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Best of Manchester Burgers

Gordo (with a little help) gets his nose in the trough

Published on April 16th 2013.

Best of Manchester Burgers

OVER the past twelve months, burger wars have come to Manchester. There appears to be a trend in value for money, trashy food at the moment; people are looking for comfort. The ‘dirtier’ the food on a plate, the better as far as everyone is concerned.

Yes, fat, ladies. It’s good for you in small quantities, especially your skin and hair. It’s what makes a burger juicy.

Burgers are a case in point; hotels, like the Malmaison and their restaurant Smoak, have gone to the trouble of making their own, ensuring that only the best meat is used. Others instruct first-rate butchers like Lee Frost to come up with a recipe and contract to maintain the recipe for them. 

At Solita, the restaurant in the Northern Quarter which should have a warning sign deterring anyone with heart conditions to stay away, asks the butcher to introduce a certain percentage of marrow into the mix to ensure a really juicy affair. 

Southern 11, a favourite of the Confidential crew, use ground rump steak.  

So, what makes a great burger? In Gordo’s not so humble opinion, there are several factors to be weighed up, along with some advice. 

Good quality meat. 

No amount of mincing and grinding will produce flavour and tenderness from shin beef within an eight minute cooking period. 

Fat, in the mix. 

Yes, fat, ladies. It’s good for you in small quantities, especially your skin and hair. It’s what makes a burger juicy. Because a dry burger is not good. It needs great ‘mouthfeel’, moist and succulent. 

Fat, outside the mix. 

A dry bun is not good either. It needs either good mayonnaise, which doesn’t have to be home made, Gordo swears by Hellman’s dressed up with a few sharpeners; tomato sauce, maybe, Lea and Perrins. Something that shows initiative. A slice of cheese with a high fat content. Not Lancashire, that’s for sure, one that melts in relatively low heat. There is no bloody point to a hard slice of cheese. It should be melted. 

The Bun. 

Some swear by a brioche mix, others more normal white. Cicchetti use a muffin. The rule here is it must not be crumbly or, yet once again, dry.


Hmm. If so, crisp, with tomatoes at room temperature and either skinned or scored, nothing worse than large strands of skins appearing for half an hour. 


Cheese has been discussed; bacon can be smoked or unsmoked but needs to be very crisp and preferably streaky. Gherkins can be small or large and tomato sauce can only be a home made chunky Italian recipe, or Heinz. Nothing else from a jar is of any use. English mustard is no use either; Gordo is defeated in these circumstances by that American yellow stuff that comes out of a squeezy bottle. Lush, it has to be said. 

The top ten in the city centre in alphabetical order, are: 

Almost Famous Burgers

Somewhere in the Northern Quarter. This one is a gorgeous groaner.  Burger seasoning spot on, juicy as you please. Nearly sweet, nearly brioche bun, Gordo had the one full of crispy chopped bacon and a sauce that curls your hair. Steer clear of the ‘Suicide Wings’. Up two flights of stairs, no signage and staff on acid. Loud music and a few bewildered parents moving their middle class darlings to Uni and getting down with the kids of a Saturday afternoon. Lots of beards. You know what Gordo means.

100 High Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1HP.

Almost FamousAlmost Famous


Brewdog is a Northern Quarter bar let out on probation to see what life's like outside the pen. The pared down interior is as to the point as the burgers, which are good both in terms of consistency and balance. They hold together particularly well for that classic double-hand pick-up bite. The best and cheapest of the bunch is the Californian, griddled beef, pickles and the rest for just under a fiver. Couple with a pint of Saint at 5% and it all goes down a treat, although the meat needs to always be as 'juicy' as advertised. (Jonathan Schofield)

35 Peter Street, M2 5BG.



Served on a wooden board with grilled Mediterranean vegetables and some mayo on the side. Fantastic, creamy fried onions, great burger, brilliantly seasoned. Small, so that a WAG doesn’t have to show off her skills in public. It’s served, unusually, on a muffin. For grown ups. Classy. 

House of Fraser, 98-116 Deansgate, M3 2QC.



For meat lovers, replacing a juicy beef patty with chickpeas may raise some burger traditionalist’s eyebrows. Common’s Falafel and Halloumi can more than justify its ‘best burger’ tag amongst the meaty heavyweights. Between the griddled semi-brioche bun sits homemade falafel, pan-fried crisp halloumi, tzatziki, houmous, cucumber and tomato. There are a lot of elements here but each layer is light enough to complement the other flavours. As common practice in Common dictates it’s served with lightly spiced fries and purple chunky coleslaw which adds a welcome tang. (Ben Robinson)

39 Edge Street, M4 1HW.

Common's veggie optionCommon's veggie option

Dog Bowl

Barry Gamble, the chef at the bowling alley and eaterie Dog Bowl, has given the city the DB burger for £15. This is all you need to know about how to make a messy mountain of American-inspired food required Manchester eating - high fat, high cholesterol, high-protein, high, literally high, in terms of centimetres. It comes in layers, like the geology of the Mojave desert, with 1lb of beef in the burger, a hill of pulled pork, stabilising beef brisket and a whole Piglet of smoked bacon. A knife is skewered through this foodie still-life to make it stand. There are several onion rings tossed on top like a game of edible hoopla. The sauce and juices that pour from this delight leave the table awash with goo. You might want to lick the table.

57 Whitworth Street West,  M1 5WW.

Dog BowlDog Bowl


Served on a wooden board this is a frisky burger with a beautiful mustardy relish, perfectly presented with soft, forgiving, yielding mince, under a good mushy sesame seed bun with fresh lettuce and tough strong cheddar. Add Stilton for edge. Salty, kick-arse edge. You also get a linen tea towel as a napkin, a clever snippet of detail that has to be admired. (Jonathan Schofield)

54-56 Whitworth Street West, M1 5WW.


Grill on New York Street

White, floury bun. This is a good traditional very lean burger. Extremely good for healthy types in a clubby, highly sophisticated setting. Accompanied with really, really good chips. Ask for mayo. Fantastic crusty, crunchy chips.

New York Street, M1 4BD.

Grill On New York StGrill On New York St

McDonalds (the morning after)

Yea, yea we know, but when the head hurts from late night madness in The Liar's Club or The Press Club and beer has mixed with wine, with shots and then cocktails, a burger with the consistency of cotton wool and with no definition at all between meat, bun, sauce and salad, soaks up the poison perfectly. And of course none of the other places here open quite so early in the morning for the cure. Helen Ramsbottom at Confidential swears by a double cheeseburger with bacon, Lynda Moyo at Confidential goes for the Big Mac. 

Under The Golden Arches, The World.

Soaks it all up, it doesSoaks it all up, it does


This burger looks like it means business. It looks like they understand cheese as well. Good tomato chutney, Heinz available and fresh, crisp lettuce. It needs more seasoning in Gordo’s opinion, but check it first before you do anything; it’s made on the premises so the chef will probably have sorted that out by now. 

Malmaison, Piccadilly, M1 1LZ.



Another Northern Quarter mental institution - you should visit this place no more that once a week. The KFB (Kentucky Fried Burger to you and Gordo) looks like someone has deep fried a strip of your granny's carpet and laid it over a good looking, highly spiced and seasoned burger which includes the aforementioned marrow. Lovely mouth-feel, as they say in the trade. The grannies carpet is in fact a battered, deep fried, thick strip of bacon. Banging. 

37 Turner Street, M4 1DW.


Southern 11 

Situated nearly one floor up in Spinningfields, you could easily miss this American South eatery. A wolf in sheep’s clothing. The burger, if we were scoring, would definitely be in the final two. It looks a classic and is exactly that. Fantastic meat, which is best ground rump, boldly seasoned. Served in a classic seeded bun with ‘slaw and a mega pickle, it’s a Marlon Brando of a burger. 

Unit 26, 3 Hardman Street, Spinningfields, M3 3EB.

Southern 11Southern 11

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118 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

agree with most of the ones on here i've tried (found Gorilla's a little tame at the time), but for my money the best burger in town is still done by the Marble Arch Inn on Rochdale Road.

GordoSeptember 27th 2012.

good call Anon, will try it as I will update the list in January. Any other tips out there?

Lord of the PiesSeptember 27th 2012.

This is a decent list, but there are a couple of places missing, both offer burgers that I highly recommend. Those places being the Mark Addy and Jack Spratt. Both delicious.

3 Responses: Reply To This...
GordoSeptember 27th 2012.


William BushellSeptember 28th 2012.

Jack Spratt's burgers are the best

AnonymousOctober 30th 2012.

This message is directed to William Bushell's "comment". I don't believe your notion is advocated by any sort of evidence, can I ask how you came to such a biased conclusion? I feel slightly confused as to how we're meant to see the value in your comment.


AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

I'm so hungry... Great list. Although, and I'm sure I had an off day at Smoak, but my burger (as in the actual burger) crumbled whilst eating, I'm guessing because it was minced and not held together well enough by fat?

3 Responses: Reply To This...
James SmithSeptember 27th 2012.


IanSeptember 27th 2012.

I had a pretty poor burger at Smoak but I have ate there a few times and everything else has been spot on.

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Crumbled. As in, the burger didn't stay together very well whilst I was eating it. I ended up with bits of minced beef on my plate, and I was asking the question why that might be, e.g. was the meat ground too much and lacked something to hold it together well (I'm not a cook so I don't know, but the article seemed to suggest you need a little fat in the mix, so I asked was it that). Don't get me wrong, I've been back since - I love the bar and the decor and wanted to try the food the table had next to us, which was great, I've just not had the burger again. As I say, might have just been an off day.

Jonathan SchofieldSeptember 27th 2012.

The best actual hangover cure are those burgers on the Virgin trains which are micro-waved to within an inch of their lives and when you hold them in the middle flop down on each side. They're made from dog meat, cardboard, carpet dust, rancour, anger and bile but beautifully fix the heebie-jeebies.

1 Response: Reply To This...
GordoSeptember 27th 2012.

looking forward to the law suit Jonathan...

MSeptember 27th 2012.

Had a great burger in Folk in West Didsbury. Certainly preferred it to Gorilla's, which was good (especially with the stilton) but as a meal was not substantial enough. Needed more fries.

Hoping to try AFB next weekend.

Burger man.September 27th 2012.

The best burger I have had was at 24 Bar & Grill, all home made with excellent coleslaw and relish!!

Anna SadokSeptember 27th 2012.

I think Trof should also be featured on here. They do an excellent burger.

the Whalley RangerSeptember 27th 2012.

I can report that Oddest does a pretty good job, and I have reliable information that Nip'n'Tipple aren't bad either.

IanSeptember 27th 2012.

WRONG. Same places as expected, 'friends' of Manc Conf.

1 Response: Reply To This...
GordoSeptember 27th 2012.

Ian, naughty, you can have a go at my selection as much as you want, but don't show yourself up by questioning my fairness. There are at least two advertisers who wouldnt get on this list as long as they had holes in their arses.

Andy LoynesSeptember 27th 2012.

McDonalds over BK for the morning after? You're nuts!

1 Response: Reply To This...
XSeptember 28th 2012.

The article loses credibility for me by even mentioning McDonalds - it's an abuse of the English language to refer to it as a restaurant!!!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Tusk burgers are amazing too

1 Response: Reply To This...
Martin PearsonSeptember 27th 2012.

I agree, great amount of food for the money too. Fries are spot on with great seasoning

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

from my experience, it appears to be mandatory in Almost Famous to take a photo of your food before eating it (regardless of how many times you've eaten there before)...

3 Responses: Reply To This...
IanSeptember 27th 2012.

Yeah, a photo of thin burger patties. The fries are pretty good though

IanSeptember 27th 2012.

Yeah, photos of thin burger patties. The fries are decent though.

Martin PearsonSeptember 27th 2012.

No photos. haha

IanSeptember 27th 2012.

My posts keep being deleted for no reason. So biased this site.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Food BabySeptember 29th 2012.

Bloody hell you're one moaning git.

Chorlton_PeteSeptember 27th 2012.

How about The Banyan Tree....a burger complete with onion bhaji.....and the cornerhouse lamb burger, although I am sure this used to be served in a sour dough bun, but not any more :(

Jonathan SchofieldSeptember 27th 2012.

Ian, you daft burger, just wait a minute would you and then try again, or refresh. WE DON'T DELETE RANTS.

1 Response: Reply To This...
IanSeptember 27th 2012.

Sorry, you may delete!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

"with tomatoes at room temperature and either skinned or scored, nothing worse than large strands of skins appearing for half an hour."

Absolutely essential. Nothing worse than a freezing cold tomato with skin like plastic on a burger.

Ange JonesSeptember 27th 2012.

Take a look at what the offer over the pond:


urbann3rdySeptember 27th 2012.

Canadian charcoal pit?

1 Response: Reply To This...
NeetSeptember 27th 2012.

I like their burgers but the buns don't tend to hold together well

HelenfrancescaSeptember 27th 2012.

I've drooled onto my laptop and given myself an electric shock. Please issue warnings when posting pictures of these burgers. It's lunchtime for god's sake. I LOVE BURGERS. ALL OF THEM. (MAINLY FAMOUS). Great article.

Iain JefferySeptember 27th 2012.

The Lime Bar in Salford Quays do a really good hand made burger with fries, a good payday option!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Almost Famous burgers are great but the 2nd time I went the music was so loud it made my ears bleed. Gorilla was good on a recent visit and Solita ok.

Will be giving Brewdog a bash soon!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
IanSeptember 27th 2012.

Burger I had from Brewdog was pretty much raw, plus they don't sell fries.

the Whalley RangerSeptember 27th 2012.

If it's fresh then there is absolutely nothing wrong with that - ever been to Germany, where raw beef/pork goes onto a breakfast bun? It's called tartar - fantastic!


AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Can't beleive you're missed out Office Burger in the NQ - the best by far!

1 Response: Reply To This...
M-Dog ManchesterOctober 11th 2012.

what is this what is this?

Rob ShevlinSeptember 27th 2012.

Burger Obsessive: having done the burger rounds for years Almost Famous is the clear winner. Some of the other joints in town should hang their head when they claim to serve a good burger, some are only marginally better than the virgin trains microwave burger, of which i've tried (one bite) before binning it.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

eating brioche sucks !!!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Folk in West Didsbury gets my vote too - the hungry folk burger has mozzerella in the middle and is the size of a small child!

Michael Dell'ArmiSeptember 27th 2012.

HHandmade Burger Co coming to Manchester too no? Not one mention of GBK? They had royal beef!

ILOVEBURGERSSeptember 27th 2012.

Really need to add the Grill at the Abode.. juicy and tender in a grilled bun! ooer.. also the brasserie at HN.. damn you Gordo I'm gonna have to run off for a burger now!

ChrisSeptember 27th 2012.

Surprised you said Southern 11 would be in your top 2 for burgers, the place is probably in my top 2 of most visited restaurants in Manchester so definitely a fan of the place, but can't say I was blown away by the burger.

Personally didn't think the meat had much taste, it was cooked pink and looked the part to an extent, although I didn't think it was juicy at all, bun not great either.

Solita last Friday was bang on though!

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

How could you not have mentioned Office Burger on tib street, they have nailed those burger juices to the cross!

3 Responses: Reply To This...
IanSeptember 27th 2012.

Just googled it and read a review. Sounds exactly like AFB.

Enough with the FRICKING descriptions.

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Ian, you're a proper wet

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2012.

The slag fries at office burger are off the hook.

IanSeptember 27th 2012.

I'd recommend the Southern11 burger, need to go back there again. Will test out the Solita burger in a couple weeks.

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Any surprise most of those places are supplied by Frosts?

cassandra666September 27th 2012.

Almost Famous Burgers have definitely lived up to my expectations.
Will make an exhaustive tour of the other suggestions.

Not so ambitious, but still quite flavoursome for a take-away service, I'd recommend the burgers at the Pizza La Città, in Chapel Street, next to the Black Lion pub. Good value for money!

TimbucSeptember 27th 2012.

I'm dubious about the picture of that Smoak burger. The bread doesn't look sufficiently robust to hold all of those components and there's nothing worse with a burger than it collapsing on you and having to be eaten in bits or, god forbod, with a knife and fork.

DynamoKevSeptember 27th 2012.

I will be controversial and suggest the burgers at TV21 are decent... having visited most of the top ten I reckon I know a good burger...just to wind up a few more northern quarter snobs, i would suggest the burgers from almost famous, although delicious, are far too greasy!

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

I don't like them at all, too slooppy and and made with brioche! Great bar though!

Deborah ShowmanSeptember 27th 2012.

allmost famous was fab .Not tried smoak but will do. I love burgers

paulSeptember 27th 2012.

The yanks beat us hands down on Burgers Sorry

JimSeptember 27th 2012.

GBK still do a decent burger. Its the Nandos of beef!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Gina McDadeOctober 9th 2012.

GBK is absolutely rubbish

RosieOctober 30th 2012.

GBK used to be great but they have changed their target market and gone completely down hill. The menu changes so regularly that the chefs never seem to master the recipes properly...AND they changed the recipes on the pestorella and habenero...the 2 best.

I actually complained after our last visit because we'd had 2 or 3 terrible experiences in a row.

I'd certainly never eat there again.

Poster BoySeptember 27th 2012.

Gordo includes Cicchetti in review of Manchester's best burgers. Now there's a surprise...

2 Responses: Reply To This...
GordoSeptember 28th 2012.

Hello Poster. It's such a delight having you on the team. *yawn* Now, here is a challenge. Go to Cicchetti, take a pal, you can have two burgers on me, with a good bottle of red. If you can tell me it's not worthy, looking me straight in the eye, I will give £100 to your favourite charity. Simply call Rachel at Mancon and declare who you are, we will match it off the sign in and away you go!

Poster BoySeptember 28th 2012.

Gotcha! ManCon takes itself so seriously these days...

Maureen ChilversSeptember 27th 2012.

BYRON BURGERS in London are fantastic and they are trying to find the right premises in Manchester or Cheshire.

1 Response: Reply To This...
SAZKMarch 11th 2013.

Byron advertising for staff in Manchester so they must be opening soon (yey!)

AnonymousSeptember 27th 2012.

Cicchetti is my favourite restaurant in Manchester, but there burger is not one of the best in the city, in fact when I had it there was no muffin, just a couple of circles of toast.

I agree with Maureen that Byron are the best of the burger chains and hope they find their Manchester premises soon, but they're not as good as Almost Famous.

raySeptember 27th 2012.

I went to almost famous.ona sat evening & found the place dirty with 3 places where somone had been sick, staff didnt seem in a hurry to clean up & placed cardboard over over one pile, def made me think twice about the hygiene of thos famous burgers, will be sticking to the places with proper hygiene certificates in future.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousSeptember 29th 2012.

Do you know that AF doesn't have a hygiene certificate? I'm sure it does and i've never seen lack of hygiene in all the times I've been in there.

AnonymousSeptember 28th 2012.

Maybe controversial, but I honestly think the Archies 'Good Burger' is a contender for top 3. Seriously.

Bob the BritSeptember 28th 2012.

I agree with Gordo and the other posters, Almost Famous just beat Byron, but Byron should give them all a run for their money when they get here.

And yes, Brewdog's burgers are a bargain, but a side of fries would help soak up the Punk IPA.

AnonymousSeptember 28th 2012.

black dog ballroom?

eileen5540September 28th 2012.

The banyan tree burger is bang on - I agree. it's the size of a bloody cricket ball topped with an onion bhaji.

i had to unhinge my jaw......

AnonymousSeptember 28th 2012.

Perhaps a controversial suggestion but The Met in West Didsbury does a mean burger. I mean its so mean its positively aggressive. Comes on a caramelised onion focaccia bun with plenty of juice in and outside the mix and the essential cheese AND bacon. Chunky man-fries too. Salad on the side where it should be. Bit pricey though from what I remember.

GetwiseSeptember 29th 2012.

Is Southern 11 downgraded on the chips (which don't look great it has to be said)? Why not rate just on the burger?

AnonymousSeptember 29th 2012.

Has anyone tried the burger at The Wharf? I've had it before at other Brunning and Price pubs and always thought it was pretty good.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Ian CollinsOctober 2nd 2012.

Wharf burgers are amazing, as are the chips.

Also a fan of the Sam's Chop House burgers too

Graham ReevesOctober 1st 2012.

Not beef... but one of the best burgers in town is the pulled pork & chorizo burger in trof.
When I went on a mission to try all the burgers in town, I hated to say it, but GBK are really good.

TV21 and Simple's burgers are sorely missed from this list too

JimOctober 1st 2012.

Is this Office Burger a hoax? It gets mentioned alot but i've heard rumours its just a fake site taking the p1ss out of Almost famous?

Jonathan SchofieldOctober 1st 2012.

That Office Burger is the business but the restaurant wasn't included in our list because of its unpredictable opening hours - this was down to an emergency board meeting being held on our visit. Joan from accounts asked if we wanted to share her desk but since she was eating chive and cream cheese crisps very loudly and slurping gin we decided to try again another time.

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousOctober 2nd 2012.

Yeah, not quite up to the News Manc standard of writing.

AnonymousOctober 3rd 2012.

As I said yesterday. This isn't written as well as News Manc but an admirable try *** 3 stars.

Bob the BritOctober 5th 2012.

Tried a Smoked Bacon/Smoked Cheese Burger at Common last night; it pretty much did what it should, but I can't buy into the brioche thing, it brings a sweetness that's just wrong.

PamplemousseOctober 8th 2012.

Tried the Southern 11 burger yesterday. Rather unimpressed. First bite produced a shrug of the shoulders. Very bland, lacked any discernable seasoning. Had to go fetch salt n pepper myself! Could you ever concieve of such a state of affairs! Pip squeak of a burger too boot. You don't need two hands to pick it up. The skinny fries were rather lacklustre aswell. They came in the obligatory mini metal / copper pot / bucket, with some hard grated tasteless cheese illiberally scattered on top.

Had previously finally been drawn to Almost Famous Burger. Didn't get to eat alas as there was a mighty que and i quickly deduced that I was not their target clientel (sic) what with being in my 30's and not choosing to dress like I'm in a boy band / the Inbetweeners / or only shop in Top Man. Also was rather put off by an high as a kite bouncer on the door at 13.30 on a Sunday afternoon. The music was also so loud that I felt as if it was 01.30.

Now I'm no burger expert (I am) but Brew Dog's Whitechapel burger was the best I've had in town. Their tap lager all tastes of grapefruit incidentally. I shall ask for a top in mine should I visit again.

AnonymousOctober 9th 2012.

No mention of Grill On Alley's Kobe Burger or any of Simple's Northern Quarter namesake offerings?

1 Response: Reply To This...
GordoOctober 12th 2012.

i am tasting these over the coming couple of months and updating for the new year.

M-Dog ManchesterOctober 11th 2012.

Loving this burger nonsense! Many judge a place on the quality of their burger, and of course they do if it's just a burger joint. Same for me. I've had burgers all over, in fact, burgers are all I seem to gobble these days. Easy, tasty, and usually include your 5 a day. Beef, bacon, cheese, bread and chips. Burgers all the way. I need to try Solita ASAP I think. I wasn't overly impressed with AFB. Talk about being rushed. Jesus, in and out, in and out and eating from a plastic tray on my lap basically sat on my friends knee while grease dripped out everywhere. The meat patty's themselves were mediocre and covered in (oh so tasty and so bad for you) shite. Burger cocktails! I liked the idea though, the ambience is grrrreat. Smoak's is nice, though quite pricey for me so when it's 50% off I am in there! Have you tried Black Dog Ballroom NWS's burgers? They're grrreat. 100% Cheshire Rump, loads of low cost toppings to choose from and 50% off every Monday, bringing the basic price of the Quarter Pounder down to just £3.50. BARGAIN! And tasty too. Grrreat place. S11 has been consistently good, they don't need to dress that meat up in anything. Burgrrrrs, wow, they really get me barking. Check out my burger nonsense at www.mdog.me/…/Beef_Burger_%26_Chips.html…
My rankings are based on taste AND grrrreat value. Let me know what you think. Lap it up for less while you can! Grrrrrrrrr.

Poster BoyOctober 11th 2012.

Burger nonsense indeed. Someone tell Gordo it's time to jump on the dogs bus...

ElenaOctober 12th 2012.

Well, 2 hours wait at Almost famous burgers last Friday!! When I thought that we were finally going to eat, there were another queue... 20min outside, 45min at the bar and after ordering, another 50min waiting for our food at the table! There is no real system for the queuing, just a little blond lady deciding who's going to sit next!

So ended up spending £40 on drinks and £20 for food... was it worth it?? Hummm... The burgers were great, as well as the chilli cheese fries, but anyone who has been to the Fast food chain In-N-Out in California would recognize some of their not-so-secret burgers and chilli cheese fries that are so famous in the whole USA!
Also by 9pm, most of the staff at the bar were very merry, to be polite... :-)

If anyone else could open in Manchester a place similar that does cheap nice burgers with a real management system (of customers, queues, staff), that might force Almost famous burgers to improve their customer service side.

If a fast food chain in the US can do it, making good burgers is certainly not rocket science. It's a shame cos customer service should be important, but when you're so successful and there's no competition, there's no need for customer service!

urbann3rdyOctober 12th 2012.

Tried to go Almost Famous on Saturday but was not willing to wait an hour for burger and chips, went last night instead. No queue outside, about 30 mins wait at the bar (tunes were spot on so didn't really mind) and another 30 mins wait for the food. As Elena says above there is no real system as to who goes next but tbh the blonde girl appeared to have a great memory of who came in when.

Place has a really good vibe, staff really friendly and was surprised how cheap everything was. The food itself was worth the wait I had the bandit burger and some winner fries. Overall great little place and well impressed.

Karl WheatOctober 16th 2012.

Agree about Blackdog Ballroom NWS. I've not had the quarter pounder but the double New York-style cheese burger with fries for £5.50 (any day) was very nice and an absolute bargain at £5.50.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Karl WheatOctober 16th 2012.


NorthernGeezerOctober 23rd 2012.

Best burgers in town..............................Mrs Geezer's, she 'wraps' the meat around a hunk of Danish Blue so it kind of oozes moisture through it when its cooking, fried of course.
Served on a ciabatta that's been lightly toasted on the inside only, then dipped in the 'substance' that's left in the frying pan, health food it aint!.
Enjoyed the link to the USA stadium foods Ange, ta.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousFebruary 11th 2013.

I can't find this place. Link?
It sounds good

Michael BrownOctober 25th 2012.

I agree with most of these apart from Smoak.
The burger I had was dry and practically burnt and the bun collapsed soon after I started eating it. Service wasn't great either.
Almost Famous burgers are succulent and a bit different from the norm and although the place can seem a bit haphazard I found it charming and quirky.

Pedro1874October 29th 2012.

I am not a great burger eater in this country but just fancied one last night at TUSK in the NQ. 5* Great quality ground local beef, chargrilled, juicy and charcoal tasting mmmm. Partner had a lovely veggie bean burger. Interesting homemade recipe cocktails great quality too and 2 for 1 between 5pm and 7pm I think. Good and friendly service - we will be returning for the Wild boar burger!

1 Response: Reply To This...
GordoNovember 1st 2012.

Thanks for that Pedro, we are currently negotiating to take them on as advertisers and they are pretty new so we could do with more reports. Gordo is going in to try them out soon. Any further comment?

MCR Cuture VultureDecember 12th 2012.

I go for the Common Vegie one personally. It s a pity this article didn't see sense to put the prices of these burgers in the listing. Being on a budget for mancunians these days in this hard inflation busting city is a good case for knowing the prices before I venture out to these venues. Anyone know?

Melissa ConnellyDecember 16th 2012.

The closest I've tried to a good Boston/New York burger in Manchester is at Simple in the NQ. It's one of the only places I've found that asks you how you want the meat cooking. This means the mince can't be frozen but made fresh? This is my unsung hero here guys.

AnonymousDecember 19th 2012.

i think you need to actually find out the meat used gordo because chefs are telling you porkers especisllyat s11 where the meat is not best rump thats 100%

FentonJanuary 22nd 2013.

Solita - by far and away the best. Service and atmosphere in there is still a little disjointed but the burgers are amazing. I was luck enough to be the first person to have the Big Manc. Truly epic!

NoelFebruary 4th 2013.

not being funny guys but for £3.65 the big tasty from mcds takes some beating what do u think?

JamesMarch 22nd 2013.

Try the burgers at the Oakwood (Threes) in Glossop. Try the '3' Challenge, its fantastic and a lovely little pub to. Well worth a visit!

IanApril 12th 2013.

Confirms Byron opening up soon...


AnonymousApril 23rd 2013.

Thank god for Mr Rogan & Mr Bryne!!

Burgers can just F**K off!!

MeshellMay 28th 2013.

This thread has given me a lot to think about. Can anyone answer the question of condiments on these burgers. As an American proper dills pickles is a MUST. I can't be doing with sweet pickles on a burger. Does any of the above restaurants use sour dill pickles? I will always have a hard time finding anything in the UK to match a N02 Sonic Cheeseburger.

1 Response: Reply To This...
Manc GuyMay 28th 2013.

I enjoy Sonic and like the foil/paper wrappers they're served in, but the burgers can be soggy. Wendy's are always made fresh though. Hardee's are good when there's an offer and the mini Whitecastle burgers make great beer food.

Katherine GradyJune 10th 2013.

Anyone thinking about going to almost famous... DON'T..! All a bit emperors new clothes I'm afraid. I accept they are trying to be quirky. Unfortunately, if the food doesn't match the hype (which it doesn't) then quirky becomes sittîng on a garden chair, waiting an eternity for burger and chips (surely not that difficult to make considering they only serve burger and chips) and then not even being able to taste any burger or chips due to copious amounts of sauce dripping from it all. Truly dreadful.

1 Response: Reply To This...
John RyanJune 10th 2013.

Massive disagree. But hey.

Jenny CollinsJune 10th 2013.

I have to disagree, I spent a fantastic hour or two tin AF yesterday and it was top notch. The staff were polite and friendly and the food was just what it claims to be. I love an american style gooey soggy burger most of the time but have on occasion asked for my burger without sauce/onions/whatever and they have always been happy to oblige. Having lived in the US this is very authentic: my personal preference for burgers, fires and wings in Manchester. Don't go there expecting something they don't claim to be and if you know it's not what you want ask for it done more 'your way'!

Jonathan MoranJune 13th 2013.

No wonder Manchesters food scene is a laughing stock. all we seem to have are burger joints being reviewed by a failed pornographer!

Bray BakerySeptember 16th 2013.

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AnonymousFebruary 23rd 2014.

A new kid on the block is Byron's Burgers on Deansgate (opposite the Sawyer's pub) . Although a chain invading the nation the quality of the meet and the other staple ingredients is brought together to make delicious juicy burger combinations.

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AnonymousFebruary 27th 2014.

"Although a chain invading the nation the quality of the meet and the other staple ingredients is brought together to make delicious juicy burger combinations."? Do you work there? I ask because it sounds like a mission statement they'd have. The place is expensive for what it is. Get a grip!

AnonymousMarch 27th 2014.

He's right though. The actual 'patties' used at Byron are excellent. And the fact that you can order it medium rare is a bonyus. Their extras and sauces can't match places like Almost Famous though.

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