MP stands for then you are indeed puddled! As is the case with your beloved Hazel, she has voted for whatever told to by her Government and changed her mind and views accordingly regardless of the views or interests of the people of Salford. She has been a pet hamster to the leaders which is why she has thrown her bedding out of the cage when Gordon Brown refused to back her.

esquiloJune 3rd 2009.

Hazel, stuff your grassroots, we don't want you. Rightly or wrongly you are perceived to be corrupt. Rightly or wrongly, we will remember that you did sod all to stop the removal of Maternity services at Salford Royal or the closure of Pendlebury Childrens Hospital. Rightly (there is no wrongly) we see you for the self-serving, bumptious, smug little **** you are. Now, when your cronies at the Salford Labour group see the light, they'll get shut. And if they don't, we will. PS, posturing next to your Ducati while justifying your imaginative take on accounting was the PR move only an imbecile would sanction.

JinkiesJune 3rd 2009.

Does anyone else think that M30 is in fact..... Hazel Blears!?

M30June 3rd 2009.

Hazel Blears: Carry on as you have done over the past 12 years, working and speaking for the people of Salford, and continue to speak for us when the Great British Public inevitably let the Tories in through the back door. If anyone thinks this government's bad, a Conservative government will be ten times worse.

M30June 3rd 2009.

Castlefield, to clarify, in the UK we do not vote for the Prime Minister. Your post suggested that you were outraged because we (the electorate, as opposed to "you and me") didn't vote for Gordon Brown to be Prime Minister. National issues tend to dominate general elections, petty issues such as MP's expenses etc will dominate today's local and Euro elections. Getting back to Hazel Blears, I've previously said that I don't agree with some of her stances (Iraq, for instance), she has been an outstanding constituency MP, and I personally know of many people and local organisations in Salford who she has helped over the years. I would also much sooner that she represented me other than the self-flaggelating Ms Kelly, whom I believe to be mad. By the way, not sure where your rags to riches has to do with Hazel Blears... you're not fiddling your expenses I hope ;)

CastlefieldJune 3rd 2009.

M30, surely a leader is an important part of a party? You said earlier that we vote for a local MP and now you say we vote for a party?! And at the end of your rant you go back to bringing individuals into it. 'That mad Kelly woman' has religous beliefs that I'm sure neither of us share but does that make her mad? Is that not ignorant and edging towards the BNP views we are all afraid of? Hazel Blears voting stands up for itself and you can see the facts on sites such as theyworkforyou.com, she votes the way in which she is told even if this means totally changing her stance, if this gives you confidence she sticks up for her people then more fool you. Hazel's majority does speak for itself, it is Labour's majority not hers and lets face it that 'mad Kelly woman' as you put it could stand and get in as could Mother Teresa even though she's dead as long as she was a Labour candidate. Just because people have more centre right views than yourself does not make them the 'chattering classes', I'm from Lower Broughton, left school at 16 and have made myself. Your inverted snobbery is as bad as snobbery itself.

SHINawatraJune 3rd 2009.

How did the 'stuck in tar' man even get that deep? He must have been stood in it for ages, started sinking and just thought 'oh well'

SHIN DIGJune 3rd 2009.

Ali you cruel basTARd

Laughing out loudJune 3rd 2009.

At "thrown her bedding out of her cage" :o)

CastlefieldJune 3rd 2009.

M30, ten times worse? We're in meltdown, I'd say 3 times worse would mean us all reverting back to sea creatures. Let's have a general election and actually elect a PM, now that'd be novel. Poor Hazel, at least she can relax knowing that however bad it gets she will still get 70k plus pension a year from 60, inflation proofed.

CastlefieldJune 3rd 2009.

Hi M30, my rags to riches was brought into it due to your assumption that anyone centre right or who dares not to worship Hazey babes is from the 'chattering classes', which is bollocks! Of course I have wonderful expenses but the money doesn't come from the public, it's generated through business. And to be honest it's the big issues I think people are more pissed off about, it's too easy to say Gordon Brown inherited these problems from Tony Blair but he was the Chancellor for however many years! And before the 'well no-one predicted it, no-one say it coming' crap, Gordon Brown was being warned for years about tighter city regulation and the national debt explosion, but he did nothing as the tax receipts were coming in. I remember the Lib Dems and the wonderful Vince Cable picking him up on this several times and he just dismissed them. Whichever way you look at it M30 PM's are elected, when the Labour party picks it's next leader top of their list will be 'who will people vote for' and even you must realise that! Just off to chill my expenses Laurent Perrier for tonight's election count!

Sack the Gnome!June 3rd 2009.

The Torygraph yesterday shed more light on Blears' £13k repayment, and how she's still being rather dishonest about the whole thing. She's deliberately timed her resignation (and surrounding furur) to hit Labour's chances in today's euro-elections; weakening the position of Our Glorious Leader. All because she overly took the piss (and the urinary tract, hah!) and Brown rightly rebuked her. Petty, petty woman.

M30June 3rd 2009.

I'm not naïve enough to believe that at a general election people vote based soley on their local candidate, although that said, local issues do come into play. At the end of the day, we do not vote for Prime Minister of this country, so your assertion, Castlefield that "we should elect a PM yada yada yada" isn't something we do in this country. You put your cross in the box, be it Labour, Tory, BNP etc. Not for "Gordon", "David", " Nick" etc. Neither one of us speak for the people of Salford, so I'll let Hazel's majority speak for itself. Whilst there have been issues I have disareed with her on, I feel she has fought her corner for her people, and certainly has been a great constituency MP (I've had a few over the years) although I'm sure the chattering classes will disagree. Esquilo, who would you rather represent you? That mad Kelly woman who's a member of Opus Dei, Norman Tebbit, Nick Griffin? Mother Teresa isn't standing as a candidate for Member of Parliament for Salford, so my vote still goes to Hazel.

M30June 3rd 2009.

Looks like I've been rumbled... I rant on Mancon in between looking fpr John Lewis reciepts. I agree that there are problems within the goverment, but the blame can't lie soley at the door of Gordon Brown, as his role was something of a poisoned chalice... the damage had been done under Tony Blair. In response to wanting a general election now to "elect a PM", in this country, we vote for a local MP, we don't vote for Prime Minister, and the only people to have voted for Tony Blair were the people of Sedgefield. I fully remember the Conservative governments of the 80s and 90s and how they were ridden with sleaze. Neil Hamilton anyone? Rifkind, Hestletine, Howard, and last but by no means least, TEBBIT A man who would see the gay and lesbian population of the UK criminalised. At the risk of sounding sensationalist, the attitude of the Great British Public at the moment reminds me of the rise of the Third Reich. Did tey fully appreciate what they were letting in through the back door. As for Blears expenses and the whole MP's expense saga... what a non-story. It's been going on for years and years, and when all's said and done Ms Blears ("or may I call you Hazel?") has been an outstanding MP for the people of Salford, and he has both my respect and my vote. I'm just glad I have her speaking for me and not Norman Tebbit

JJune 3rd 2009.

Hazel, the people of Salford do not want you!

Ali McGowanJune 3rd 2009.

Maybe he was a reTARd. Sorry, that was not nice of me. I apologise unreservedly for being mean.

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