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Best of MCR: City Centre Terraces

David Blake with the city centre's finest boozing terraces

Written by . Published on July 11th 2014.

Best of MCR: City Centre Terraces

EARLIER this summer on a blazing Manchester morning, the Confidential team entered the office to find a small olive brown Chiffchaff had flown in through the window warbling a merry summer ditty... something from Disney. Gordo ate it. But the message was clear, summer was 'ere.

If flesh is what you're after when the sun comes out - and who isn't - you'll do no better than Spinningfields Lawns. It's a beach of a lawn. Tits, tipples and tats. 

So we thought to ourselves, 'It's high time we revised our hugely successful 'Best Of City Centre Terraces' from last summer. Our readers deserve to know the best outdoor spots for a summer knees up with their feet up.'

So we did. And now you know. You're welcome.

(Here is an alphabetical - not ranked - list of the best outdoor/nearly outdoor drinking terraces the city centre has to offer).

The Lawn ClubThe Lawn Club

Almost Famous Great Northern

Knocked together in mid July 2014, the Almost Famous terrace on the patio of Great Northern is almost virginal: pristine and sweet-smelling, barely noticed, barely touched, but with the minerals to give the old-timers a ruddy good seeing to. Remarkably for a burger-joint that prides itself on a rumbunctious stick-it-in-your-face-and-like-it-or-lump-it-pal personality, the terrace is surprisingly serene. Perhaps it's the shade of the trees, perhaps it's the fairy lights, perhaps it's because they're yet to roll out their portable wheelie bar or because nobody knows it's there yet, but for the moment, in the sun, this terrace might be our new best mate. Patties are nifty too.

Almost Famous GN, Great Northern, Deansgate, M3 4EN. @AlmostFamousGN

Almost Famous GNAlmost Famous GN

Bruce's Bar and Terrace at Black Dog NWS

Bruce’s terrace up and out the back of Black Dog NWS is a light and airy affair. Adorned with a glass ceiling - just in case - Bruce’s has its own fully stocked bar and grill. The terrace has a number of sofas and an eclectic grouping of multi-styled multi-coloured little seating arrangements to kick back, soak it up and take in a match on the big screen. Down in the bowels of Black Dog there's plenty of pool tables and the Underdog club for when your day out becomes a night out.

11-13 New Wakefield Street, Manchester, M1 5NP, 0161 236 4899. More here.

Blackdog NWSBlackdog NWS

Britons Protection 

This boozer isn’t just a jewel in the crown of the Manchester Pub scene; it’s the whopping great 170 carat Black Prince’s Ruby of the Manchester Pub scene. Steeped in over 200 years of history, this choice watering hole for generations worth of thinkers, grafters, thespians, philanderers, martyrs and all-round rapscallions also sports a quirky and mostly unnoticed beer terrace at its posterior. Granted, unlike many of our picks there’s no view to get giddy about, however, the Protection boasts over 300 whiskies and spanks the competition when it comes to pedigree and charm. Scorching suntrap too. 

50 Great Bridgewater Street, Mancester, M1 5LE. 0161 236 5895. @BPManchester

BP terraceBP terrace

Dimitri’s Greek Restaurant

Hiding down an airy Victorian glass and iron arcade lies Dimitri’s leafy Grecian terrace. Not the finest spot in town for bronzing, what with the ceiling an all (it's a glass ceiling mind), but still a canny courtyard to scoff some mezes. Especially if, like us, you prefer your courtyards emblazoned with faux Grecian mosaics, green plastic patio furniture and the buzzing chitter-chatter of a mediterranean Bar Taverna.

Campfield Arcade, Tonman Street, Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4FN. 0161 839 3319. More here. 


Dukes 92

If city centre outdoor drinking terraces were late 70s wrestlers, Dukes 92 would be Giant Haystacks, or Big Daddy, one of the big fat ones anyway. It's widely known that when the sun comes out, at least half of Greater Manchester's 2.6 million people are already on their way down to Dukes and its neighbouring restaurant, Albert’s Shed (the rest are in Spinningfields). The bredth and bustle of this waterside terrace detracts attention away from just how handsome this corner of the Castlefield basin is. With its canals, lock gate, cobbled roads, stone bridge and charming lock house, this spot really is most comely, if bordering on hectic. Amazingly, for a terrace that has 4730 seats, there's rarely one without a bum.

18 Castle Street, Manchester, M3 4LZ. 0161 839 3522. Look here.

Dukes 92Dukes 92 

Grand Pacific

Essentially Australasia restaurant and bar squashed down, rolled up and rolled out upstairs. This is the first bar to break out onto Spinningfields doomed Avenue (the least shopped shopping street in the city), and certainly not the last. Give it a few years and that boulevard will all be food and drink, mark our words. The terrace here, a forest of bamboo and cushions with colonial (almost nautical) style seating beneath a white canopy, boasts delicate cocktails, high tea and the world's most powerful patio heaters. So hot are they, that once a camel mosied in, said 'f**k this', and mosied back on out.

1 The Avenue, Spinningfields, M3 3AP. 0161 831 0288. More here.

Grand PacificGrand Pacific

Hanging Ditch Wine Merchants

Whilst scouting out this little treasure an entirely respectable looking elderly chap informed me that this Hanging Ditch dating back to 1421 - on which this wine bar is built - was so called because this is where they used to hang outlaws and scallywags by the neck. The editor tells me this is utter nonsense, 'It was a small water course that hung above the river.' Still, charlatan geriatrics or not, this is a thoroughly pleasing little terrace to enjoy a robust malbec. That is, as long as you sit facing the Cathedral to the north and not the A56 and grubby looking phone box/vagrant urinal to your immediate left. But when there's wine piled floor to ceiling, who really cares.

42 Victoria Street, Manchester, M3 1ST. 0161 832 8222. More here.

Hanging DitchHanging Ditch 

Lucha Libre

Lucha has burst onto the city centre terrace scene with an absolute whopper spilling out onto the plains of Great Northern, by that good-for-nothing Great Northern hollow (would someone fill that in or make it into a playground or observatory or something?). This Mexican food and heavily Mexican themed restaurant and bar have done a great job with their terrace, enclosing the space with foliage, Lucha have squeezed in pillowed, wicker and patio seating for up to 100 bottoms. Happy thirsty bottoms. Lucha is also probably the only place on the list to dish out Sangria, the good stuff. Pair it with a Taco tray and a splash of sunshine and you'll be happier than a Mariachi band in a Doritos advert.

Great Northern Warehouse, 235 Deansgate, M3 4EN. 0161 850 0629. Lucha here.

Lucha Libre, Great NorthernLucha Libre, Great Northern

The Mark Addy

When the Mark Addy closed it's doors in January 2014, Confidential let out a big heavy sigh. Ok, the physical upkeep of the site had become a nightmare and the carpets smelt like a trout's pocket, but chef Rob Owen Brown's honest gamey regional cooking was the best in the city. Still even though the food has gone the terrace remains an absolute corker. All brick alcoves, arches and mallards going about their daily business. It's been given a good scrub down during the refurb too. In some ways this was the original city lounging terrace as in the 80s daft council officials would line up and shoot streetside city centre operators who had the temerity to put out tables and chairs.

Mark Addy, Stanley Street, Salford, M3 5EJ. 0161 832 4080. 

Mark AddyMark Addy 

Mr Thomas’s Chop House

Mr Thomas’s holds such Victorian authenticity you can almost feel Fagin reaching into your pocket. The outdoor terrace with its charming plaid green tablecloths is nestled beneath the elegant looming 300-year-old lady of St Ann’s Church and the slightly newer Gap and Jack Wills stores. This little corner of the square provides a sheltered recess for those shoppers who’ve mustered up a thirst, or had enough. If you’re lucky (or wait an hour) you can hear the toll of the church bells and the croons of a busker as the midday sun begins to creep along the terrace. 

52 Cross Street, Manchester, M2 7AR. 0161 832 2245. @chophouseToms

Mr Thomas'sMr Thomas's Chop House

The Northern Quarter Bar and Restaurant (TNQ)

The problem with nearly all (actually all) NQ terraces is that, by and large, they’re all by the road. This is the case with TNQ's terrace, however, this terrace has made the cut for two notable features. Firstly, it's a cobbled road, they're passable. Secondly, the terrace sits directly below the magnificent Smithfield Fish Market gates. TNQ has been recommended in the Michelin guide for the past three years now, so not only is it just about the only NQ sun terrace where a car isn't likely to run over your tootsies, but it also has top tucker.

108 High Street, Manchester, M4 1HQ, 0161 832 7115. More here.


The Oast House

This is the big'un. King of the city centre drinking terraces. Those that aren't battling out for seating at Dukes 92 in Castlefield can usually be found outside Spinningfield's only pub and faux sixteent-century hop drying house (moved brick by brick from Kent... via Ireland?) in Crown Square, Spinningfields. With a beautifully ample hand-crafted beer Almanac, their now famous 'hanging kebabs' and a number of popular Spinfest music events over the course of the summer, The Oast House is undoubtedly this list's 'People's Choice'.

The Avenue Courtyard, Spinningfields, Crown Square, Manchester, M3 3AY, 0161 829 3830. @TheOastHouseMcr

Oast HouseOast House

Rain Bar

Paradoxically, Rain bar is a truly fantastic spot in the sun. One of the best looking locations on this list and the only place to provide greenery for your backside. Slightly less hectic than Dukes 92 just up the Rochdale canal, but by no means quiet. This terrace makes the most of its space, boasting a four-tiered, picnic-benched, neatly groomed canalside spot, ideal for dipping toes and kicking Canada Geese up the jacksie. They deserve it.

80 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, M1 5JG. 0161 235 6500. Look here.

Rain Bar terraceRain Bar terrace

Salvi’s Mozzarella Bar

Part deli, part outdoor Italiano piazza café terrace - in fact mostly outdoor terrace as the inside of Salvi’s is tiny. With its columned entrance, floral boxes, bunting and proximity to those stepping stone, water feature, ankle breaker things in Exchange Square, there's a distinct touch of the Mediterranean about Salvi's. This is the editor's favourite small dining/drinking spot in all of the city, which is testament enough - He's gurgitated everywhere, thrice. The best parmigiana and arguably the best coffee in Manchester.

The Triangle, Exchange Square, Unit 22B, Manchester, M4 3TR. 0161 222 8021. More here.



Solita's sun terrace is perhaps the strangest of the lot. Not the terrace itself, with its decking, chairs and plant boxes the beergarden (or Paulaner Biergarten) is perfectly typical. Solita's point of difference is not only the two great big whopping car park signs thrown into the mix (we suspect the NCP wouldn't shift) that make the terrace look like the world's least car-park-like car park, but mostly because Solita's terrace sits by what I'm convinced is the weirdest street in the city. Red Lion Street opposite the restaurant and by the spanking new terrace carries some of the oddest folk you're ever likely to see in this good city, so for that very reason alone, you need to order a cold one, sit back and drink it in. It also doesn't hurt that notoriously choosy food critic AA Gill named Solita as one of the top three brunch spots in the UK. Full English toad in the hole is a banker.

Solita, 37 Turner Street, Northern Quarter, M4 1DW. @SolitaNQ. 0161 839 2200


Solita's Paulaner BiergartenSolita's Paulaner Biergarten


Spinningfields Lawns: Long Bar and Lawn Club

The Lawns, originally earmarked for the merciless march of Spinningfields new builds has been saved, set aside as 'a focal point for all kinds of activities'. Ooh. They're going to throw something up on that green bit outside RBS instead. No one cares about that soggy patch. The Lawns turned into a bar battleground last year, with Long Bar on one border and Bloom/Hibernate/soon to be Lawn Club on the other, competiting for trade while trading insults across the grass like the Sharks and Jets. If flesh is what you're looking for when the sun comes out - and who isn't - you'll do no better than Spinningfields Lawns. It's a beach of a lawn. Tits, tipples and tats. Getting served when it's seventeen deep at the bar though could make a shy bald buddhist reflect...

Hardman Square, Spinningfields, Manchester, M3 3EB. @TheLawnClub and Long Bar here

Spinningfields LawnsSpinningfields Lawns

Taurus and Velvet

If you dare to run this gauntlet, trying your darndest not to get sacrificed and eaten by a hen party from Wigan, then Canal Street is the most vibrant, boisterous and exhausting strip in the city. We wouldn't head there to lose yourself in a book, it'll probably end up in the canal. These two popular straight-friendly bars are grouped because their drinking terraces are practically one and the same. Another canal-side location (funny that), it's worth heading here for a drink just to watch the parade roll on through. Great fun if you're up to it.

Canal Street, Manchester, M1 3HE. @taurusbar and Velvet.

Taurus and VelvetTaurus and Velvet

Velvet Central

Another entry for Velvet. The newest venture from the Canal Street stalwarts adopted the old Beluga joint down near Albert Square, on the corner of Mount Street and Central Street. This was the first move out of the Village for the bar, restaurant and boutique hotelier and they've found themselves a glorious sun-trapper of a spot with an outside terrace wedged tightly between the city's Quaker Friend's Meeting House and the newly opened Central Library. Yes it's by a road, and yes we've discounted other venues for being roadside, but here you get to look at the beautiful library and gargoyles. And it's scorching.

2 Mount St, Manchester, M2 5WQ. 0161 819 1088. Look here.

Velvet CentralVelvet Central

The Wharf

This new(ish) three-storey super-pub on the south-westerley-side of the Castlefield basin is the young usurper to Duke 92's dominance. Much like Duke’s, the Wharf boasts fantastic canalaramas, but with the addition of a picture-postcard wooden footbridge, a colourful splashing of mostly well-maintained river barges and a pretty little fountain trickling away in the centre of the terrace. A handy, more genteel and better looking overspill.

6 Slate Wharf, Castlefield, Manchester, M15 4SW. 0161 220 2960. More here.

The WharfThe Wharf

And the Merit Awards go to…

There are a number of other drinking terraces dotted around the city that haven’t quite made it on to the list.

Here are a few of them:

Sugar Buddha - fine deckingSugar Buddha - fine deckingCastlefield’s ever-struggling Barca, formerly Sugar Buddha, formerly Bohemia, formerly Barca again only ever seems to get custom when the sun comes out. You'd hope so too, having spent mountains of cash to construct the most excessive and pine-heavy terrace in all the North West. Great canalside location though.

Talking of pine, if you’re walking through Spinningfields and suddenly pine for Italian food (thank you) and a view of a big pine peg, you could do worse than take a pew outside Carluccio’s.

Carluccio's - from the officeCarluccio's - from the officeThe current view is nothing to write home about, unless you’re a fan of brash, grey, 60s modernism. But being Spinningfields Lawn-side, Carluccio’s terrace is one of the finest spots in the city for seeing puny little dogs peeking from designer handbags.

Liverpool Road’s old faithful The White Lion is worth a mention if only because it sits on an original Roman road and by the ruins from which Manchester takes its name.

The Roman fort Mamucium (meaning breast shaped hill, o'er) was established in this area around 79AD, about the same time The Lion’s interior was fitted. It all adds to the pub's charm, it’s a propa’ pub, a pubby pub. Just don’t stroll in wearing a City shirt, you probably won’t stroll out.

If a hearty breakfast out on the terrace is what you’re after then Banyan Tree, practically in Hulme but masquerading as Castlefield, is your best bet.

Another roadside one and currently by a construction site, still, isn’t the looming neo-gothic St George’s Church (now flats) lovely.

And we think there's another superb effort for 2014.

We haven't sat in it yet but it's looking the part and will probably get on the big list above.

 Bill's Restaurant outdoor terrace - at the rear of the building we're talking about not the one at the front - cuddles up to the best London Plane tree in the north west.

You can follow David Blake on Twitter @David8Blake.

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66 comments so far, continue the conversation, write a comment.

JimMay 9th 2013.

Anyone know when the terrace at "the terrace" on Thomas street opens? That should be a great outdoor drinking area!

1 Response: Reply To This...
TomMay 22nd 2014.

Heard about this too? twitter.com/TibStreetGarden…

IanMay 9th 2013.

The Angel and The Marble have decent outdoor areas

ChrisMay 9th 2013.

All the places you've mentioned are some of my favourite spots in Manchester in one way or the other...the Oast House isn't my favourite anything mind, but certainly you can't fault it's beer garden. <br /><br />I notice Deansgate Locks isn't there, now I don't go there for a beer on a cold day or drinking there on an evening, but the one thing (in my opinion) it has going for it are loads of places to sit outside and actually get some sun (if we have any). To me it sounds a bit pompus that you've omitted the Locks over:<br /><br />* Britain's Protection - my best pub in Manchester but enclosed beer garden, very little sun, no view<br /><br />*Dimitri's - my top 5 favourite places to eat, but that's a joke that they are included in this list<br /><br />* Mark Addy - not many better places to enjoy a Sunday afternoon beer (indoors), but sitting outside there is a horrendous experience<br /><br />* Salvis - you'll do well to get a seat there on a sunny day<br /><br />Why did you omit the Locks?<br /><br />One place you have omitted which is pretty good and may have been a oversight is The Deansgate. Britons a much better pub, but The Deansgate beats it for a beer outside in my book.

ChrisMay 9th 2013.

I'll try again......All the places you've mentioned are some of my favourite spots in Manchester in one way or the other...the Oast House isn't my favourite anything mind, but certainly you can't fault it's beer garden.<br /><br />I notice Deansgate Locks isn't there, now I don't go there for a beer on a cold day or drinking there on an evening, but the one thing (in my opinion) it has going for it are loads of places to sit outside and actually get some sun (if we have any). To me it sounds a bit pompous that you've omitted the Locks over:<br /><br />* Britain's Protection - my best pub in Manchester but enclosed beer garden, very little sun, no view<br /><br />*Dimitri's - my top 5 favourite places to eat, but that's a joke that they are included in this list<br /><br />* Mark Addy - not many better places to enjoy a Sunday afternoon beer (indoors), but sitting outside there is a horrendous experience<br /><br />* Salvis - you'll do well to get a seat there on a sunny day<br /><br />Why did you omit the Locks?<br /><br />One place you have omitted which is pretty good and may have been a oversight is The Deansgate. Britons a much better pub, but The Deansgate beats it for a beer outside in my book.

1 Response: Reply To This...
FoodieMarch 28th 2014.

Try again

PaulMay 9th 2013.

I went to the Wharf 2 weeks ago and they only had 1 outdoor heater on. Lots of people cramped around 1 heater that was on time. It kept turning itself off every 20 minutes. Not a great outdoor drinking experience.

4 Responses: Reply To This...
IanMay 9th 2013.

go inside?

paulMay 9th 2013.

Go inside and stop using my name

Karl WheatMay 10th 2013.

Why would you need a heater if it's warm?

Mick ProctorMay 19th 2014.

Outdoor heaters put me off going to a place , bring a jumper if you are nesh

AnonymousMay 9th 2013.

Had a very nice hour in the sun on bank holiday Monday sat outside TNQ Restaurant on High St, not loads of space but a pretty good location. Also The Angel on Rochdale Rd has a beer garden out front which catches the sun well and is good for making all the drivers on the new ring road jealous as they stop at the traffic lights and see you sipping away at a nice pint of real cask ale.

Jonathan Schofield, editorMay 9th 2013.

Listen folks, we're doing loads of changes on the site. So if you don't put your own HTML into the rants that would be great. So just the comment, unbroken by paragraphs, is fine. Thanks.

5 Responses: Reply To This...
IanMay 9th 2013.

< b>surely no one is doing this< /b>

Manchester ConfidentialMay 9th 2013.

Ian, could I please ask which browser you are using when you input that html?

paulsouthernMay 9th 2013.

I don't think anyone is putting html into rants. Your site is converting various characters into html. It has happened to my last 3 posts. I have emailed you about this already!

paulsouthernMay 9th 2013.

It is messing up links, carriage returns etc. Test. I hit carriage return before the word Test!

IanMay 10th 2013.

IE8 my HTML was a joke but I can see this "< br />< br />" everywhere

Lord of the PiesMay 9th 2013.

< b>surely no one is doing this< /b>

AnonymousMay 9th 2013.

Let the tourists, stag do,s hen parties, students and day trippers enjoy the locks..this list seems more suitable for us locals

bojoMay 10th 2013.

On a sunny afternoon you can't beat the Metropolitan in West Didsbury for an outdoor vibe

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Brendon HallMay 11th 2013.

Take an extra wallet!

AnonymousJuly 22nd 2014.

ham, take Nine Extra Wallets, proof of an approved banks loan and a wheel barrow full of Filthy Lucre.

food for thoughtMay 11th 2013.

Restaurant bar grill Manchester , great balcony and top pastries

AnonymousMay 12th 2013.

A little further out, underneath Islington Wharf apartment block on Great Ancoats St, is Vivid Bar. Highly individual, thanks to owners Sam and Lee. Great organic food and wines, and some good offers, today and yday for example BOGOF cocktails. Lovely place to sit canalside on a warm day. Sharon Walsh

CobbydalerMay 13th 2013.

Surely hops are dried in an Oast House, not roasted?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Jonathan Schofield, editorMay 13th 2013.

You're right. Changed.

Jeremy UreMay 31st 2013.

Atlas bar - I've ended up bladdered and sunburnt many times

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Manc GuyMay 31st 2013.

Perhaps you should seek medical advice or counselling about that JEREMY.

RossiayenayeMarch 27th 2014.


Tommy WJune 3rd 2013.

Good list. If it's a good day tomorrow might try them all. Day off. See which one I fall asleep in.

AnonJune 7th 2013.

Great list. Going to come in very handy this weekend...

AnonymousJune 16th 2013.

The Woodstock in Didsbury

Peter AdamsJune 21st 2013.

Avoid Barca at all cost. Went there for after work drinks on a nice sunny evening and only one beer out of about five on tap available. Paid for our drinks and was short changed and told "we're out of 10p's...is that ok?" Finished our first round went for the second (with the same limited choice). Short changed again because "we're out of 10p's,...is that ok?" Seems they're also out of 1,2 and 5p's then?? Barely sat down outside with the drinks when we were told by a very rude waiter/barman to drink up and move on in 10 minutes as the private party upstairs were taking the terrace over. Told him we'd just bought drinks and the bar staff didn't say anything when i ordered and were told abruptly "well they didn't know - it's only just been decided. They've paid a lot of money for the party you know". Seems they don't want steady regular custom.

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousJune 21st 2013.

It's an awful bar. They're making all the same mistakes as the previous bars there. They can't even be bothered to stay open until 11 most nights

Sara HollandJune 25th 2013.

Our all time favourite over the years has got to be Dukes 92. On our visits to Manchester we are never dissappointed, on our trip last week we visited twice and enjoyed drinks and pizzas especially the duck one and even came home with a suntan !! We did also visit the Long Bar in Spinningfields and I enjoyed a jug of pimms but as my other half is not a lover of plastic glasses he preferred Dukes 92 but it didnt bother me !!

James MCRJuly 6th 2013.

Not a fan of Dukes, the bar staff seem to be more concerned with how they look rather than actually serving the customers. Slowest service in Manchester... Average waiting time at the bar is around 10-15 minutes. Not acceptable when there are about 400 bar staff and you've had a hell of a day at work!!

2 Responses: Reply To This...
AnonymousMay 19th 2014.

Some of the poorest service in Castlefield. A world away from the Wharf. (Am a local resident, not a worker from the Wharf!)

Karina DouglasMay 21st 2014.

Like where Dukes is, but not their staff. If you are over the age of 35 ( which I am) are not a size zero (which I'm not) or dress like Jordan (which I don't) then you're invisible to them!

AnonymousMarch 25th 2014.

The recently refurbished Lower Turks Head on Shudehill has a lovely couple of terraces on the 1st floor, and a large selection of wines and beers. There isn't much in the way of outside seating in the northern quarter, the bay horse has a little courtyard, and theres a couple of seats outside slice. Anyway, this is just a little FYI for any northern quarter folks on here who don't want to do battle with the hoards of ***** at Oast and Dukes.

IanMarch 25th 2014.

Port Street Beer House has a small one too

2 Responses: Reply To This...
Beast is backMarch 26th 2014.

smoking area

IanMarch 26th 2014.


AnonymousMarch 27th 2014.

What happened to the RBG Skybar?

1 Response: Reply To This...
AnonymousMay 19th 2014.

Not built it yet, the management are too busy spending the tips that should go to the staff!

AnonymousMarch 27th 2014.

DO NOT think the hen party from WIGAN comment very nice....WIGAN has some of the best areas to be found in any borough of Greater Manchester......

2 Responses: Reply To This...
rinkydinkMarch 27th 2014.

It was a throwaway comment and any other surrounding town could be supplemented. The point was Hen Party full of common women

AnonymousApril 1st 2014.

Stop saying WIGAN so loud.

AnonymousApril 3rd 2014.

.. what about the terrace at The Deansgate, unfortunately wrong way round for the Sun most of the time but still nice ?

AnonymousApril 3rd 2014.

.. what about the terrace at The Deansgate, unfortunately wrong way round for the Sun most of the time but still nice ?

AnonymousMay 15th 2014.

"The newest venture from the Canal Street stalwarts adopted the old Beluga". Velvet actually 'adopted' a very short lived [did it even open?] Sugar Buddha. It was popular when it was Citrus in the late nineties.

Jon GrievesMay 19th 2014.

RIP Choice. Always a favourite with space to stretch and quality service & food & drink. Maybe when it returns reinvented it will wipe the floor with all of these in your list

1 Response: Reply To This...
Calum McGMay 19th 2014.

They will need to massively improve their beer selection if they are to even think about competing with The Wharf.

PaulMay 19th 2014.

No - why? Do you have a quiff and arms full of sh*t tattoos?

1 Response: Reply To This...
Tommy WMay 19th 2014.

Yes and so do my wife and dog

Ciaron WilkinsonJuly 14th 2014.

Hilton Doubletree also has a nice new space behind the back entrance to its city cafe

AnonymousJuly 18th 2014.

Lock 91 has to be mine, cool quirky bar, 2 fab outside areas and amazing cocktails.

AnonymousAugust 18th 2014.

OMG only on mention of Atlas... one of THE best terraces in the city.. and definitely outside of Taurus and Velvet in the village..

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